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Browse through a large number of Haunted Houses and other Haunted Places in North Carolina.
At night the Aberdeen Fear Factory becomes a place where evil has seeped through from hell itself. Find Haunted Houses in North Carolina in cities from Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Asheville, Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
Lake Hickory Haunts is North Carolina's #1 haunted attraction, featuring the industry leading sets, monsters, FX, scenes, and more! Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in North Carolina including haunts in Greensboro, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
The first pillow has just recently been replaced with two of the giant 40x70 pillows to reduce wait times for children to jump.
If it’s a Kersey Valley event or attraction you’ll be right in the middle of the FUN STUFF! September 11, 2014 If spooky adventures have been the favorite form of vacation for you, then North Carolina Haunted tours have the best stuff!
From visiting old buildings, deep valleys, ancient temples and numerous sacred sites to listening to the old folklore, urban legends, and stories from ancient burial grounds, North Carolina Haunted tours are going to give you that eerie sensation you want from your adventures.
Located in the north of Greenville in Tarboro, this haunted house is haunted by the Mayo Family. Visit Greensboro, North Carolina, to witness the Carolina Theatre, which burned down in 1981 and killed a woman. An old hospital building located in Jefferson is rumored to have been haunted by paranormal activity and witnesses have reported unexplained shouts and the elevator dinging, even though there is no electricity. Located at the outer banks of North Carolina is a cove on Ocracoke Island, which was the supposed site of Edward Teach known as Blackbeard the Pirate who used to perform execution at sea. Known for the legend of two sisters who drove off the side of the bridge, and the Caroleen Broad River Bridge has been haunted ever since.
Check out the normal looking neighborhood in Wilmington that carries a gruesome past where cal justice was carried out in the form of hangings. People still report strange occurrences and have sighted apparitions at the top of the hill. Plan your North Carolina Haunted tour to Bennett and check out the 40-foot circle in the middle of a forest where nothing grows.
Four Oaks is the place where you will come across a spooky experience of the haunted battlefield where visitors have heard phantom gunfire and shouts at nighttime. Another haunted place in Jefferson, an amazing place for your North Carolina Haunted tour is going to offer you the fictitious stories of a ghost that haunts the museum.

Each year we bring you the scariest places in North Carolina and this year is no different. As the Union Army was fast approaching, the two tried to escape through a tunnel that led to the Cape Fear River. Once, Black Beard saw one of his crew members dancing with his girlfriend and consequently beheaded the man on the stairs. It is said that in the 1940`s a man drove off the bridge and him, his wife, and baby daughter were killed. The legends say that Blackbeard was beheaded and the headless body continues to haunt the cove.
The devil rises from the surface to wreak havoc on humanity from the site according to the lore.
Both seasoned domestic and international travelers, they desired to bring the history, culture, amenities and lifestyle to all guests of the Triangle and beyond.
So get out and find a Haunted Place or some other Haunted House in North Carolina and get your scare on!
To-date spectators account that you can still hear their voices in their mansion as the spirits linger there. From a war that lasted two years with the Native Americans and the European Settlers, The Tuscarora War ended with many lost souls wandering in purgatory. North Carolina, a state started with about thirty (30) different Native American tribes: Cherokee, Tuscarora, Catawba, Croatans, and many more were scattered across this beautiful state of North Carolina before all the bloody battles for land left death, destruction, dismemberment, and tortured behind. If you dare to face the poltergeist of the family, then visit Mayo House on your next North Carolina Haunted tour. Even Blackbeard, the English pirate, perished off the North Carolina coast in a disgusting disrespectful bloody manner. Blackbeard, shot multiple times, was dismembered into many pieces, and his bloodied head suspended from the front bow of the ship so a reward could be collected. Blackbeard's spirit still looking for vengeance for his death, roams the portals that open from the depths of the under-world looking to expel his intense anger that builds throughout the year. All these spirits converged with all the spirits of the soldiers who died during the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Moore's Creek lasted five (5) minutes and left about seventy (70) soldiers dead.
North Carolina's death totals rose significantly during the Civil War with over forty-thousand more dead.

Souls left behind to complete missions, lost between life and death now roam North Carolina. These souls converged in the many haunted houses, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more.
Summoned by the Halloween season, draws them to the portals that open due to the intense negative energy they need to expel. This intense negative energy they expel, helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year.
Hidden chambers and dungeons are opened under the pure evil and negative energy of the spirits who are unaware of their untimely death. These attractions have been selected as one of America's Best Haunts, on the list of 25 Must See Haunts from the Haunted Attraction Magazine, and on many local television and radio stations. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, spooky woods, attractions, mountains, mazes, estates, trains, trails, parks, manors, fields, graveyards, camps and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, cutting edge technology, scary monsters, creepy zombies, clowns, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the under-world, wandering souls, and bring your nightmares to life right here in North Carolina. When you are searching for haunted houses online, North Carolina is full of restless souls.Woods of Terror - Greensboro NCEddie McLaurin knows how to scare people. He says it is rare that a young performer, no matter how experienced of an actor, knows how to scare people.
I’m very good at finding different ways to startle people.” He adds, “keep it simple, stupid.
Simplicity is true for the sets as well “I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on large facades and what have you, and people don’t even pay attention.
They each have lines, and activities they have to accomplish as well, but as long as they remember hide, startle, stalk, hide then they will never forget how to scare. Most of the haunt is outdoors, although parts if it still can run despite inclement weather.

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