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Are you a brownstone owner looking to restore the character of your home to what it originally was?
Even though your home is rich in heritage with historical background there are vast amount of possibilities to assist you in making your brownstone home all that it can be. We have had the pleasure of restoring & remodeling many brownstone homes in the New York City, Bed Stuy area.
Even if your home is a Historical Landmark Brownstone which prohibits certain changes to your home we can still assist you with installing energy efficient windows and doors without comprising the original craftsmanship of the exterior of your home and your interior remodeling needs.

Are you looking to repair the beautiful woodwork and plaster that is original to many brownstone homes? Assisting homeowners in creating beautiful masterpieces within their homes, transforming cold basements to beautiful living spaces, adding built-in storage spaces, adding and restoring woodwork, creating custom bathrooms, custom kitchens and adding energy efficient windows and doors just to name a few. Or, do you want to enjoy the character of your old home but with modern and more functional and practical beautiful amenities, like an upgraded kitchen & bath?
Maybe, you just want to maximize the space in your home to better suit you and your loved ones.

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