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Ballpark Basics: A historic field supported by two small towns, and one really loud announcer.
However, as they have modernized the stadium, they have also tried to modernize the experience.  The sound bites coming over the loudspeakers are continuous, between every pitch. Rockets Red Ale (6% ABV)- Given the pink and orange hues of some of the other beers on tap here, this red is surprisingly, not.  It has more of a sienna brown color, medium body, and is one of the higher carbonated options. Nut Brown Ale (4.6% ABV)- This beer has a rich brown color, and solid slightly thicker taste.
Belgium White Ale – A highly carbonated beer that is almost identical in color to the kellerbock, and just slightly hazier. Our sponsors and the Office of State Fire Marshal remind you that the #1 cause of home fires and burn injuries is cooking.

This area commemorates the Battle of Guilford Courthouse which was part of American Revolutionary War. This museum has one of the largest collections of contemporary and modern styled art in the Southeast. Awesome Asian cuisine featuring authentic flavored dishes along with a great selection of alcohol. You have commented once if you comment again your previous comment will be replaced with new comment. Rockets Red smells of rye and toasted malts, which come through tartly in the palate, and finish clean. While they promote chocolate malts and a toffee finish with this one, in our opinion it was mainly a nutty coffee that comes through in the aroma, and is also the dominate flavor throughout the sip.

This Belgium is very flavorful, with wheat, thyme and coriander blending together to form a tart, refreshing and slightly dry beer.
The city offers all of the amenities of a large area with its vast amount of restaurants and shopping plazas.

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