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An increase in the amount of homes for sale in Southern California helped Los Angeles County Real Estate sales to reach an eight-year high for the month of July. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times and a recent report by California-based DataQuick, the average sales price for a home in Southern California was $385,000 in July, nearly the same as the prior month, but rose about 26% from a year earlier. The article states, “While the price increases took a slight breather over the month, sales soared. It appears that buyers in the Southern California market have become more confident because they have put more of their own money into residential real estate.
The increase in sales for July is due mostly to rising home prices and partly to the market mix.
The market has shown less low-end sales because of the improving economy, a smaller supply of homes available, and increasing mortgage rates. California government benefitting from rising property values: Low rates and higher home values increase property tax collections. There will less and less bargaining and the reality that more effectiveness and efficiency will be required of local and state government with less employees. NV has property tax of about 1% and does not have tate income tax, but that’s due to taxes on gambling. La compraventa de viviendas cayo un 21,5% en el primer trimestre del ano en comparacion con el mismo periodo de 2012, hasta situarse en 54.512 unidades, segun la estadistica de transacciones realizadas ante notario publicada hoy por el Ministerio de Fomento.
El 15% de las operaciones fueron realizadas por extranjeros residentes en Espana, el mayor porcentaje de toda la serie historica. Also, for those that keep mentioning QE forever, like cnbc bible thumpers, any thoughts on yesterday’s fed minutes? Anyone that has bought or attempted to buy real estate in the past few years knows how difficult it is. The other problem with his assessment is that there is an implicit assumption that the Fed will not raise rates. For many urban areas of CA, the cost of housing per square foot is about 2.5 x other regions. Very simple, you are forgetting about a common practice that was all too common during the oughts.
You left out the most important reason an owner should be happy when his house value sky rockets.
Some are saying that the recent news of fed raising rates will pop the current housing bubble.
While ZIRP might be helpful to certain areas of the economy such as the housing sector, it can also cause other problems.
By the way, they aren’t trying to save housing with ZIRP, they are trying to avoid systemic failure and housing is but only one attribute out of many. Higher housing prices make American businesses less competitive, as higher wages need to be paid to cover rents and mortgages. As one of California’s most desirable cities, Los Angeles continues to remain near the forefront of the current housing sector rebound. Homes purchased in the Los Angeles, CA housing market one year ago have appreciated, on average, by $34,446. Homes purchased in the Los Angeles, CA housing market three years ago have appreciated, on average, by $132,101.

Homes purchased in the Los Angeles, CA housing market five years ago have appreciated, on average, by $188,058. Homes purchased in the Los Angeles, CA housing market seven years ago have appreciated, on average, by $188,576. Homes purchased in the Los Angeles, CA housing market nine years ago have appreciated, on average, by $50,711.
However, while prices are up from a year ago, the rate in which they are appreciating has begun to ease. The Los Angeles real estate market consists of 3,785 resale and new homes, including 246 open houses, as well as 4,482 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process.
These properties now have a strong influence over inventory levels, especially on a local level. The first quarter of 2016 has gone exceptionally well for real estate in the Los Angeles market. Backed by strong real estate demand, new housing construction in Los Angeles continues to flourish as well as the current level of construction is 9.2 percent above the long-term average.
Another positive for the LA housing market is employment rates and job growth — both of which continue to improve. Moving forward, the housing market in Los Angeles will continue to be influenced by record low mortgage rates in 2016.
As the epicenter of entertainment, the Los Angeles real estate market continues to be one of the least affordable markets in the nation.
Historically high appreciation rates have been felt across the entire Los Angeles real estate market.
Actively investing in real estate, FortuneBuilders is uniquely built to provide investors with the right education and systems for success. According to DataQuick President John Walsh, “July home sales came in very strong, and we think a lot of the increase in activity can be chalked up to a rising inventory of homes for sale. DataQuick reported that foreclosure rate activity remains well below peak levels, financing with multiple mortgages is very low, and down payment sizes are stable. Low property values and mortgage payments are good for a consumer society as it boosts consumer spending.
The fed will not raise rates significantly, the banks will continue to trickle out their inventory, causing low inventory like we are seeing today. So if their returns start heading south, you better duck and hide or else get stampeded by all of the rats running for the exits. Like San Diego, the Los Angeles real estate market boasts a prosperous housing market that should promote a healthy amount of activity for the foreseeable future.
Rising inventories, through distressed sales, place a downward pressure on median home prices – supply and demand at its very best. However, the rising inventories whether through construction or distressed sales, could place downward pressure on the median home price for Los Angeles. Job growth in Los Angeles has seen a 2.6 percent increase in the last 12 months while unemployment rates are below the national average. These low rates should pave the way for homeownership to increase in LA in the next few months. Driven by low mortgage rates the volume of LA home sales rose significant in the 12-months following 2014, finishing the year 11 percent higher than the previous year.

High-end neighborhoods, in particular, are even more unaffordable than they were prior to the bubble. Ever increasing prices and a tight inventory have culminated in fewer existing home sales at the onset of 2015.
Although this information was found from sources believed to be reliable, FortuneBuilders Inc. People that are buying in todays market are good buyers, and they can actually afford what they are buying.
Gains in the last three years have helped to pull the local market out of the post-recession price weakness.
Job creation is atypical of past cycles and should continue to reduce vacancies, increase consumer confidence and permit prospective buyers to actively participate in the market. Total equity appreciation in LA has risen to $34,446 compared to the national average of $15,781. Zillow has already forecasted a 1.8 percent increase in median home values over the next 12 months. For all intents and purposes, Los Angeles is poised to remain one of the leading hubs for housing activity. Overall, home prices in Los Angeles in 2015 finished the year approximately six percent higher than the previous year.
In fact, Los Angeles had the strongest price growth in all of Southern California at the beginning of the year. Despite several headwinds, the Los Angeles real estate market is primed to have a strong 2015. In fact, the only markets that look like they may outpace Los Angeles are Houston and the rest of the Texas markets. Price appreciation and principal payments in the last three years have boosted total equity growth since the recession. As recently as January, the Los Angeles housing market demonstrated a 12.6 percent price increase over the same period last year. Real estate investors, in particular, should continue to benefit from the greater Los Angeles area, as interest rates continue to benefit those who take advantage of them. Moreover, Los Angeles apartments demand some of the highest rents in the country: great for buy and hold investors, but bad for first-time buyers. Conversely, the weakest growth witnessed in Southern California was in Orange County, where the median grew 2.3 percent to $562,500. To put things into perspective, Los Angeles easily outpaced cities like Seattle and Denver. Perhaps even more importantly; investment activity in Southern California should remain relatively high, as bargain hunters will look to avoid the already saturated markets of San Francisco and Seattle.

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