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In the last 5 days, 129 real estate agents and 121 clients have viewed our MLS listing for this luxury home in Danville CA. In the last 18 months there were 737 total properties listed that were not withdrawn or cancelled. We have divided the properties into 3 price sets; low, medium and high to give you a better sense of how different listings fared for days on market and list-to-sale price ratios. Comparable properties in this sample at the low end of the price spectrum sold on average in 28 DOM, in the medium range in 29 DOM, and at the higher end of the price range in 41 DOM. We're sorry, but there’s nothing to display here; MLS data service is not activated for this account. This entry was posted in Danville and tagged ca, danville, home-prices, homes, homes-for-sale, mls. Once you decide the timing is right to sell your home, the first key step in the process is deciding the approximate value of the home, and setting a realistic listing price.  A real estate professional will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA report for you when they have had an opportunity to inspect your home and research the current market.
The first thing an agent will need to do to provide you with a CMA is to inspect your property.
Sometimes owners will request a CMA when they are refinancing their house, when a spouse has died, or when they need and updated value for estate planning purposes. For Vacation Rentals, please contact Kelley in the Rental Department, for additional information and availability. Buyers always picture themselves living in the home they are looking at, so make the first impression count. Subscribe to this blog's RSS feed, or enter your email address below to get updates, news and more! Reinventing Japan’s economic lost decades in the United States: Seven charts tracking the parallels between the lost decades in Japan and our approach to a first lost decade. Dan, hyperinflation is not just really high inflation, but rather the collective loss in confidence in one’s currency.
With CDS’s no proving to be worthless, half of this House-of-Cards is on very shaky grounds. If this is your definition, then who are the two parties and what are the underlying assets?
After the bad credit is gone, then we will most likely see the destruction of the dollar, given what Bernake has been doing.
Since the NASDAQ stock bubble burst, in March of 2000, the USA dollar has lost 85% of its buying power with respect to gold.
They see a neighborhood filled with middle income young families, they see the houses selling for ten times the average family income in the neighborhoods and they think that these young families are struggling to pay the bills.

So the people on this blog visit a neighborhood and see people working in the same professions as them, making the same money as them and feel they deserve to live in the neighborhood too. I bet many of the folks on this blog desperate and hungry to own in the promised land could move to Boulder or Portland or some other really cool place and live happily ever after. Either way the place would go for less then what they paid for it and it’s not going to get any better. For me, I can afford to buy, just refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of money for run down junk. I do get what you are saying but the fact is that there is plenty of what should be middle income housing (priced as upper-end) being lived in by what are middle income families. If even 20-30% of that middle income population had to rebuy their current house at market or simply support market level mortgage and taxes, they would explode and default, instantly providing real price discovery (currently being thwarted by shadow inventory management, prop 13, government intervention, and hope). Wejones, just because a few people in YOUR neighborhood got a gift house from mom and dad doesn’t mean that it is happening in EVERY neighborhood.
Are you the same person posting on westsideremeltdown about supposed family wealth buying up all the properties NOM? The primary danger to why I might not entirely agree is that the situation may be a bit worse. My personal opinion with the bank bailouts, and the economic stimulation that the government is providing is the same as kicking the can down the road. The major point here is that unless you have enough money sitting in a bank to pay cash for a property, trying to wait for the market to fully bottom out is most likely not the smartest thing to do as you also need to take into consideration the the fluctuating interest rates. That 10-30% premium you pay for a house now, you will save in the interest rate you can get now as it may not be this low when the market hits the projected bottom in another 3-5 years. Land will appreciate s there is only a limited amount, but the value of the house on that land should depreciate much like any other property that you own. A house should not be used for investment purposes unless you are buying land, subdividing, and building new houses on it.
We’ve pulled the data for home sales in Danville zip code 94526 and also looked specifically at the numbers for homes in the price range of our new listing on Logan Lane.
The price range of properties sample is between $295,000 listing price to $4,200,000 listing price, and between $149,000 sold price and $3,850,000 sold price. Usually, this inspection won’t be too detailed or time consuming (they won’t be going in the attic or inspecting the roof for example), nor does the house need to be totally cleaned up and ready for listing.
Buyers start making up their minds even before they go through the front door so make sure your front door is clean. Consider investing in a professional carpet cleaner to instantly revive your home overall look.

They may afford lower priced homes and we do see home sales doing well at the lower range.  But the mega McMansion dreams of many homeowners were built on cozy economic trends that benefitted a generation born at the right time and at the right place. Interestingly, new properties there are now properly considered depreciating assets, and like new cars, they instantly lose some value when you purchase them. It should be in such a condition that the agent will be able to make an accurate assessment of its condition and worth. By looking at recently sold properties the agent can get an idea how much your property is worth in the current market. Also, consider applying fresh caulk around the tub, it will instantly make it look spotless.
Remove unwanted weeds and trim trees and shrubs to open the views and make the home brighter. If you are thinking of selling, please contact us for a complimentary market analysis in our service areas. Food prices will continue to skyrocket and soon will take up a large portion of take home wages, wages and benefits continue to be slashed as health care costs continue to skyrocket, high unemployment continues, retail and mall vacancies are very high, and 50 million on food stamps and rapidly growing. The US is above replacement and when the economy cranks up you can expect a follow on boom in immigration – likely from China and Mexico. If you plan to make changes or repairs before selling, inform the agent at this time, or have them completed prior to the agent’s visit.  Remodeling that has been done to your home, especially if it was performed by a licensed contractor who obtained the appropriate permits, can very much enhance the value of your property.
Cluttered areas can make a room look small and uninviting.  Get rid of the clutter and open up some space in your home. Also, easy fixes like replacing the sink faucet or replacing the cabinet and drawer handles can give your kitchen and instant updated look.
Our cowardly leaders in Congress gave the Federal Reserve the green light to devalue our currency as fast as possible.
I doubt this couple could have afforded the home as one is a post doc in archaeology at UCLA and one works as a secretary at an architectural firm. Choosing which improvements to make is not always an easy task and a lot of times homeowners believe that a huge remodeling project is the way to go. It’s more an after-the-fact characteristic, rather than something which can be used predictively.
Investing in small repairs and maintenance now will not only add value to your home but it can also help to sell your home faster when the time comes.

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