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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I have been to Thunderbird road and tried that Gravity Hill people talk about and have to say that it IS an optical illusion.
Well I found Oleary on the map so I just need to get out there and hopefully find this house. I have to say I have spent a LOT of time at the McKinney building and I never heard any stories about it being haunted, creepy - yes, haunted no. The first time I went there, I figured the story was all urban legend and figured there was a logical explanation for what happens. Im not trying to sound like an *** but I have decided that txrattler will never post any updates. I have been reading about the experiences that people have had around the area and I really focused on the post a few pages back on the 6 poles area and with the locals having experiences with little demons wandering around. Three years ago my friends and I were searching for places to shoot out in the desert east of LP375 off Pelicano. I don't know what experience this was, but I think it started when we visited that site near Horizon east of Pellicano. If you Google the house on Silver and look at the street view, you can see a blurred white figure or something in front of the house.
If you look at the picture from the front as shown then there is a blur because the camera is looking at what looks like a white sheet hanging off a rail but since the camera of Google is not so great then you get the blur but if you click on the arrow to the left to move one step west, and zoom in to the house again you can clearly see a small fountain in the yard and a white sheet in the back. July 8, 2013 by Sarra Jackson El Paso, located on the border with Mexico in West Texas, has numerous haunted places you can check out. If you drive by the cemetery during the early morning hours, you may spot the ghost of a boy who is standing on the sidewalk asking for a ride. In Building #4 there are reports of haunting in a Military Medical Center that has been condemned for at least a decade.
The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society, contacted by the home owner, looked into the stories of the figure people say they have seen by the window, and of the teen who supposedly hung herself in the stair case. As for the Google image, a return visit to Google maps found the original ghostly anamoly no longer appeared on the front yard. In fact, it looks more like some kind of lawn ornament than the ghost of a woman wandering the yard. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive VIP contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE.
This unusual activity stems from an incident that happened nearly 35 years ago when a distraught teenage girl killed herself by slitting her wrists and then, throwing herself from a balcony at the end of the hallway.
However, this tragic young lady racing to her death is not the only unexplainable thing that has been seen at this historic school.
In the recent El Paso High School yearbook, there is a reproduction of an old photograph showing a young lady in a white dress watching the original construction of the building in 1916. 1986 Graduating class - The girl on white was not in the original negative but is in the developed photo. A trophy case just inside the original front entrance of this grand old school contains a photo of the 1985 graduating class. This mysterious girl was not part of that particular graduating class and no one in the class that was photographed admitted knowing the identity of the girl. At one point, several of the teachers crawled through a small opening eventually coming to a brick wall that blocked the tunnel. There was a second sealed off classroom nearby, also ready to receive students, now filled with only dust and silence. The woman in the lower left hand corner was not in the original negative but is in the final photo. The vast basement has been used as an overflow morgue during several of our nationa€™s wars. At one point in his career in the early 1980s, Toby Tovar was the basketball coach for the 8th grade basketball team. Just after they started practice, two waist-high access doors leading to the tunnels flew violently open, slamming back against the wall on either side. According to Tovar, when Plecluda turned toward the exit, standing in the pool of dim red light thrown by the exit sign was a young lady wearing a blue chiffon dress of the type that would be worn to the School Prom in the 1940s or 1950s. McKillip opened the Auditorium doors and he and his students searched the Auditorium for anything or anyone who could have made the sounds that they had heard. I have heard of the tunnel tours but would like to see a paranormal investigation with EVPS…. Hello, yes I’ve been there with some friends late at night and you see random lights turn on and light voices.
Interesting stories, I Lived across the street from El Paso High School for many years and graduated from there in 1978. I just want to say that I am PROUD to be an alumni from the oldest existing high school in the state of Texas. Now about the tours, they are given during Homecoming week each year and charge a nominal fee to attend. EPHS wil be celebrating 100 years of its existence this year, so mark your calenders and go check out the tunnels beneath the school. We played in the Jefferson basketball tournament and made our way back to the school around 10 pm, I was with 3 other players and we went back to the school to change and go to Juarez.

I would like to know if the paranormal show taps have ever done an investigation on el paso high. Frequent guest and paranormal expert Henry Flores with the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society dropped by MIKE and TRICIA mornings, and this time shared some ghost audio from their investigation of the infamous Patterson House. The disappearance of Margaret and William Patterson has been an enigma that has given rise to much speculation since 1957. Accounts of what happened to them have ranged from they were kidnapped, to they left everything behind to start a new life elsewhere, to one or both were killed and their bodies buried somewhere on the grounds. You can read a more thorough account of their disappearance and the many theories that abound here. A few weeks ago I asked all 17 of listeners of Mike and Tricia Mornings to submit photos they had personally taken that they thought were of a ghost or a ghostly nature. The fingerprints on the trunk of a car after putting baby powder or flour is nothing but old fingerprints of someone that touched the trunk before the event.
I really want to go back (with a flashlight this time haha) I'm sorry I don't know exactly where it is, but its definitely worth looking for!
The cold room is cold because it's heavily insulated, that's where they would keep cold storage for trains that came and went. Considering the history you can find in this town, it should be no surprise the type of ghosts you may find lurking around. Today, firefighters say that the lights will turn on and off on their own and the toilets will flush if there is a fire to go to.
Also, if you go near the railroad tracks that are located behind the cemetery, a strong mist appears with a strong smell. It was turned into an elementary school at a later time, and if you go to the girl’s restroom at the back of the school you may find ghosts of five girls hung from the ceiling with bloody hand prints on the wall. It is the tale of a beheaded man who rides on his horse around the desert carrying his head in his lap or with it hung on the rawhide thong from the saddle.
It is these children that you can hear playing and laughing at two in the morning in the cemetery.
One report is when they were opening the doors in the morning and saw a tall Indian Chief staring at the employees from the exhibit hall and instantly disappeared. The story is a teenager hung herself at the top of the stair case that leads into the room in the tower-like structure, and now her ghost is said to roam the property. Some say the image circled in red below is her ghost captured on Google Maps.
After sitting down and speaking with the home owner, Chris Yost and Daniel Bustamante of PDN have been able to debunk both stories.
It was set up that way to create the illusion someone was home, which home owners hoped would deter intruders and wanna-be ghost busters. Schuster, opened for classes in 1916 and since then a€?Lady on the Hilla€? has graduated many prominent citizens, and has captured hundreds of trophies, plaques, and championships in all fields. There have been numerous interior modifications designed to accommodate a growing student body and changing educational theories.
There were been enough sightings that a wall was built completely closing the stairway leading up to the haunted hallway. There are two young ladies, one toward the right end of the group and one on the left center of the group who are looking intently toward where this mysterious young lady is standing. But regardless of how she got into the picture, she is very clearly in the photograph, a lovely, lonely looking girl, smiling for the camera. The bricks were old and the cement between them was crumbling, but it was clear that these bricks had been added long after the surrounding brickwork. The room was small and contained antique desks of the type seen in the television show Little House on the Prairie.
In one of the student notebooks lying on a desk, they found, in addition to algebra notes and completed problems, a very racy love letter from the owner of the book to a boy,a€? he explained. Try as they might, they were never able to discover why, two classrooms would be sealed off so fast that they would not be cleaned of debris, desks nor texts nor the students be given time to claim their personal articles. During World War II there were so many casualties shipped here that bodies had been stored in the basement until the next of kin could be notified. That year, the 8th grade team was undefeated and they were scheduled to play the only other undefeated team in the city. Naturally, the assumption eventually reached, even though there was little if any wind outside, was that a freak draft coming down one of the many chimneys had blown the latched doors open.
He and the yearbook staff, composed of journalism students, would work long into the night to produce a first class yearbook. Thinking it was one of his students, asked her what she was doing there and told her to go home. As he walked toward her, she began to become transparent and he noticed that she was not standing on the floor, but rather hovering in mid-air about a foot off of the floor. As the students were gathering their possessions, McKillip suddenly heard the sounds of the Tiger Fight Song, cheerleaders performing their cheers and the sounds of a very spirited pep rally coming from the Second Floor Auditorium. Doing modifications to the auditorium, workers removed the steps leading to the stage and found hidden, one or two books per step, an entire set of a Catholic Encyclopedia hidden beneath the steps.
I have done some EVP’s at different locations in EP, this one would be one of the best to conduct one! We walked out of the gym and started to walk down the hill to our cars, as we were walking Marcos said do you hear the band practicing, we walked toward the football field and it was pitch black but you could hear the band playing a song, being the tough guys that we were ( not ) we walked above the stadium where the basketball courts used to be, still dark and we could hear the band playing.
My grandmother lived on the corner of Cliff and Angie and my siblings and I spent tons of time there playing football or baseball at the fields there at the school when we would visit or spend weekends there with her.
Was this incident ever in the news and if so, the police surely would have investigated and would have a name somewhere on record.

As for ghost audio Henry provided, listen below to what the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society’s investigation uncovered. Even if you wash the car thoroughly, the grease on your fingers stick to the car which later then sticks to the powder. Do you know what they called a certain person there that has been there before Robles bought the establishment?
When you touch your car and we have a wind storm, the next day there is dirt stuck to your fingerprints. There are also reports of hearing hoof beats of Calvary soldiers, as well as conversation that you can hear but are unable to actually make out the words being said. Employees don’t like to be left alone at night due to an uneasy feeling, and lights around the exhibits turn on and off on their own at random times.
As a result, a number of the original classrooms and hallways are no more, but there are stories that some of the modifications were done because of spirits that seem to have an affinity for certain areas of the building. According to the story, every single day, mist and fog roam the abandoned hallway and there seems to be some a€?gooey-stuffa€? on the ceiling. Were these two young ladies perhaps the only ones sensitive enough to realize that something was wrong?
Curious, one of the teachers pushed on the newer bricks until some gave way, revealing a large dark cavity. There was no doubt that the classroom dated from the original construction of the building. During the Spanish Flu Epidemic in the early part of the 1900s, so many died that the bodies were also stored in the basement of the High School.
The doors were shut and long heavy bench was placed in front of the doors to make sure that they would stay closed. Suffice it to say that this team, made up of gang members who didna€™t fear the devil himself, led by a coach who, in his youth had led two tough barrio gangs, decided to leave the building without even taking the time to turn out the lights. One night he sent the last students home, and planned on being close behind them, but he had a few last minute things to do. When he was only a few feet from her, she glided back into the deeper darkness of the hallway and disappeared.
One night in the late 1970s or early 1980s, Coach McKillip and the El Paso Track Team returned to the school very late at night after a track meet in Austin.
Baffled, but thinking it might be a surprise reception for his Track Team that had just won the State Championship, Coach McKillip ran up the stairs to the second floor and, even though everything was dark, he dashed for the auditorium, a hundred feet away. This is pretty interesting-I’ve never been inside El Paso High, but I graduated from Austin.
We’ve walked all the way up to the door and knocked and you can feel something bad will happen. When we reached the main building by the steps overlooking the stadium you could see the red exit signs blinking to the music.That is all it took for us to get out of there. Or could this girl have killed herself many years long, long ago and her spirit still roams the halls re-enacting her suicide? There have been reports of some weird occurrences in this building, such as a Calvary soldier walking through the walls and swinging doors moving on their own.
Since my original posting last year, however, both the stories of a haunting and the legend of the Google Ghost have been pretty much debunked. Those teachers and students who had been able to make it to school were not allowed to leave due to unsafe road conditions. The classroom was still set up with desks in place, texts and student notebooks still in place waiting for the students. Puzzled, more than ever, he returned to the locker room where some of his students were still waiting for him. But with El Paso High School, it can never be said with certainty that the building is deserted and secure. I do remember talking to Staff members about that and they all said with a smile, you guys are not the first and wont be the last. Having nothing else to do, a group of students and teachers, decided to explore the school starting with the tunnels in the basement,a€? he said.
The students came into the building to drop off their track gear and pick up their possessions they had left in their lockers. He found that the doors to the Auditorium were locked and he could no longer see nor hear anything. No sooner had he rejoined his students than once again they all heard the sounds of the Tiger Fight Song, cheerleaders leading cheers and voices screaming. Who put them there and most importantly, why were they placed in such an unusual hiding place? Followed by most of the remaining students, Coach McKillip dashed back up the stairs toward the Auditorium.
Once again, halfway to the door, all sounds stopped, the school was dark and silent as a tomb.

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