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Features: This Montgomery home for sale has tons of updates and space for any buyer to enjoy.
Features: This Montgomery home for sale has a wonderful private backyard that is beautifully landscaped. Disclaimer: Information for this post was gathered from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors MLS. When it comes to buying a West Knoxville homes for sale, one common source for confusion is the appraisal. West Knoxville sellers want to sell their home fast and for the most amount of money possible.
? 1 of 7 Expand Photo by John Rice Irwin Close to home Dollie Hoskins Turnbill lived at the foot of the great Cumberland Mountains, approximately three miles from Oliver Springs, Tenn., and only a mile or so from the ancestral Hoskins homeplace in Hoskins Hollow. Kathryn Stripling Byer, a poet and essayist and former North Carolina poet laureate, recalled one of the biggest differences between Appalachian women and other Southern women having household help. Towns were small in the Appalachian Mountains, often with a meeting area and a church, said Florie Takaki, park ranger and coordinator at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If the community did have a church pastor or a circuit preacher, it “was considered a big deal to have the pastor over for lunch,” Meyer said.
Otherwise, people tended to stay home—women especially, since a primary duty was to tend to the children. As part of the caretaking role, women often treated illnesses when doctors weren’t available, according to Anthony Cavendar’s book, Folk Medicine in Southern Appalachia. Granny women—an expression unique to the Southern Appalachians that refers to a midwife—were essential for Appalachian women. Doctors were few and far between and did not always have the highest medical credentials or equipment and often could not make it to the home in time for the birth, Koch said. After the Indian Removal Act of 1830, Cherokee Indians who were allowed to stay in Western North Carolina had to portray exceptionally good living conditions. According to Howe, Cherokee women had a unique role in the fact that they were a part of government.
Occasionally, SML invites regional authors, storytellers and essayists to contribute their work.

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Emma Bell Miles recorded in her 1905 book, The Spirit of the Mountains, that weaving work gave a woman quiet time to sit at her loom, sing, daydream, and enjoy watching the patterns of those beautiful and interesting coverlets take shape. Women weren’t pastors, but they were extremely active in religious life, and that carried to the homestead.
Women would spend hours preparing Sunday meals and hold cottage prayer meetings, often in anticipation of revivals or other church-related events.
Midwives and granny women were seldom paid, but they were considered the authorities on childbirth. Appalachian architecture of log cabins can be attributed the unique combination of German, Scotch-Irish, English, and Scandinavian cultures that migrated to this area, according to the essay, “Historical Survey of Log Structures in Southern Appalachia.” Most structures were basic—one or two room homes. Located on a quaint cove on Lake Loudon, this waterfront community has beautiful views of the water. This home features many upgrades including gorgeous hardwood floors, updated light fixtures, and newer appliances. Quilting, breaking beans, boiling molasses, canning, and various other means of preservation all represented a chance to work together. Protestant Christianity dominated in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, and many people converted to the Baptist faith from other denominations like Presbyterian where religious leaders had to be formally educated. Granny women were usually elder women in the community and were often the only healthcare practitioners. Often times home healing and midwifery overlapped as home remedies and plants were used to cure medical problems during childbirth. There was often a day room, and perhaps a bedroom shared among several children and family members. In the 1870s, writers from travel and religious magazines from the North visited Western North Carolina and wrote colorful tales about the experience.
There are records of women suing for personal property, and they often spoke up in attempts to persuade others not to sell land.

There is a community pool, a community dock and fishing area, tennis courts, a clubhouse, basketball courts, and a boat drop. A lot people have said it was very dangerous for women to be doing that work around fireplaces with their long skirts.” Food was a way to cultivate friendships inside and outside of their homes.
It also was not uncommon to see women get together for hog killings, and shucking corn was an exceptional social event of shared labor.
Many times a granny woman played the role of obstetrician, pharmacist, psychologist, and birthing coach. Plants were aids during childbirth—Cherokee women would drink cherry bark to speed delivery. Because of their cleanliness and temperament, the Native American community was well portrayed versus tales of the uncivilized whites. When a woman would get married, the community would come together to help make a wedding quilt. Outsiders noted the phenomenon of women doing things during the Victorian era that were not typical women’s work or observed that their farms were unkempt, Koch said.
The master bath is large with granite counter tops, tons of cabinet space, a large tub, and separate shower. However, agriculture in the mountains was different from west Tennessee or eastern North Carolina. The kitchen has dark cabinets, granite counter tops, a bar area to eat, along with an eat in area.
Appalachian people did not typically fence in their animals, and they would often roam from farm to farm. 1979 Maude Martin Maude Martin of Panther Creek in Hancock County, Tenn., at age 83.

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