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The E-Edition includes all of the news, comics, classifieds and advertisements of the newspaper. Steps taken in process drop 15 percent in region in 2013, RealtyTrac says, mirroring Ohio, U.S. Although numbers have improved, RealtyTrac says more than 70,000 Ohio homes are in foreclosure or have been repossessed. Central Ohio foreclosures dropped dramatically in 2013 as the housing market continued its climb out of a deep hole. During the year, 14,685 foreclosure documents were filed in the eight-county central Ohio region. The figures, released this morning, reflect an improving economy but show that housing is still far from normal.
In short, many homeowners at risk of losing their home already have endured foreclosure, but millions of homes remain mired in the foreclosure process.

Blomquist and others expect many of these homes to be put up for sale this year, as banks claim the homes to satisfy rising demand, especially among investors.
Buyers benefit when foreclosed homes are on the market because the homes tend to sell for less than other homes. RealtyTrac estimates that more than 70,000 Ohio homes are in some stage of foreclosure or have been repossessed by banks.
Although some real-estate agents worry about banks flooding the market with foreclosed properties, others note that demand is high for such homes.
Ric Smith, a Century 21 Excellence Realty agent in Reynoldsburg who handles foreclosed properties, welcomed the possibility that more bank-owned properties will be put up for sale.
Property by address 14398 Millhopper Rd, Jacksonville, Florida 32258 is no longer listed for sale on Jacksonville Bank Foreclosure. That was nearly 15 percent fewer than in the year before and well below the 2010 peak of nearly 20,000, according to the real-estate information service RealtyTrac.

But sellers of those other homes tend to lose because foreclosed homes mean more competition at lower prices. If all those homes were to be sold this year, they would account for more than half of all expected sales. The remaining homeowners have worked out a solution with the lender such as a short sale or loan modification, or remain in limbo — unable to sell but not yet hit by repossession.

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