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Let me know if you are interested in owning a haunted house or any house, I would love to help you. While corn mazes dip your toes into the season, and zombie hunts offer a glimpse of what's to come, it's haunted houses that truly represent the ghoulish spirit of Halloween. Here in Portland we have a pretty good assortment of haunted attractions, and I'm asking you to vote for the cream of the crop. As always, feel free to write in candidates that aren't on the list, and share your memories of Portland's best haunted attractions.
Carlton Haunted Granary – The Madsen Grain Elevator in Carlton is transformed into a themed haunted house.
Fright Town – Portland's best-hyped haunted house takes over the space beneath Memorial Coliseum, with three different attractions.
Fear Asylum – Run by the Milwaukie Elks Club, the haunted asylum focuses on exposing you to your worst fears, whatever they may be.
13th Door – A winding maze of horrors, the Beaverton haunted house sets up a host of diverse and detailed sets. House of Shadows – The Gresham haunted house is billed as a "full contact horror experience," meaning the actors can, and will, physically harass you. When it comes to the paranormal, there are three camps: the hardcore believers, the non-believers, and those that are somewhere in the middle. Our most famous ghost is probably Nina (pronounced Nye-nah), who has made Old Town Pizza her home for decades. Adam Milne, the owner of Old Town Pizza, says Nina, who was a prostitute, has made many appearances over the years since her untimely ending more than 100 years ago. If you want to get the lowdown on our resident ghosts and visit their haunts, Portland Walking Tours’ Beyond Bizarre, which is part ghost-hunt, part history, and part ghost stories, is a good start.
Downtown Portland is rife with hauntings and ghosts if you know where to look: well-known restaurants, old flophouses, a gas station, and even a former police station. Well-known paranormal expert Jeff Davis, author of Portland's Rose City Ghosts and co-author of Weird Oregon, says the haunted object in question at Hoodoo is a 19th century pen and ink drawing of a woman with a lace head scarf that the owner received as a present from his mother-in-law. Built in 1927 and located in the heart of Portland, this 150-room luxury hotel is a member of the Historic Hotels of America and is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. There always seems to be a theme to hauntings: the spirits usually died a tragic death, were involved in a romance gone bad, or were involved in some unscrupulous activity. The Burger King at West Burnside and Northwest Broadway that was demolished in 2011 (and is now home to Central City Concern's recovery center) had numerous stories of it being haunted by an unknown entity. John Chilson writes about Oregon history on his own blog, Lost Oregon, and has been involved in publishing since the ‘90s.
I'm the case manager for The IPRG, International Paranormal Reporting Group, we are TAPS family members here in Portland. I grew up in north Portland in the mid-50s to late 60s, right down the street from the Universtiy of Portland. It sits next to a well-preserved brick mansion, The McLellan House, that was built right on the corner of Spring Street, and High Street.
The neighborhood area where Spring Street and High Street are located was reserved for the very well-to-do of the time, as most of these houses were built in Portland's "Golden Age" of growth: (1800 - 1860).
The front door is receded from the front of the house, found on the left side of the porch facing the street, which makes the square south room, that juts out in the front, completely usable for a living space, instead of being part of the foyer. Just to the right of this staircase and front door is the foyer area, that is in the center of the house on both floors, where the various rooms on both floors are located off this space. Touring the first floor, the South Room is the first room on the right in this square foyer area, being the front, square room, that is surrounded on the outside with the west and east porches, with the columns going all around the outside, outlining the porches.
Going up the stairs to the second floor, the foyer area is round, to make room for closets in the bedrooms, the pull-down attic staircase, and to complement the round skylight in the middle of the ceiling. Charles Quincy Clapp, being an architect as a hobby, built his dream home in his spare time; a glorious edifice, dedicated to Greek Revival architecture.
In 1982, when Portland Museum of Art and the Art school, now called the Maine College of Art parted ways, and became two independent organizations, The Charles Q Clapp House was given to the Maine College of Art, with the clause in their agreement that if the college ever wanted to stop using the Charles Q Clapp House, this structure would be given back to the Portland Museum of Art. When enough money is raised, the Charles Q Clapp House will be used as part of the Portland Museum of Art. People who suffer a grievous loss of some kind during their lifetime, or perhaps near the end of their lives, continue to mourn their unbearable loss when they pass over into the spirit world, at the location of their tragedy. Sometimes the actions of the living can draw spirits back into this world, when a favorite possession is threatened by lack of care, misused in the former owner's opinion, or in danger of being destroyed. When the living followed his widow's request that their mansion be torn down, the good Captain Asa was drawn back into this world to protect his remaining properties, that he truly cared about.

No specific details were given to this haunting, but something must have given the indication that the paranormal activity that was experienced was indeed due to the good Captain Asa Clapp. His unseen presence may have been felt, cold spots reported and even perhaps  male footfalls have been heard and felt.
Very unhappy, perhaps still grieving a loss of a family member, or some other tragedy she never got over. If this entity is Captain Asa's wife, perhaps she is upset because the good Captain is angry at her for having their home tore down, and she mourns for this reason. She could be very upset about the wall and door being taken down between the Northwest and Northeast Rooms on the first floor, making one big room, perhaps destroying one of her favorite areas in the house.
Her cries of grief and sadness were often heard by art school staff and students in  the Charles Q Clapp House. No hard evidence of  paranormal activity has been made public, such as EVPs, readings of instrumentation, photos or videos.
Plenty of people over the years have reported seeing her apparition and hearing her cries of woe and sadness.
Other paranormal activity, suggesting that there was also a male presence in the house must have also been experienced by the staff and students, during the years that is was part of the art school. While the sounds of her crying could be the wind blowing, seeing her apparition, and being able to say what she is wearing is pretty telling that they are seeing something.
Western Cemetery is located in Portland's West End neighborhood, adjacent to the city's Western Promenade. One 1841 parcel of land bought, formerly known as Brown's Hill, became the Catholic Cemetery section of Western Cemetery, as there was great need for such a section. Though no one knows for sure, because of a massive fire in the late 1800s, that burned down most of Portland, and the poor record keeping done by the city government over the years, 6,600 people are thought to be buried in Western Cemetery, filling its entire 12 acres. Throughout the years, people and the city government, who were supposed to be caring for Western Cemetery, have been negligent in its upkeep, as I'm sure they considered other priorities to be a more pressing need for city resources. Throughout the years, the Western Cemetery suffered large numbers of grave desecrations and acts of vandalism, as no one seemed to care at all. The crowning insult came from the Portland City Council, in 2000, who declared that The Western Cemetery was now the new off-leash doggie park, where dogs were free to pee and poop over everything.
A firestorm of protest erupted, and after a fierce debate between dog lovers and concerned citizens in front of the Portland City Council, dogs were banished from Western Cemetery, and a new dog park was created elsewhere in the city. Thought the gravestones are still missing, Western Cemetery is now treated with respect that it deserves. When graves are disrespected, desecrated, headstones stolen, often spirits become restless, angry at the living.
Over the years, there have been reports of many restless spirits still wandering the cemetery, perhaps looking for their lost headstones. Many visitors has seen, and probably heard and felt the presence of restless ones, pulled back into this world by the long-time neglect and vandalism done in Western Cemetery. Probably many paranormal investigations; both scientific and psychic, have been done in Western Cemetery, but perhaps they don't have permission to reveal any details because the Portland City Council doesn't want the consequences of their bad behavior of poor upkeep and neglect of at least 70 years of Western Cemetery be on display via EVPs or other hard evidence gathered. After checking Haunted House roundups, Yelp reviews and online guides, I've assembled a list of the top haunted houses around the city.
All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. And amidst the famous coin flip, the platting of streets, the growth of the city along the Willamette, the stumps of trees scattered around town, and two World Wars, people did horrible things to each other, like murder, while others died mysteriously or tragically. The pizzeria is situated in a ghostly ground zero, sitting in the original lobby of the Merchant Hotel with the infamous Shanghai tunnels underneath—which are also purportedly haunted.
Armed with various tools of the ghost-hunting trade, such as K2 meters, EMF meters, and recording devices, participants explore different buildings around town, including Old Town Pizza, with some interesting results. Back before we had bridges connecting the east to the west side, Portlanders relied on the Stark Street Ferry to get to each side for errands or for business.
The Benson was equipped with the latest innovations of the day, including automatic door switches and circulating ice water. The first is the lobby area staircase leading up to the mezzanine where guests have seen a ghostly man walking down the grand staircase.
Warrick can be seen on historical pictures that grace the wall of The White Eagle from the early 1900s as he was a cook and a bartender at the bar.
Warrick was supposedly one of the last tenants on the second floor, which was set up as a rooming house or inexpensive boarding house. According to the hotel, a well-known psychic visited in 1999 and claimed to see a ghost at the end of her bed coming to the conclusion that hauntings have all taken place in the column of rooms between 303 and 1003. They seem to go hand in hand, and apparently the Hollywood Theatre is home to (at least) a couple of ghosts.

In 1930, a young boy died from a fall on the roller coaster, the owner committed suicide the next day, and a year later the park’s ballroom burned down.
John is very passionate about how the printed word can thrive in both print and digital environments. I'd like to add that we have investigated many of these "haunts" and have come up with a lot of interesting info - we'd certainly say that yes many of these places do indeed have paranormal activity! The city of Portland had suffered much destruction during the Revolutionary War, being so close to Canada. Going inside, the staircase is also on the west side of the house, leading up in a spiral to the second floor, with the fold-up stairway to the attic located at the top of the staircase.
Clapp House is completely different from the 1801 Federalist style brick home, the lovely brick McLellan House, that is its neighbor. Being both a beautiful yet practical home with no wasted space, he must have had a blast seeing his creative ideas becoming a reality.
Stevens, who soon became Mayor of Portland in 1865, bought the Charles Quincy Clapp House from relatives from the Clapp family descendants. Reports of the usual paranormal activity of an active spirit aren't mentioned though, like foot steps, items moving, doors opening and closing, disembodied voices, etc., which means that this haunting may be residual in nature. The example was given in one source that from July 1st, 1988, to August 1st, 1989, 1,942 tombs were desecrated, and headstones were stolen as well. The ceilings were covered with plaster molds, and the closets in the guestrooms were equipped with electric lights. Another ghost hangs out on the ninth floor and is well documented on sites such as Yelp, while the third is in a downstairs meeting room in one of the restaurants. Toward the end of WWII, the structure was getting run down and building codes were changing, prohibiting living quarters above bars. They check into a freshly cleaned room, and after leaving for a few hours, come back to find a glass of water on the desk. Numerous sightings of a ghostly male figure have been made in the upstairs lobby, and also upstairs in the right theater, a female ghost reportedly sits in one of the back two rows.
BENSON, WHOM MY SONE AND I SPOKE TO IN FRONT OF THE LARGE MIRROR AT THE STAIR CASE OF THE HOTEL LOBBY. Interestingly, what happened in the hiThe story of the McLellan House had direct, positive results on the existence and future of the Charles Q. Though Augustus Stevens died in 1882, while sitting in his favorite easy chair, in his beloved home, members of Stevens' family lived there up until 1914. Guests of the hotel were greeted each morning with a complimentary cup of hot clam nectar, a tradition eventually usurped by coffee. There's also a story that a spirit helped a slightly disabled guest into bed one night. Warrick supposedly died in his room before he was evicted, or he found a place to live but died before he had a chance to move out.
In the old days, if a glass moved on its own during a guest’s absence, a bellhop could easily be blamed. Someone once jumped to his or her death and cursed the rooms he or she passed on the way down.
Meanwhile, employees of the Bagdad Theater have reported lights dimming on their own and cold breezes originating from nowhere in particular.
Each year the Friends of Lone Fir put on a fun Halloween tour, Untimely Departures, as well as offering tours year round. The gable end entry mimics an entrance to a temple and doorways are often seen framed with transom and sidelights.
But you’re definitely not getting out of bed to check out what the odd noise was as you pull the covers over your head.
Could this be why many ghost hunters get some meter action or photos with “weird, floaty-shapes” near Stark Street? Nowadays, every entrance is tracked with an electronic key record, so it's been proven that no one has been in the room since the guest first left. The City of Portland has designated the Western Cemetery not a park but an 'off-leash dog park'. We'd pick fresh vegetables from their little patch in the summer, and when fall came mom and I would help pick beautiful apples and Italian prunes from their trees. He had an expansive office on the second floor where many nights we'd see his light still on as he tried to keep on top of trials and court proceedings.

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