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Buyers can use our website to search for bank owned real estate foreclosures for sale in the Houston Texas area including Cypress and Katy.  Kevan Pewitt and Houston Prime Realty are experienced in helping investors and first time home buyers in finding and purchasing bank owned Houston real estate foreclosure listings or REO listings. This page includes a comprehensive list of all greater Houston area foreclosed homes for sale organized by subdivision, zip code, and city.  Follow the links below to find listings of foreclosed homes for sale. Buyers can receive an email update on new foreclosures for sale as they come on the market with our Foreclosure Update program.
Kevan PewittBroker - Realtor at Houston Prime RealtyKevan Pewitt is a real estate broker and Realtor with a 5 Star Client Experience Rating with the Houston Association of Realtors. So, if you are looking for an experienced real estate agent with a high client satisfaction rating and a track record of success you should choose Kevan Pewitt to help you buy or sell your next home.
From a story today at Housing Wire by Jacob Gaffney, we learn that the number of homes with mortgages owned by government sponsored entities (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac entering foreclosure is at an all-time high, and is still increasing.

The increasing foreclosure rate may be attributed to borrowers falling out of government mortgage modification programs, or it could be an increase in strategic defaults, which are increasing rapidly amongst more expensive homes.  As home values continue to decline, we may see even more strategic defaults as underwater borrowers decide it is no longer worth it to pay the mortgage. Apparently foreclosure rates amongst mortgages that are not owned by Fannie or Freddie have remained stable.  This discrepancy between foreclosure rates on agency and non-agency mortgages is not explained in the article.
In my opinion, the reason for the large foreclosure rate for Freddie Mac loans is they take too long to review for HAMP.
According to a study by Lender Processing Services cited by the article, the rate foreclosure starts are increasing by is the fastest pace yet. He was extremely knowledgeable and can answer any and all of our questions anytime we had one. He had no problem making multiple showings in a single day and working around our busy schedule.

Kevan easily adjusted the search for what we were looking for, even though our needs kept changing. We had to start the process all over again because they clear their files out every 60 days.
Four months later, another phone call telling us we didn’t qualify for HAMP but they would try and put us in another program.
We followed their rules and the rep told us to make more money and then we would qualify for these programs.

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