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You can breath easier when contacting a bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney such Francisco Ceiza , part of your first steps toward easing your financial burdens.
If you have received legal papers notifying you foreclosure procedures have been initiated, it is normal to feel a sense of hopelessness.
Bankruptcy is an important legal right and cannot be ignored as a strategy available to allow an individual to get a fresh start.
The most important issue to realize about credit card debt is that it is not insurmountable. Our North Carolina foreclosure attorneys have been troubled by recent news that mortgage foreclosure scams have spiked by 60 percent since the beginning of this year. As if those struggling with a North Carolina foreclosure didn’t have enough on their plates! In a large number of these cases, homeowners are contacted and told they qualify for a portion of the $26 billion settlement agreed upon by attorneys general in 49 states and five major banks. Another example cited was out of California, where a judge ultimately ended up shuttering a so-called mortgage relief organization in March. The second scam involved a deposit of several hundred dollars for the company to do a home loan audit that would result in bank or lender violations in the vast majority – or 90 percent – of cases.
Statistics culled from March indicted that more than one in every 660 homes had received a foreclosure filing. While there are absolutely legitimate North Carolina foreclosure attorneys, it’s important for you to do your research on the qualifications and experience of anyone you hire, including an attorney. If you are considering hiring an out of state law firm to deal with your mortgage situation, make sure they have a licensed attorney in North Carolina who has experience handling foreclosure matters, in and out of court. And of course there is the always-relevant general rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you want to know what will happen in your foreclosure, then you need to find out what the foreclosure law is in your state. Click on the article links below to find North Dakota-specific information related to foreclosure.
We give you step-by-step instructions on locating North Dakota's foreclosure statutes online, along with a summary of North Dakota's most important foreclosure laws. Find out whether your lender can sue you for a deficiency (the difference between the amount you owe and the amount your lender recovers) after a foreclosure, short sale, or deed in lieu of foreclosure. Learn how to take control of your personal finances, get out of debt, and repair your credit with this pair of books. A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discussed a strategy used by some landlords in the city to avoid paying fines: repeatedly filing for bankruptcy protection.
If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy you have likely come to understand just how many technicalities and rules are part of the process. The founder of the online media empire Gawker, Nick Denton, just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Those without previous knowledge may not realize that Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn’t something that is automatically available to everyone.
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Erin Andrews was recently in the news for her successful lawsuit against her stalker and a Nashville hotel where a video of her undressing was secretly recorded through her room’s peep hole. No one thinks bankruptcy is ideal, whether we’re talking on the personal or corporate level.
For would-be homeowners who are struggling to secure a loan, seller financing can be an alternate path to home ownership. In Order to be protected under FDCPA and FCCPA, Oppenhiem's obligation to pay must constitute a "debt." The court ruled that Oppenhiem was protected under FDCPA and FCCPA.
New RealtyTrac national foreclosure data shows that new foreclosure filings for the month of November were the lowest they have been in over two years.
One of the major factors contributing to the precipitous drop is the fallout from the "robo-signing" controversy which caused many lenders and servicers to suspend foreclosure filings while looking into those allegations, according to foreclosure experts. Even though this trend may be temporary as bank re-start many of the suspended foreclosure filings, it is still good news for thousands of Florida homeowners. Since the recession beginnings of the financial crisis more than three years ago, banks have been reluctant to extend credit to what they termed "risky borrowers," but recently the banks have started to make credit offers to this group again in order to recoup some losses they have experienced during the recession.
These new offers were sparked by the impact credit cards have on Lender's profits, and since the recession this income have drastically dropped. If you have debt that is becoming overdue or that is causing financial distress that is leading you down the road to foreclosure, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today. Ever since the Florida Attorney General's Office announced its investigation into the foreclosure practices of the Law Offices of David J.
At its peak the firm was handling more than 70,000 foreclosure cases and now that it no longer handles many of those cases, no one is showing up for the hearings from the lenders. A Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer hopes now that some of the thousands of foreclosure cases handled by the Law Offices of David J. California company, Home Lease Exchange, LLC, has launched a new FREE service to families facing foreclosure by enabling them to enter into long term leases with other families near by. This program gives the homeowners leverage against the lender because of President Obama's Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, which allows tenants to stay in their home through the term of their lease. In yet another blow to a notorious Florida "foreclosure mill," former employees of the Law Office of David J. The law firms trouble began when Fannie Mae, one of its largest clients announced that it would no longer be referring cases to the firm, then announcing a few weeks later that it was pulling all its cases.
Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan has announced that the company if moving or has recently moved "a couple thousand more sales people from our sales side, our centralized sales group, over to our servicing areas," move that that the CEO says will help struggling homeowners get mortgage modifications more quickly.
According to a Bank of America release, the company completed about 25,000 mortgage modifications in October, a 52 percent increase from the September figures. It appears as though at least one major mortgage company is ramping up its efforts to help struggling homeowners.
Just days after a letter signed by the ACLU, the Florida Association of Broadcasters, the Florida Society of News Editors, the Florida Press Association, the Florida Times Union and the First Amendment Foundation spurred the Florida Supreme Courts to declare that all foreclosure courts be open to the public, the ACLU has filed an appeal asking the Second District Court of Appeal to reverse its injunction preventing a video deposition of "robo-signors" to be posted on YoutTube. The depositions of three employees of National Title Company, taken by the Forest Law Firm in connection with one of its foreclosure defense cases, was put under gag order by Sarasota Judge Rick DeFuria.

Federal officials, including the White House, have met with representatives of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac asking them to participate in the government's new foreclosure prevention initiative to reduce loan balances for those homeowners who are underwater. If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit and are considering applying for a loan modification or any other type of foreclosure alternative, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today for a complimentary review of your circumstances. As a result of fund allocated through the Department of Treasury's Hardest Hit Fund, the state of North Carolina has created a new Foreclosure Prevention Fund to assist struggling homeowners. Director of the North Carolina Housing Finance agency Robert Kucab stated that the goal of the program is to help "21,000 North Carolina unemployed workers to keep their homes." In order to qualify for help from the fund, the eligible homeowners must have good payment histories before the job loss or financial hardship and the ability to resume payments once the assistance ends. This is evidence that both Federal and State governments are hearing the cries of homeowners that they need help. I have a second mortgage on my home and I don't want a deficiency, can a Bankruptcy help me? One of the most effective ways a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer has found to prevent that from happening is for a homeowner to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy surrendering the house in full satisfaction of the first and second mortgage before the house if foreclosed on. If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit and are considering your foreclosure alternatives, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today for a review of your case and explore what alternatives may be available to you.
Lately, federal regulators along with members of Congress have begun to question the "dual track" practices of banks where they consider homeowners for mortgage modifications while pursuing a foreclosure at the same time. The couple fell on hard times in early 2009 when their mortgage rate adjusted just as their flooring business, and major source of income, began to struggle.
A Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Lawyer is afraid that the practices of "dual track" foreclosure practices will lead to more and more stories like this one.
Many of the servicing banks continue to tell homeowners that they will not foreclose on the home while they are in the process of doing a loan modification, but we often see that foreclosure proceedings are started prior to or simultaneously with the loan modification This is just another example of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing. The Wall Street Journal recently published a brief question and answer with business reporter Nick Timiraos addressing that question and others like it. If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit and are considering some sort of foreclosure alternative, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer today to review what options may be available to you.
A 71-year old Florida woman bought her 2 story house in a middle class neighborhood in 1978 but what makes her different from other people is that she hasn't made a mortgage October 1985. The basis for her fight is that her mortgage, which has been sold six times, was transferred improperly between banks and federal agencies and that now no one can rightfully determine who actually owns the note and mortgage. While this homeowner has been relatively successful in fighting her foreclosure case, this is not a course of action a Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer recommends. The investigation stemmed from multiple complaints about inconsistencies in the service of process from foreclosure defense attorneys across the state as well as the State Attorney Generals Office investigation into "foreclosure mill" law firms, Law offices of David J. This is just one more step the government is taking to try and get a handle on all the "questionable" Foreclosure procedures that have plagued this state and the nation.
An elderly New York is breathing a little easier this week after Bank of America admitted they improperly foreclosed on her home by failing to properly service her loan and denied her a mortgage modification. In a story that is strikingly similar to stories that a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer has heard from its clients, the woman was asked to provided a hardship letter and financial documents multiple times and each time she provided them nothing would come of it. Thanks to the efforts of her attorney after the home had been foreclosed on, the woman has had her case reopened, the foreclosure sale rescinded and Bank of America has agreed to modify her loan.
If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today to have your case reviewed for defenses that may be available to you. Due to the bank ordered freezes of foreclosure sales due to nationwide allegations of foreclosure fraud and robo-signors the year-over-year sales of homes and condominiums fell 25% in November.
Last week, Federal Reserve Governer Dan Tarullo told the Senate Banking Committee last week that it has found "extensive deficiencies in the servicing and foreclosure processes" in the nations largest mortgage lenders as a result of its investigation into allegations of robo-signing. During its investigations the Federal Reserve found weaknesses in risk management and quality control as well as deficiencies in staff training, communication between loan modification and foreclosure staff and management of third-party servicers. This development will hopefully have a positive impact on the national foreclosure climate going forward. A Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer has recently received several calls from clients stating that someone, supposedly from the bank foreclosing on their home, has come to their home with a piece of paper or work order stating that they need to inspect the interior of their home. If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today to review your case to determine what defenses may be available to you. Circuit Judge Susan Gardner of Pasco County has recently undertaken a much more thorough review of the pending foreclosure cases in her courtroom. She has ordered five lawyers from various foreclosure mills appear before her in court to explain the fees and their illegible signatures. Last week the Board of Governors of the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), the FDIC, the National Credit Union Administration, Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Reserve System released guidelines for financial institutions regarding sound practices for real estate appraisals and evaluations.
Appraisals are extremely important in evaluating the value of collateral for mortgage loans and many experts have pointed to the inflated prices of homes as one factor that caused the current housing crisis. These new guidelines are an important step in fixing what is currently a broken housing system. A recent study completed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that once lenders initiate a foreclosure action, they almost always complete the process even if the cost of pursuing the foreclosure outweighs the projected proceeds from the sale of the property. Typically lender "walk away's" occur in areas where foreclosure proceedings are very concentrated.
If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today for a complimentary consultation. While thousands of troubled homeowners have pursued short sales as a potential solution to their mortgage troubles, many are now finding it almost impossible to complete the sales. The Los Angeles Times had reported that by using five different company names and three separate websites, the organization scammed some $1 million from hundreds of homeowners.  They had one of two very successful scams going.
The ruse claimed that this money allowed them to buy into a class action lawsuit that would return several thousand dollars each. That’s an increase from the previous month, which tells us that scammers will have even more potential targets. Foreclosure processes are governed by state law, so it will do you no good to find out what happened to a cousin who lives across the country or the friend of a friend who lives in a neighboring state. The practice is used by those landlords who the city is trying to come after for providing substandard housing to tenants. The system can often appear as if it were designed to be purposely complicated to dissuade people from filing in the first place.

Denton joins a former editor of Gawker and the company itself in bankruptcy, a chain reaction that started when Gawker lost its fight against Hulk Hogan.
By the time they consider filing they are typically in a tough financial spot, with mounting debt and not enough income to go around. Instead, you must first qualify before a court will allow you to pursue a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy. Andrews, the famous sports personality, launched her legal claim in an attempt to hold those responsible for causing her harm financially accountable for their actions. In the case of a commercial bankruptcy, many people wonder what is the best way to go, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11.
It can seem like a no-brainer for individuals with spotty credit histories eager to have a house to call their own: monthly mortgage payments directly to the old owner in exchange for the keys to your new home!
For the 47th straight month Nevada lead the nation in foreclosure filings, followed by Utah, Arizona, Florida, California and Michigan. Stern, along with four other Florida "foreclosure mills, mortgage giants such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac have pulled their cases from the firm and are now scrambling to find new law firms to take over those cases and this is causing additional delays for foreclosure courts. Some foreclosure defense lawyers are having trouble setting hearings or even finding someone from the other side to even speak to about the cases! Stern have shifted away from the firm, some of the sloppiness and problems that plagued those cases will be cleaned up.
Stern and a associated company have filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the firm of firing them without the required 60 days notice.
Moynihan also stated that the mortgage giant will continue to hire new external associates to fill its servicing needs. If you are facing a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit, contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer today for a complimentary case review.
In the beginning the woman was able to have several courts acknowledge that several of her issues had merit but recently the court has dismissed all but two of her defenses.
The guidelines set forth the "minimum standards for appraisals and incorporate the agencies' recent supervisory issuances on appraisal practices." Even though the guidelines set forth new standards to for appraisals, the onus remains on the lenders to hire competent appraisers and evaluators who can and will implement these standards.
We can assist you with bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossessions, credit card defense and loan modifications. They say the person has qualified for foreclosure relief, and then proceeds to weasel personal information from the victim. By filing for bankruptcy protection, the landlords avoid paying mounting fines and are able to shield their property from being seized by the authorities.
One aspect of the process you may not be familiar with is the “proof of claim” filed by creditors. The case brought by the former professional wrestler resulted in a massive $140 million judgment against Gawker and Denton. Though bankruptcy is an excellent opportunity for a fresh start, there are certainly costs. When the judgment was handed down for a whopping $55 million, it was clear she had accomplished what she set out to do.
Though neither represents the best possible outcome, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a disaster either and it’s worth weighing your options about which path forward offers the most benefits. Don't let us be the lawyers you wished you'd hired.You worked hard to purchase a house that your family can call home. System, Inc., just ruled that in a limited factual situation a seller of good could also be a "consumer" and therefore protected under FDCPA and FCCPA. The woman has now become so adept at handling each foreclosure pleading and is now handling her case on her own. The article focused on the actions of one landlord who is an especially egregious abuser of the bankruptcy system.
Though the company has said it intends to appeal the verdict, judges so far have refused to stay the decision meaning the money is owed and Hogan is free to begin seizing assets, not only of the company, but of Denton. Beyond the actual expense of filing and the harm that filing can do to your credit, bankruptcy can also mean the loss of property.
If your home is at risk for foreclosure due to your mounting debts, you need an experienced attorney on your side to explain your options and help you protect your home. A good attorney could potentially help you better understand your options and position you for financial recovery. To find out more about what happens to your property when filing for bankruptcy, keep reading.
At the Harlow Law Firm in Grenada, we have been helping people in North Central Mississippi avoid foreclosure for more than 20 years. We are committed to taking care of our clients and will clearly explain your options every step of the way.
Contact us today for a free initial consultation with an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. If you are facing foreclosure, there are a number of things we can do immediately to prevent foreclosure.
System made several calls to Oppenhiem to the degree of harassment and containing false and misleading information.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy If you are struggling with your mortgage and other debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best option for stabilizing your financial situation and saving your home. Chapter 13 can allow you to break down your remaining mortgage balance into a more manageable monthly payment plan.In addition to saving your home and leading to a fresh start and a chance to rebuild your credit, filling for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put a stop to harassment from creditors and collections agencies.
We Offer Free Initial ConsultationsTo schedule a free initial consultation over the phone or in person, call 662-298-7068, toll free 866-986-5912 or send us an e-mail today.

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