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Karmod is proud to offer its high tech demountable containers, which provide considerable transportation cost savings that allow our customers to get competitive prices. Karmod adopts intense quality control procedures in order to guarantee top quality products with the most structurally secure and well engineered products in the prefabricated industry. Let us handle your business space needs as we have all the required experience and qualified people to provide you with the best solution. Animal Planet makes a star out of treehouse builder Pete Nelson and his six-figure arboreal fantasies come true.
The first thing that comes to mind when you hear treehouse is probably a haphazardly nailed lean-to perched in an oak tree, filled with scrappy 8-year-old boys with bb guns. They construct a two-story leisure space with a winding staircase in some white pines for a couple with two daughters in post-Hurricane Sandy Westchester County, New York; they build a sprawling TV-watching paradise for a huge family on a ranch near Waco, Texas, with enough electricity coursing through it to power a 4,000- or 5,000-square-foot mansion. Though these buildings are not child’s play, the builders themselves exude a youthful glee while rigging up the treehouses.

A New York Times review of the show points out that they do fall back on standard reality-TV cliches like fake-seeming, arbitrary deadlines, but Nelson’s true love of treehouses and the view of nature that they provide shines through and has given Animal Planet its highest ratings for a series debut since 2011. Filled with stunning clerestory windows, gorgeous mossy roofs, stained glass, and fine wood detailing, the creations that appear on Treehouse Masters will make you forget any images you have of shacks filled with grubby kids.
We export our products to 74 countries around the world in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. We can keep our prices competitive as we purchase raw materials at large volumes and depend merely on our self financing. He’s written books about treehouses around the world, has his own treehouse-building business, and runs a treehouse hotel with his wife in verdant Washington State. In a brisk 45 minutes, you see an entire structure erected, as well as some preexisting treehouses getting refurbished by Nelson and his crew. Some of the tools they use look like giant slingshots, and all the dudes who work for Nelson are cheerful bearded fellows who favor polar fleece and goofy jokes.

Nelson himself bounces around with excitement and energy when he starts imagining a customized treehouse to fit in a particular space. You may, however, yearn for a spendy treehouse of your own, or at least a trip to Nelson’s bed and breakfast in the sky.
You can see the creative wheels turning in his head and it’s a delightful viewing experience.

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