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Vallexa Advisors, Mergers & Acquisitions has over 10 years of experience in matching Home health, Home Care, and Hospice Sellers with Buyers perfect for continuing on the work the previous owner achieved!
This entry was posted in Home care for sale, Home Care for Sale in Ohio, Medicare payor and tagged Broker for home Care, Home Care Appraisal, Home Care business broker, home Care business for sale, home care companies for sale, Home care for sale, home care valuations, sale home Care, sell home care, sell homecare, sell my home Care, selling home care on October 2, 2015 by HomeCare. Obtain Independent unbiased Care Home Financial Advice and arrange Business funding to suit your personal circumstances. Wateringbury LLP trading as Chandler & Co is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
This small thriving hospice that also provides home health services in Oklahoma is available immediately for purchase.
Are you someone who cares about healthy living and are looking for an exceptional business opportunity??? Located in downtown Campbellsport WI, the original 4680 square foot building was built in 1940. The basement of the building is home to immaculate and ceramic-tiled men's and women's locker rooms. Care home properties offer a substantial opportunity to grow wealth.  The prospect of significant cash flow and asset gain draw people to invest in care home properties and businesses.
Therefore these five tips for purchasing a care home property is more about the whole process, not just finding a house to buy.

Sellers and Buyers can trust the Vallexa will always provide the utmost professional service while maintaining strict confidentiality with all clients! Brick and concrete make up the building's construction with a metal roof - virtually maintenance free! Each locker room offers several showers, a comfortable restroom area and many spacious lockers for health club members.
The standard real estate investor is looking for ROI (Return On Investment) but with the presupposition owning an asset, not running a business. Also, the many types of care homes have specialized issues that need to be understood before investing in the opportunity. This group is the largest private rehabilitative outpatient and home care business in Canada.
Registered Office: The Coach House, The Oasts Business Village, Red Hill, Wateringbury, Kent, ME18 5NN. Not all types of business we undertake is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Separating the locker rooms is a section that is comprised of the whirlpool and sauna room, two tanning rooms with SunDash tanning beds and body fans, a laundry room and three furnace rooms. A few types of care homes are Adult Residential Facilities (ARF), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), Group Homes (GH), Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) service provider and more.

Also know if ADA compliance or fire systems are needed in the type of care home to be operated.
But even if not, understanding that a care home is a business is key to the long term success. Think of all the things required and look at the money to see if that is something worth doing. We Care Prince George has recently expanded into three office location to better serve the residents of Northern British Columbia.
Chandler & Co works independently as a Credit Broker providing advice on commercial mortgages and is not a lender.
Check to see if the property meets current government standards to the type of care home planning to be operated. The staff also has to be trained about the specific care home and the rules and regulations that apply to it.

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