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This Other property situated in 1611 Sherwood Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 is currently for sale and has Under Contract status. West Palm Beach, FL – On Tuesday, October 18th at 2:30 pm, thousands of petition signatures will be delivered to Ocwen Financial’s Florida headquarters in West Palm Beach (by me and Lisa) in protest of Ocwen’s foreclosure proceedings against Dixie Mitchell, a 71-year old cancer survivor. As a further condition to his issuance of a “No Objection” letter on the Litton acquisition, Lawsky obtained a commitment from Goldman Sachs to assist affected homeowners by writing down approximately $53 million in unpaid principal.
Importantly, the agreement today is a condition of the acquisition and does not preclude any future investigations of past practices or release any future claims or actions whatsoever.
The new Agreement on Mortgage Servicing Practices that Goldman, Ocwen and Litton have signed makes important changes in the mortgage servicing industry which, as a whole, has been plagued by troublesome and unlawful practices. Ends Robo-signing and imposes staffing and training requirements that will prevent Robo-signing.
Requires servicers to withdraw any pending foreclosure actions in which filed affidavits were Robo-signed or otherwise not accurate. Requires servicers to provide a dedicated Single Point of Contact representative for all borrowers seeking loss mitigation or in foreclosure, preventing borrowers from getting the runaround by being passed from one person to another. Requires servicers to ensure that any force-placed insurance be reasonably priced in relation to claims incurred, and prohibits force-placing insurance with an affiliated insurer.
Imposes more rigorous pleading requirements in foreclosure actions to ensure that only parties and entities possessing the legal right to foreclose can sue borrowers.
For borrowers found to have been wrongfully foreclosed, requires servicers to ensure that their equity in the property is returned, or, if the property was sold, compensate the borrower. Imposes new standards on servicers for application of borrowers’ mortgage payments to prevent layering of late fees and other servicer fees and use of suspense accounts in ways that compounded borrower delinquencies and defaults.
Requires servicers to strengthen oversight of foreclosure counsel and other third party vendors, and imposes new obligations on servicers to conduct regular reviews of foreclosure documents prepared by counsel and to terminate foreclosure attorneys whose document practices are problematic or who are sanctioned by a court.

There are several ways to get assistance with an issue, make an inquiry or file a complaint against an institution that we supervise.
KEY: Goldman will forgive 25% of the principal balance on New York home loans 60 days or more past due serviced by Litton and owned by Goldman as of Aug. Oh, this too:  Goldman, Litton and Ocwen also agreed to withdraw pending foreclosures if affidavits were robo-signed or inaccurate. AND: The deal also prevents Litton or Ocwen from adding late fees and other servicer fees that make it more difficult for delinquent borrowers to pay back what they owe.
Owcen received all the paperwork sent to them, I don’t believe for one minute that they never received it. Let me try another link, if this one does not work….Google the words Barry Ritholtz says Occupy Wall Street need to Occupy Congress, the State Houses!!!! I would like if someone would get a message to the Mitchells re the HAMP loan mod process they have applied for. Isn’t the willfull destruction of documents for the purpose of obstructing justice a felony? The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. 200 Gazetta Way West Palm Beach, Florida 33413 Foreclosed Home Information - Foreclosure Homes, Free Foreclosure Listings, Bank Owned Properties. This Single Family property situated in 200 Gazetta Way West Palm Beach, Florida 33413 is currently for sale and has Available status.
Bring your horses to this gorgeous property and enjoy a laid-back, equestrian lifestyle, within the community of Little Ranches! 10 Acres in one Wellington's Equestrian subdivisions, minutes to the equestrian venues & showgrounds.
At the exact same time across the country, neighbors, family and other local supporters will gather at the endangered home of Ms. It’s long past time for Ocwen Financial and big banks everywhere to stop foreclosing on Americans. Mitchell also appeared on the Up With Chris Hayes show on MSNBC to share her story and stand up for the millions of people across the country that are currently going through foreclosure. Lawsky today announced that New York’s Department of Financial Services and Banking Department have entered into an agreement with Goldman Sachs Bank, Ocwen Financial Corp.

Goldman’s commitment will forgive 25 percent of the principal balance on all 60-day delinquent home loans in New York serviced by Litton and owned by Goldman Sachs as of August 1. It also restricts referral of borrowers to foreclosure when they are engaged in pursuing loan modifications or loss mitigation. Goldman, which is exiting the mortgage servicing business with the sale of Litton, has agreed to adopt these servicing practices if it should ever reenter the servicing industry.
The quickest way to reach someone is by calling our toll-free onsumer Help Line at 1-877-BANK-NYS (1-877-226-5697).
She and her husband have lived in their home in Seattle for the past 44 years and have raised nine children and fifty foster children in the home. With help from the New Bottom Line, she launched an online petition targeting Ocwen Financial. Our Consumer Help Unit staff speaks English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin and can provide referrals and answer questions you may have with regard to a financial institution or mortgage.
Letters can be written and phone calls made to tell President Obama, the US Dept of the Treasury, MHA, HAMP, and these folk’s loan servicer to work with these homeowners. Since the launch of the petition in mid-September, 7,302 people from across the country have signed their names in support. The agreement was required by the Superintendent as a condition to allowing Ocwen’s acquisition today of Goldman Sachs’ mortgage servicing subsidiary, Litton.
Otherwise, they are at risk for being rapidly foreclosed upon with very little recourse, as these thieves have no conscience. Mitchell is currently facing foreclosure and Ocwen Financial refuses to work with her to modify her loan. With the Litton acquisition, Ocwen’s mortgage servicing entity, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, will become the 12th largest servicer in the nation, handling a very large number of customers in foreclosure or facing possible foreclosure.
If all else fails, bankruptcy can be an optiol to get a judge to look very closely at the facts of the situation. Mitchell’s supporters will be gathering in Seattle to join their voices to the cause of saving Ms. I have learned the hard way and first-hand to not trust loan servicers’ claim of utilizing the government HAMP program, banks, nor even the court system.

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