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You can breath easier when contacting a bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney such Francisco Ceiza , part of your first steps toward easing your financial burdens. If you have received legal papers notifying you foreclosure procedures have been initiated, it is normal to feel a sense of hopelessness.
Bankruptcy is an important legal right and cannot be ignored as a strategy available to allow an individual to get a fresh start. The most important issue to realize about credit card debt is that it is not insurmountable.
When you are facing debt issues you don’t just want to hire a lawyer, you want to ensure you find the right lawyer for your individual problem. Featured Properties Error 130: Account not activated, please contact the site administrator. A lawyer representing the Bend Bulletin and Redmond Spokesman newspapers has filed an ethics complaint against an executive of the Northwest's largest foreclosure trustee, accusing the company of secretly marking up the cost of foreclosure legal ads to its lender clients. View full sizeThe Associated PressA sign of the times across the country as foreclosures hit coast to coast.A lawyer representing The Bulletin of Bend and the Redmond Spokesman newspapers has filed an ethics complaint with the Oregon State Bar against an executive of the Northwest's largest foreclosure trustee, accusing the company of secretly marking up the cost of foreclosure legal ads to its lender clients.
Michael Dillard, of the Karnopp Petersen law firm in Bend, filed the complaint last week against David Fennell, a lawyer and a principal owner of Northwest Trustee Services, which by its own account has handled more than 250,000 foreclosures.
Dillard alleges that Northwest Trustee and its advertising operation, FEI, charged its clients an undisclosed 18 percent premium over the actual price. Those costs were then presumably passed on by banks to homeowners and others, Dillard said.
Stephen Routh, CEO of Northwest Trustee Services, denied that FEI was charging a secret premium. The complaint puts Western Communications, owner of the Redmond Spokesman, The Bulletin and a handful of other newspapers, in a delicate position. The Bulletin published a lengthy story Tuesday about Northwest Trustee's alleged overcharging. The foreclosure disaster contained a big upside for Western Communications, which calls itself WesCom.
Through a convoluted series of events last spring, WesCom came to suspect that FEI may be charging its lender clients more for legal notices than it was actually paying.

Fueling its suspicion were requests from FEI that WesCom continue to bill the lower rate but list the higher rate on invoices and other paperwork between the two companies. It is, of course, common for businesses to include in their customer bills a markup for subcontractor charges. The key difference in the case of Northwest Trustee, Dillard argued, is disclosure, or the lack thereof.
Bar ethical rules hold lawyers to a particularly stringent standard, as Fennell learned firsthand in 2004. It's dangerous, of course, for WesCom to go public with its suspicions about one of its largest advertisers.
Northwest Trustee's Routh said the ethics complaint is another hardball tactic in a strained relationship. And while it's fashionable to bash the foreclosure business, Routh said, it's important to note that newspapers have not hesitated to profit off the trend.
The South Florida metro took a sigh of relief once we learned that South Florida was not awarded Metro with the highest foreclosure rate. If you find yourself on the receiving end of foreclosure court summons paperwork we can help!
What sets Loan Lawyers apart from other firms in South Florida is our unique and multifaceted approach. These "deceptive and dishonest" tactics, Dillard said, allowed FEI to collect from its clients about $360,000 more than it actually paid for the foreclosure notices published in the Redmond newspaper just since 2009. Since the economic crash of 2008 let loose a tidal wave of home foreclosures, the financial industry has been accused many times over by homeowners of improperly and fraudulently repossessing homes. It is accusing one of its largest advertisers of underhanded billing practices even as the newspapers' parent company struggles through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 14, which focused on the company's emergence during the foreclosure boom as one of the region's largest newspaper advertisers and its decision to begin buying newspapers outright. Though the Spokesman generally charged just over $1,000 for the legal notice ads required by Oregon law, WesCom suspected FEI billed $1,185. A home remodeling general contractor, for instance, will often charge the homeowner a surcharge on top of the bills from plumbers, electricials and other subcontractors.

Then, the Washington State Bar determined that a company within the Northwest Trustee umbrella was charging clients a 50 to 100 percent markup for posting foreclosure notices at people's homes without disclosing it. But both state bars deemed the undisclosed markup dishonest and suspended Fennell's license a year. The down economy and a dispute with a main lender, Bank of America, prompted WesCom to file for Chapter 11 reorganization in August. Routh and Fennell started up the Oregon Legal Journal in 2009 as an alternative for its own foreclosure notices, a move that threatened WesCom's Deschutes County foreclosure legal notice business. The more than 2,000 FEI foreclosure notices the Spokesman has run since 2009 generated more than $2 million in revenue.
We can assist you with bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossessions, credit card defense and loan modifications. We have saved thousands of homes in South Florida and recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. But in this case, one of Northwest Trustee's own vendors alleges wrongdoing, with 26 pages of painstaking detail backing up the claim.
Realtytrac reports that Miami was in the top five metros with the highest foreclosure filings.
One out of ever 154 housing units are currently in the foreclosure process and is projected to worsen.
Miami is estimated to be one out of ever 359 housing units is currently in the foreclosure filing process.
Miami-Dade rose 16 percent, and Broward county saw the largest flux of a whopping 54 percent increase. Although, the number three metro on the list is Florida’s own Orlando, with one out of 294 housing units in foreclosure. A good attorney could potentially help you better understand your options and position you for financial recovery.

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