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The House is Haunted is a self-guided dark attraction that is sure to bring the fear-driven goosebumps to your skin.
All information on this page was submitted to North Carolina Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted.
The most dramatic report of a ghost sighting happened on October 11, 2002, as a fireman dressed as Freddy Krueger positioned himself in an upstairs corner shortly before the public was allowed inside that evening.
A team from the North Carolina Piedmont Paranormal Research Society investigated the house on September 25, 2004. Browse through a large number of Haunted Houses and other Haunted Places in North Carolina. At night the Aberdeen Fear Factory becomes a place where evil has seeped through from hell itself.
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Big Willow - Willow Road - A wizened, bent old woman dressed in black haunts a stretch of this road near Shaw's Creek Baptist Church.
Chimney Rock Village - Chimney Rock Park - Early settlers of Hickory Nut Gorge reported bizarre sights on and around the giant granite monolith towering above them, including vast battles between angels and blinding white armies on horseback, roiling in the sky. Edneyville - Appleola Road - Periodically, the ghost of a man with glowing red eyes rockets past the intersection of Appleola and World's Edge roads, driving a buckboard and whipping his horses into a frenzy. Edneyville - Bearwallow Mountain - Those who live on the slopes of Henderson County's tallest mountain report sightings of demons, wolf spirits, and a ghostly maiden who resides in a waterfall. Edneyville - Beau's Curve - In the 1800's a rock quarry was located beside this sharp curve on Gilliam Mountain Road in Edneyville, in Henderson County. Flat Rock - Woodfield Inn - The Morris Room at this Flat Rock landmark, the oldest continually operating hotel in North Carolina, is haunted by the ghost of Confederate Captain B.T. Hendersonville - Bonclarken ARP Assembly Grounds - The historic home that serves as centerpiece at this Presbyterian conference center is haunted by the spirit of its original owner's wife. Hendersonville - Comfort Inn and Suites - Decades ago a woman was murdered at this large hotel, constructed in the 1960's. Hendersonville - Henderson County Jail - The mysterious phantoms haunting Henderson County's jail, built in the 1990's, seem angry and also haunted the livery stable that occupied the site decades ago.
Hendersonville - Hendersonville City Hall - Hendersonville's historic city hall dates from the 1920's, and is so haunted that both the police and fire departments have vacated the building.
Hendersonville - Ramada Limited - The jacuzzi suite at this Hendersonville hotel is haunted by the ghost of a woman who checked in for a week of pampering before, for whatever reason, committing suicide. Lake Lure - Bottomless Pools - No one has ever found the floor of these unusual geological formations in the town of Lake Lure, but they likely result from water filling lava tubes from long-extinct volcanoes. Lake Lure - Clementine's Bridge - Clementine, a beautiful young woman, died while waterskiing on Lake Lure in the 1960's, when she lost her balance and hurtled into a bridge abutment, where her spirit still lingers.
Laurel Park - Jump Off Rock - The legend that gave this Laurel Park landmark its name also explains its ghost: that of a young Cherokee maiden who threw herself from the rock to her death when she learned that her beloved had perished in battle. Well Ive lived in areas around where they've talked about but have not seen or heard of any ghosts so I cant tell you any thats true .
This dark walk-through has hidden terrors lurking around every dark corner as well as the places you least expect them. Used as a haunted fun house around Halloween to raise funds for the Spencer Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, this house, situated on a hillside overlooking the South Fork of the Catawba River, really is haunted. The fireman states that he came face to face with a woman wearing a white lace garment, the type, said the fireman, that would have been fashionable in a bygone day. The firefighters graciously disconnected the electronic devices, such as strobe lights and simulated train whistle, which would have interfered with the equipment used in the investigation. Each year we bring you the scariest places in North Carolina and this year is no different. Supposedly she searches for her son, who went off to serve in the Civil War and never returned.
Prisoners from local jails were forced to mine the quarry, under the watchful eyes of prison guards.

John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church - Early parishioners, interred in the walls and floor, haunt this church, which was built in the early 1800's. During that conflict, however, she lured a small group of Union soldiers to their doom in a Confederate ambush when they mistook her for a citizen out past curfew and set out to detain her. In the room where she died, doors open and close on their own, and the bathroom faucet turns itself on.
The most notable sighting was captured on security videotape: a young black woman in an old-fashioned dress walked along the upstairs hall, vanishing as she suddenly plunged through the floor.
Sometimes, very late on the coldest nights of January she approaches the front desk, inquires about the continental breakfast served every day, and fades away. I can remember entering high school as a freshman and how you seem to get swept up in the tales of upperclassmen or janitors looking to give you a scare.
With live actors, hideous monsters, and frightening mysteries, you will be frightened so much you will be looking over your shoulder for horrors long after the night is over. In addition to seeing the apparition, the fireman also noticed during the encounter that the strobe lights and fog machine had stopped working (Gaston Gazette, October 20, 2002, 1B). Although no apparitions appeared that night, the team did photograph a white, string-like image in three pictures taken in an interior room. As for the woman in the white lace gown, although a few people have seen her and one man even spoke with her, no one knows who she is or why she has chosen to remain in the house. So get out and find a Haunted Place or some other Haunted House in North Carolina and get your scare on! In addition, a phantom soldier in the churchyard can sometimes be heard playing a dirge on a bugle on rainy nights.
As an alumni of South Caldwell I can verify that some very interesting happenings tend to occur. You can request a removal using the Copyright flag link below each image if you find an image that shouldn't belong here. Significantly, many of the reported paranormal encounters occurred during the hours in which the haunted house was not open to admission-paying thrill seekers, eliminating the possibility that these paranormal encounters could be merely encounters with costumed actors. Too terrified even to scream, he bounded down the stairs and breathlessly told his colleagues on the front lawn what he had witnessed. This string-like image cannot be dismissed as merely a decoration for the fundraiser, because in two pictures the string appears in front of an investigator standing in the middle of the room.
From a war that lasted two years with the Native Americans and the European Settlers, The Tuscarora War ended with many lost souls wandering in purgatory. I stayed at school very late the majority of my highschool career due to my extracurricular activities therefore I had ample opportunity to look into the tales one might hear amongst fellow classmates.
The heel of a shoe has been spoted many times late at night by janitors turning a corner of the third floor hallway. The investigator who took these pictures did so because a pair of dowsing rods, previously calm, had begun to swing. North Carolina, a state started with about thirty (30) different Native American tribes: Cherokee, Tuscarora, Catawba, Croatans, and many more were scattered across this beautiful state of North Carolina before all the bloody battles for land left death, destruction, dismemberment, and tortured behind.
The drummer of course can be heard late at night in the band room located in the basement floor of South Caldwell.
The volunteers preparing the house for the 2004 Halloween season claim that there has never been an actress attired to look like that apparition in the old, white lace dress.
Even Blackbeard, the English pirate, perished off the North Carolina coast in a disgusting disrespectful bloody manner.
Strange noises are heard by people who live in the Shiloh neighborhood, and lights have been seen as well. Blackbeard, shot multiple times, was dismembered into many pieces, and his bloodied head suspended from the front bow of the ship so a reward could be collected. Blackbeard's spirit still looking for vengeance for his death, roams the portals that open from the depths of the under-world looking to expel his intense anger that builds throughout the year. I have tried to research this at the Lenoir Public Library and have not found it documented yet.

If a girl ventures into the empty theatre perhaps to open it or work Eva likes to make the atmosphere very uncomfortable ecspecially if the lady is dating a boy in theatre. All these spirits converged with all the spirits of the soldiers who died during the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Moore's Creek lasted five (5) minutes and left about seventy (70) soldiers dead. Her prescence is often felt only on rare occasion will you catch a glimpse of what appears to be a figure on the stage right side of the stage.
North Carolina's death totals rose significantly during the Civil War with over forty-thousand more dead. Now back to the elevator it does indeed open and close all day long on different floors for no visible reason. Now many people say her spirit comes from a lady who died on the stage but teachers say that didn't happen.
Souls left behind to complete missions, lost between life and death now roam North Carolina. Where her spirit comes from one may never findout but her prescence is very poignant regardless.
These souls converged in the many haunted houses, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Summoned by the Halloween season, draws them to the portals that open due to the intense negative energy they need to expel.
This intense negative energy they expel, helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year.
Once your inside the elevator you will find that it is in the fashion of the late seventies and that it has an eerie creak as it shifts from floor to floor.
Some janitors like to say that if you ask Tim politely he will take you to a floor without you having to push a button. Although to many thrill seekers the elevator may seem very tame it is known to get stuck inbetween floors and open its doors to brick walls. Hidden chambers and dungeons are opened under the pure evil and negative energy of the spirits who are unaware of their untimely death.
These attractions have been selected as one of America's Best Haunts, on the list of 25 Must See Haunts from the Haunted Attraction Magazine, and on many local television and radio stations.
Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, spooky woods, attractions, mountains, mazes, estates, trains, trails, parks, manors, fields, graveyards, camps and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, cutting edge technology, scary monsters, creepy zombies, clowns, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the under-world, wandering souls, and bring your nightmares to life right here in North Carolina. When you are searching for haunted houses online, North Carolina is full of restless souls.Woods of Terror - Greensboro NCEddie McLaurin knows how to scare people. He says it is rare that a young performer, no matter how experienced of an actor, knows how to scare people.
I’m very good at finding different ways to startle people.” He adds, “keep it simple, stupid. Simplicity is true for the sets as well “I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on large facades and what have you, and people don’t even pay attention. They each have lines, and activities they have to accomplish as well, but as long as they remember hide, startle, stalk, hide then they will never forget how to scare. Most of the haunt is outdoors, although parts if it still can run despite inclement weather.

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