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Powered by Reliance Network, the website of leading Portland and Vancouver real estate company Prudential Northwest Properties launches the innovative Market Watch trends and reporting system as a way for agents to better service their clients and prospects. Portland, OR (PRWeb) June 6, 2013 — Prudential NW Properties, one of the leading Portland and Vancouver real estate companies in the greater northwest (See Portland Homes for Sale here), has launched their new Market Watch trends activity reporting system. Merging together school and community information, along with statistics including price changes and time on the market, the system displays an interactive map for the user to custom define their radius area.
Prudential NW Properties’ website is powered by Reliance Network, the national leader in Real Estate website development services. Prudential NW Properties again is proving itself as the go-to source for Portland and Vancouver area client-based technology. Reliance Network, which includes BrokerTec Systems, is the industry’s go-to source for competitive real estate marketing, website and productivity software development, and full service support – including real estate company and agent websites (Real Estate Web Site Solutions), contact and lead management (Real Estate CRM) and full service training, support and virtual assistance.
Since the merger between Brokertec Systems and Reliance Network in the Fall of 2013, client excitement has been taken to an all-time high. Now Reliance offers in-house creative and marketing services as well, including customized CRM content and design, as well as full feature layouts for every scale of the existing platform.
At BrokerTec Systems, we provide the technology and cutting-edge real estate web tools for a number of real estate brokerages within the Prudential Real Estate network. At BrokerTec Systems, we offer industry-leading products as well as custom company website development and real estate technology management services for top real estate companies and mortgage companies across North America. One of the Prudential affiliate companies we currently provide business solutions for is Prudential Northwest Realty Associates. Check out what one agent said about it: “The Property Investment Profiles provided by my company are changing how the industry interfaces with the home owner. At BrokerTec Systems, our Client Connect™ technology solution for enterprise-level companies provides complete back-office automation, giving agents total freedom to take their office wherever their business needs to be. Since it was founded in 1948, Prudential Northwest Properties has evolved into the region’s largest locally owned real estate services company in the greater Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. An affiliate of Prudential Real Estate, Prudential Northwest Properties is one of the most progressive real estate companies in the nation and is the only brokerage in the Portland area that leverages BrokerTec Systems’ unparalleled real estate technology. Prudential Northwest Properties attributes much of its success to BrokerTec Systems’ technology.
If you’re moving to Salt Lake City chances are you’ve heard about our booming economy and our thriving job market. When you compare the cost of living across several metropolitan areas in the US, Salt Lake City’s affordability is one of the best. Over the last decade Utah’s favorable economy and highly educated population have attracted tech businesses and produced some of the most successful startups.
In 2014 NPR revealed that the most common job in Utah was software developer—a drastic change from 2012 which saw truck driver as the most common job since 1992.
Technology is growing at a faster rate than ever but the supply of graduates from local universities is still not enough to fill the demand. The Utah Department of Workforce Services estimates a job growth rate of 2.4% annually through 2020.
If you’re a business owner, or if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, Utah’s pro-business climate is sure to give you a competitive edge.
While Salt Lake City, and Utah overall, have a lot of noteworthy accolades, we know there’s still room for improvement. It’s important to point out that while Utah may have the fourth-worst wage gap in the nation, a variety of factors makes this a complicated statistic.
Making the list as the #1 worst state for women is certainly not worth celebrating, but it has raised awareness for policy-makers and businesses alike. Although Utah has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country, it also has the lowest per-pupil spending budget for education. Fortunately, legislation is in the process of increasing the education budget to keep up with the rise.
We know we’ve talked up the economy and business industry up to this point without giving any examples. Ancestry is considered the biggest commercial site for genealogical data and it’s housed right here in Utah. SpinGo was created to provide event makers an all-inclusive tool for planning, tickets, scheduling, and event promotion. CHG Healthcare Services focuses on filling the staffing needs of hospitals and clinics across the nation.

Health Catalyst is a data warehouse that relies on analytics and outcomes used by healthcare providers to better understand the financial and medical needs of their patients.
Experticity specializes in marketing and advertising by helping brands and companies create conversations around their products, which leads to an increase in revenue.
Nicholas and Company is one of the largest food distribution services in the Western region. InMoment works with their business clients to improve the customer experience and management tools.
Pluralsight is quickly becoming an online leader in e-learning thanks to its vast library of learning videos and tutorials. Domo is all about giving business executives easy access to company data and analytics in a single, simple platform. Imagine Learning helps English language learners, struggling readers, and students with disabilities improve and accelerate their skills through their software program. Qualtrics has refined the survey process for schools, businesses, and individuals, making it easier to gather employee, student, and customer insight. BambooHR caters to the human resource needs of small- to medium-sized businesses that need a software program to manage their employees’ information.
Workfront, formerly known as AtTask, is a project management software service that helps other companies guide productivity and communication among employees. MX works with digital banking providers and financial institutions to make banking more manageable for account holders. Nudge specializes in selling real-estate to real-estate services, which is a fancy way of saying it sells properties for rental. Even if you’re looking to work for a company you recognize, there are a number of big brand names that have settled in the slopes of Utah. If you’re looking for specialized assistance in your job search, consider going through a recruiting or staffing agency.
The company has under contract a portfolio of approximately 8 million square feet comprised of about 475 commercial buildings, occupying in excess of 1,700 tenants. Our Mission Statement"We strive to deliver a working environment that stimulates new ideas, encourages production, and creates lasting value. Seven Utah-based commercial contractors make Engineering News Record's (ENR) Top 400 Contractors in the United States list. The Top 400 List, released May 17, includes Okland Construction at 56, Layton Construction at 63, followed by Big-D, Jacobsen Construction, Clyde Companies, R&O Construction and Wadman Corp. Okland, Jacobsen and Big-D are the primary contractors on the downtown Salt Lake City Creek development project, a $1.5 billion project developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Built as the premier way for agents to stay in touch with both clients and prospects, this proprietary system focuses all the multiple listing service data for a pinpointed address, neighborhood or city and displays the data in several methods in weekly emails or through a client-accessible web portal. Instead of the system trying to guess at the user home value based solely on random numbers much like some national web systems, it displays all the data so the user and their Real Estate agent can effectively determine a market price for both buyers and sellers. The Market Watch trend reporting has proven itself throughout the country and is quickly becoming the leader in client CRM reporting tools for mid-size and large real estate companies. Those interested in learning more about the revolutionary Market Watch feature can visit Prudential Northwest Properties. With deep roots in large real estate brokerage operations, Reliance has a core understanding and proven track record of developing innovative products for the world’s leading real estate companies. New technologies are being released consistently, including small brokerage (WordPress-based) platforms as well as new managed SEO services and upgraded HTML 5 mobile interfaces.
With the addition of staff from the former real estate agency, The Brick House Project, some of the best creative, content and SEO services are now available in one location.
We currently work with more than 40 companies – companies ranging in size from 50 to more than 5,000 agents and employees looking for a high-tech competitive edge when it comes to real estate technology and systems.
Of the nation’s top 40 real estate companies and nearly 20,000 real estate agents, many of the companies we serve are Prudential affiliate companies. Serving the Great Puget Sound area in Washington State, Prudential Northwest Realty Associates is nationally recognized as having some of the top real estate professionals in the Prudential Real Estate Network when it comes to both production and service. We are now able to provide a service the home owner values all the time, not only when they buy or sell real estate. Through our full suite of business marketing and management systems, BrokerTec Systems serves the company’s more than 700 sales professionals and 20 offices throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that a family of four (two adults and two children) living in Salt Lake City would need to make around $62,003 annually for a decent, but modest, living. In fact, the Wasatch Front, which runs from Provo to Salt Lake City to Ogden, is known as Silicon Slopes, a reference to Silicon Valley in California.

This means there’s a surplus of tech jobs waiting to be filled, making the Salt Lake Valley ideal for programmers and web developers.
When you look at Utah’s unemployment rate it’s obvious that work opportunities are flourishing across all sectors.
But this isn’t a new development—Salt Lake City’s unemployment rate remained low even during the recession, proving that the economy is not only thriving but also consistent in its growth. Utah women graduate college at a lower rate than Utah men (29% compared to 33%) and women’s chosen work industries tend to have lower wages (office assistants, teachers, etc.). Of course, these numbers are affected by the low cost of living, but with the rise of STEM jobs in the state it’s more important than ever to invest in K-12 education funding. The governor has proposed $130 million in new money for the 2017 education budget to increase per-student spending in addition to proposing additional funds to improve teachers’ wages and student to teacher ratios. Tanner has been recognized as one of the best workplaces by the Salt Lake Tribune for two years in a row. Its main headquarters are in Provo, Utah, but it’s expanded its offices into Salt Lake City. They partner with major brands like Verizon, Progressive, and ADT to convert customers into sales and long-term consumers. It works with a number of industries including retail, healthcare, food service, and financial services. It has received over $450 million in funding, making it one of the fastest-growing business in Utah. It offers a variety of products that help with everything from money management to financial analytics. Nowadays, popular sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Monster help job seekers get real-time access to applications and recruiters. If you’re looking for a position in marketing or tech, there are specialized communities for you.
Most recruiting agencies offer their services to job seekers for free since their fees are paid for by the companies hiring from the recruiting agency. Prospects and initial users of this new system have shown much higher rates of interactivity and satisfaction than previous campaigns.
The cooperative goal is to help modern real estate brokerages realize the added financial, competitive and operational benefits afforded by a reliable technology partner. One of the most respected names in business, the Prudential tradition dates back more than 130 years.
But if employment isn’t the reason behind your move you may have questions about the job market, job availability, and business opportunities. Salt Lake City continues to rank favorably in everything from job growth to cost of living. The same-sized family would have to make an additional $44,490 to enjoy the same comfort of living in Washington, D.C. The Utah Science and Technology Research Initiative (USTAR) invested over $100 million in 2006 to recruit economic researchers whose ideas and findings continue to develop into companies, which has led to an influx of jobs. The unemployment rate in in Salt Lake City in December 2015 went as low as 2.8% compared to the national rate of 5%. The study took into consideration several factors that were divided into three categories: economy, leadership, and health. This is a great company for recent college grads, with an awesome culture, and the recognition to prove it. Of course, the process of getting hired will differ if you’re trying to interview before your move, but knowing where to begin your job search can make all the difference and even give you an edge over the competition. So if you skimmed the Salt Lake City Craigslist jobs section trying to scope out employment and felt at a loss, it’s probably because local employers rely more on KSL to fill positions than Craigslist.
If you’re unsure about applying for a certain company or line of work, a recruiter can vet your application and career goals beforehand to ensure you are being placed in the best work environment for you. After all, its services focus on helping organizations and employers recognize the accomplishments of their employees. Offers: information, wishlist facility, online ordering, planning tools and a reminder service.

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