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McLaughlin lived at 1608 North Larchmont Drive in Sandusky when Bank of America foreclosed on the home in 2007. McLaughlin, still a Sandusky resident, lost the home when Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette granted a motion for summary judgment in 2008.
The summary judgment was based on an affidavit from Weston, who said McLaughlin was in default on her mortgage. The suit cites news stories that say robo-signers signed thousands of affidavits each month without reviewing the mortgage documents, while banks tried to rush through as many foreclosures as possible. The lawsuit refers to an Associated Press citing court depositions from a Florida attorney, who said employees at Bank of America and other banks commonly approved phony paperwork. McLaughlin’s lawsuit asks for Fannie Mae, now the owner of the North Larchmont Drive home, to give the home back to McLaughlin.
This document could be a get-out-of-jail free card for some people who falsified AFFIDAVITS!

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Home owners are trying to work with their current mortgage holders and are finding more lenders talk a good story, but when it comes to working with the home owner on a reduced affordable mortgage plan home owners can accept ends up in most cases into the Home owner researching the Bank Short Sale Process online.
Many good real estate deals in Cape Coral Florida starts with working with a Realtor that understands the Bank Short Sale Process, Knows the Questions to ask the Listing agent to insure their is a change the bank would accept a lot lower price for the home then what is currently mortgaged on the home.
Let stalk about real estate in Cape Coral Florida, Lets talk about the 400 miles of cana front homes with over 300 miles of these waterways leads to teh gulf of Mexico.
Let my years of experience work for you!  I live, work and play on the waterways of southwest Florida .
Showcase Realty, Inc.and its agents are proud members of the National Association of Realtors, Connecticut Multiple Listing Service, and local real estate boards.

Doing the research under the current bank short sale market increase your chances of buying a pre Foreclosure Property through the bank short sale process.
Lets talk about what I can do to help you buy a waterfront home at the fraction fo the cost from 2005.
Fannie Mae and Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray also are named as defendants in the suit.
Well one way would be to say that anyone, any company, any court, any entity that willfully supports Fraud on a scale as massive as this which actually puts children in the streets is directly involved with these crimes against American Home Owners. There are obviously billions in bribes going to the useless bastards who get a nice house on the hill while putting children in the streets.

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