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Never cluttered nor standoffish or stark, this modern family home brings together calm colors, understated furniture with classic lines, and an emphasis on comfortable family living. The roof on the house is natural cedar shingles and the roof on the porch is standing seam copper.
You want to open the door and feel as if you’re in a special place that belongs only to you.
The window seat was framed during construction and then an upholsterer finished it on site.
Have a very Blessed and Safe week, my friends and remember to do your part to achieve your goals during this week. Hi, I am currently refurbing my house in england to a new england style house and love all the fret work used around American new england houses.
Will Wright: After losing his home in the Oakland-Berkeley firestorm, he created a video game centered on homes.
Wright, one of the world’s leading video game designers, sprang to prominence when his company, Maxis, launched Sim City in 1989. The process of assessing his losses and material needs after his home burned down set Wright to thinking about the value of possessions and the promise they hold of fulfillment.

Wright’s home was on a ridge on Norfolk Road, very close to the site of the incompletely extinguished grass fire that is believed to have sparked the catastrophic fire that swept through the hills on October 20.
His neighbors had left their two-year old child with grandparents and Wright knew they didn’t have a car. So ants were on his mind when Wright went back up to the site of his razed home in the hills. This article is part of our “Firestorm Special” series which is appearing on Berkeleyside in the run-up to October 20, 2011, the 20th anniversary of the Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm. Varied architectural touches, fabrics, colors, and pieces were used to reflect the homeowner’s personal style. From its beautiful curb-appeal and landscaping to the original interiors, this home surely inspires.  I hope you felt this way too!
As I mentioned before, we’re trying to sell our house and I am feeling very positive about it. If you have done this before, you probably know how stressful it can be, but it also teaches you to be calmer and know that nothing happens without a reason. His quick thinking in fleeing without delay probably saved his life, and that of his first wife and immediate neighbors whom he took with him.

Having always been passionate about architecture, he began to develop an idea for a game where players would simulate daily activities in a suburban household, including building a home from scratch: The Sims was born. He had to persuade them to leave, but, eventually, they agreed to come with him and his wife. The experience also had another consequence: it inspired him to create what became the best-selling personal computer game in history. Wright’s new company, Stupid Fun Club, was formed two years ago and is based in West Berkeley. After Wright had grabbed some pictures, the group jumped in his car and headed down the hill. The insights he gleaned, combined with his fascination with architecture and living spaces, led to the blueprint for The Sims — a game whose focus is building spaces and simulating the daily habits of people who live in them.
At this point, the fire was surging forth at such speed they were driving through a corridor of flames.

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