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Directly across the river from Kingston (our home office) is Dutchess County, which stretches to the Connecticut border. Attorney’s Aides of Kingston can provide process service, foreclosure and eviction notices, document services, property management, and real estate services to all of Dutchess County.
Marijuana laws are changing all throughout the United States, and legalization for recreational usage of marijuana has already hit states such as Colorado and Washington. As of 2014, NYPD commission and NYC mayor announced that minor possession of marijuana (less than 25 grams) will be considered a non-criminal violation.
You will be given a misdemeanor, however, if you’re caught with 25 grams to 2 ounces (Class B misdemeanor punishable by 3 months in jail). Unlike simple possession of marijuana, sale and manufacture (growing) of marijuana in New York State does carry some harsh penalties, regardless of the legality of marijuana in other parts of the United States.
Due to the changing political, medical, and legal landscapes regarding marijuana, nobody should spend significant time in prison for simple possession or, some would argue, sale of marijuana. If you’ve been charged with a marijuana crime, contact the Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald at (845) 567-4820 today.
If you've been injured or accused of a crime, contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation and let us help you get your life back on track.
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IDA gave important tax breaks to OCC in exchange of the company building the headquarters in the New-York State county.
OCC lawyer Richard Mahon states that in 2007 the building had an estimated market value of $12 million, but now is worth only $7 million. Do you think the bank wants to repossess a building they loaned 12m for when it’s only worth 7m? After all is said and done , maybe we will see the industry ( custom bike building ) come back to it’s roots.
I don’t think anyone should jump the gun here and get too excited about OCC losing anything. What OCC looks like they’re implementing is a pre-bankruptcy strategy, but more importantly, for OCC to go forward with ANY reorg plan, they’re going to have to be able to demonstrate a reasonable expectation of supporting cash flow and asset values- uh, how many shows left in the new series? We all see stories like this on every block of America lately, tho in hindsight, WTF was GE thinking, loaning 100% money to these monkeys to build a palace based upon a TV show fad, out in the middle of nowhere?
It didn’t make any sense even back during the peak, as numerous posts on the Cyril Huze blog suggested when this place was built. It seems to me if you borrow the money and agree to pay it back over a certain amount of time you need to do what you agreed to do or your word is worthless.
Kind of like the ginormous HD imposed chrome emporiums that are having a hard time keeping the doors open.
After a significant loss, you may experience all kinds of difficult and surprising emotions, such as shock, anger, and guilt. Accepting them as part of the grieving process and allowing yourself to feel what you feel is necessary for healing including getting drunk. Chopperblaster, been reading your comments around a few forums, are you connected with PJD? Look at you Ungreatful Chopper Builders, and Parts Makers that should be about 80% of you!. I am in on the Jeff Nicklus comment by “madpuppy” above – when are you going to do an interview with Mr.
Frankly it is my belief that OCC has been nothing but a detriment to the motorcycle industry. I believe they can pay, Sr has walked away with well over a hundred million in cash from all the sales (excluding motorcycle sales). This is great news, I have 2 loans for a small garage and equipment and I employee 32 men and 2 admins. Hey look,im sr and i can do what i like,i can control the bank loan even piss off the family and i still make crappy bikes that no one wants,i say turn it into a coffee shop,thats about all its good for,sr can get a job there as a tea boy,no that wouldn`t work,he would not get his ego in the apron,plus being jacked up on steriods wouldn`t go down well with the customers. He needs to get rid of the brown noses,get Jr back and let him run the workshop as for jason he would get one hell of a kick up the backside,who does he think he is,his nose is so far up sr`s arse its not roses hes smelling,cant stand that bloke,anyone with the right softeware can design the same types of bikes he is doing,he is doing nothing special,the old man has to get Jr back,otherwise he will lose the lot,its a big move he has made with occ and if it goes tits up he only had himself to blame,as for playing with his creditors,thats just plain stupid,thats my opinion. All you people that have your head up SR’S a–, I find it just funny as hell ITS A TV SHOW PEOPLE!!!
If Paul senior can afford the mortgages he has, he is obligated to pay them., It is people like him that put America in the hole that it is in today. The problem here also is when he refinances these loans, the bank is going to want to see VALUE in OCC. Yes it is just a TV show, I really dont give a crap what happens to SR, he has proven to be a very bitter to be old man with no family that gives a crap about him , just sad how he treats his own flesh and blood, that should be the real story hear , Loans , Mortgages etc is just that , paper with signatures.
At least Jr got to set some things straight with the Ironhorse editor this weeks episode, from all the lies that Sr spewed, also the low life Lee who crawls back kissing Sr’s butt, what a joke, he also spewing lies all over. Hopefully it will all end soon for the sake of the families sanity, but I think Sr is so hard headed and in denial to the point of no return. I think we should follow the lead of the super genius Paul Sr and not pay our mortgages if the value of our homes decreased. There have been many much larger companies that have done this in order to get a change on their rates for their loans ( ex: GM, Chrysler, AIG and others ). Another example on how some people and some companies refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.
Through a home inspection, the buyer can discover the deficiencies – and efficiencies – in the home that were not previously apparent.
A New York law “requires” a seller to complete a Property Condition Disclosure Statement (“PCDS”) and provide it to a buyer before the buyer signs the contract.
A professional home inspector, often an engineer, charges about $400 to conduct a thorough examination of the home. The closing date generates more disputes and disappointments than any other facet of a closing. A candid dialogue as early in the transaction as possible allows both parties to plan their affairs based on the realities of the situation. A closing date can be fixed once the deal becomes firm, which is generally when the buyer obtains a mortgage commitment and meets all of its pre-closing conditions, and the lender advises that the file has been cleared for scheduling.
The customary down payment at contract signing is between 5% and 10% of the purchase price. From the sellers’ perspective, a contract without a mortgage contingency is better for the seller because it is more secure.
Buying down the rate of a fixed mortgage for the first few years accomplishes the same goal. Points, sometimes called origination fees or discount fees, are each 1% of the mortgage amount.
The application process begins with submitting the application and culminates with a mortgage commitment.
Once you submit the application, the lender verifies your income (with your employer), your assets (with your banks), and your tax returns (with the IRS). The title company searches the County Clerk’s records to confirm that the seller owns the property, and to determine whether there are any liens or other encumbrances on the property.
We will alert you if your property has any easements or restrictions that interfere with its residential use, or that otherwise should be brought to your attention.
A survey is a sketch of the property boundaries, showing the locations of improvements, such as the house, deck, shed, pool, driveway, etc. Certificates of occupancy — CO’s for short — are just what the name suggests: the local building inspector certifying that a structure may be legally occupied. Houses that were built before zoning laws were enacted are usually ?grandfathered,” meaning CO’s are not required. It is important that a house not only have a CO for its initial construction, but that it also have a CO for any improvements that require it.
We find that the closing can be a smooth and enjoyable event when the lawyers and clients are properly prepared.
In the north are the the villages of Red Hook and Rhinebeck, locations of the popular Dutchess County Fair. Nonetheless, marijuana is still considered a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance in New York State, though penalties for minor possession are fairly light. However, if you’re charged with a drug crime related to marijuana, whether possession, distribution, or manufacture, you need an Orange County, NY, marijuana crimes attorney who’ll work with prosecutors and judges while relentlessly fighting for you in courts. This consideration is also valid throughout the entire New York State, including Orange County.
For example, if you’re caught selling a single joint (about 2 grams of weed), you could be charged with criminal sale of marijuana in the 5th degree (New York State Penal Law § 221.35), a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 3 months in jail.

However, cultivation is also considered “possession” in New York State, and therefore, cultivating larger amounts of marijuana could cause the state to give you a more severe charge.
Unfortunately, judges and prosecutors can be harsh on alleged offenders, even first-time offenses. The Orange County IDA is not liable for the back mortgage payments because a clause in the lease-back arrangement indemnifies it against default by Orange County Choppers. Consequently, he says that OCC stopped making payments to put pressure on GE Commercial Finance to modify the terms of the 2 loans.
They are fighting for a loan restructure, just like half the people who got mortgages in the 90’s that can no longer afford to pay them. While these feelings can be frightening and overwhelming, they are normal reactions to loss.
The industry is down, the TV show is dropping and the feuding issues between father and son are more and more dratic every day. He is doing this as a weight factor and to see what he can do to not pay Jr what he believes is owed to him. Even though I work in residential real estate, I KNOW that a bank will do nothing for you if they know you can pay the mortgage and if Paul Senior has the bucks, then he needs to pay the money he agreed to pay back and yes, with interest ! The loan companies will not talk to you unless you are behind on your loan, then they will try to pressure you to comply with the terms that were agreed upon instead of being willing to lower the rate.
No where is it written in any loan documentation that the lender is responsible for the future value of the secured property nor obligated in any way shape or form to modify those loans.
For this reason, stress levels  are high and what should be a pleasant experience can be a difficult time.
The buyer can request consideration for legitimate surprises, and become familiar with future necessary replacements and the maintenance needs of the house.
A wood-destroying insect report, often called a termite report, is required by lenders for all houses, other than new construction.
A deal is not binding between a seller and buyer until the contract is signed by both sides.
Education and mutual fair dealing can eliminate most problems associated with closing dates.
Once the contract date passes, either party can make time of the essence by giving reasonable notice.
We are convinced that almost all differences concerning the closing date can be resolved by frank negotiations and mutual give-and-take .
Such a provision would penalize the other party for each day that the closing is delayed beyond a particular date. The buyer, seller, their attorneys, and the lender’s attorney (if the buyer’s attorney is not closing for the lender) attend the closing.
A hypothetical example: The buyer pays $1,000 on signing a binder to purchase property for $200,000. It is just what the name suggests: the entire transaction is contingent on the buyers obtaining financing. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of buyers need financing and, with good reason, require a mortgage contingency. A fixed interest rate provides certainty of future cost, but an adjustable rate starts (and may continue) at a lower rate.
If you are considering an adjustable loan, be sure to ask your lender about the index, margin, negative amortization, and caps on rate and payment changes. The application requests basic personal information and a great deal of financial data, such as length of employment, earnings, other sources of income, liquid and non-liquid assets, and debts. They are one-time charges based on the purchase price, and, to a lesser degree, the mortgage amount. By requiring these, municipalities ensure that dwellings are safe and conform to the local zoning code. Although building departments vary regarding what improvements require CO’s, we can make some generalizations: Certificates of occupancy are needed for additions, renovations that involve structural, plumbing or electrical work, fireplaces, rebuilding or enlarging a deck, in-ground swimming pools, and some sheds. It requests the local building department to provide copies of all CO’s on file and to report on whether there are any violations. Depending on the particular improvement and building department, this can be quick and simple or long and complicated. Although we usually do not have exact figures until the closing (or sometimes shortly before), we will tell you how much to bring (and to whom it should be payable) in advance of the closing. All seller closing costs are deducted from sales price and seller gets net proceeds at closing.
Let our more than 30 years of experience and long tradition of excellence be your guide through every step of your legal matter. In fact, only if you have over 25 grams of marijuana will you receive a misdemeanor charge. Stay out of jail and keep your criminal record clean by calling the Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald today.
Therefore, if you’re caught possessing less than 25 grams of marijuana, you will be given a $100 fine.
An experienced marijuana crimes attorney is your best chance of receiving a favorable sentence. Reliable sources tell me that OCC is structured via different independent companies and that assets are substantial and protected. They stop making payments then then the bank freaks because the bank does not want the building so they lower your interest and your payments drop drastically.
Very nice looking ride and from the reveiw it seems to run just as well with that 140 inch motor…Nice Work and I bet you did not have to have a Glass House to build it in. He sounds like someone Id like to call a friend, reading what he says here on your blog makes him sound pretty darn interesting.
I am currently in the middle of negotiating with the bank to purchase the building but the building is worth less than what it was 3 yrs ago. What I don’t especially like is the way these reality show producers steer good guys like you into some of the ridiculous story lines they do. As for the TV show, I think going forward you’ll see some changes that reflect more of the day to day operations of the company.
The fair market of 99% of business’ out there is ZERO seeing that most are in debt up to their eyeballs to stay afloat right now in the current economic situation we are all in, OCC has money and will have for quite a while BUT I believe Sr is just trying to find an out at this point or an easy way to cut down spending on a month to month basis. Why does OCC, or any other person or entity for that matter, feel that the lender should change the terms of their agreement. Our highly proficient real estate team is among the best in Rockland County and Orange County New York as well as in Bergen County New Jersey. We believe that stress levels can be minimized for buyers and sellers if they are educated about the process and enter into transactions in good faith. In addition to identifying defects, the inspector indicates what requires periodic maintenance or replacement.
Wood destroying insects include termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. Both the buyer’s desire to close and the seller’s need to remain in possession, can be accommodated through a possession agreement.
If they do not, they may cancel the contract, and the down payment will be refunded to them.
We minimize the risk when representing the seller by screening the buyer’s creditworthiness. A rule of thumb is that an adjustable rate may be indicated if the house will be sold within five years. Buyers should understand the cost and role of mortgage insurance, which is charged in most cases where the mortgage is more than 80% of the purchase price. It is much easier to comply with such requests than to try and convince the lender that they are unreasonable – even if they are.
When we represent a buyer, we order a search as soon as contracts are signed to avoid any unwanted delays in closing.
Those found in connection with residential development are intended to enhance property values.
For resales, an existing survey, updated by the title company doing a personal inspection of the premises, is generally sufficient.
Some building departments simply consult their files, while others make on-site inspections. Buyers should bring the original homeowner’s fire insurance policy and original paid receipt, if we do not already have them. For a second violation, the fine is $200, and for a third violation, you may have to spend 15 days in jail and pay a $250 fine (though you still won’t be given a misdemeanor). So, don’t assume that OCC or that Paul Senior are broke because their real estate loans are not paid on time…Real estate business as usual, recession style.

Donald Trump declared Chapter 11 several times and we consider him one of the best financial minds of all times. I’ll follow up with everyone from the curb when they kick me out for being delinquent. I do not know details but I will say there are and have been alot of businesses,large and small,that are going through various situations of adjusting to this economy that was forced on all of us. I hope that it all works out for the best for OCC and as far as the bank is concerned,I have no love for any large bank-whatsoever. They Put the World’s greatest and Biggest Corporations and Private Organazations into BUILDING a Chopper to help with their Image.
Now we all need to make an effort to fix all the issues that OCC, and the other 10000 hooligans who entered the industry to make a quick buck and 15 minutes of fame, have caused.
I liked your show much better when it was about how to run the business and the great ideas you had.
At the beginning, the mortgage companies did not think that there was going to be such a LARGE number of people who would have problems so they were willing to take the house or business property back. When OCC borrowed the money they agreed to pay it back at the agreed upon terms, but now feel that the lender should modify the loan to take part in the real estate investment loss. Through education by your attorney, the parties will have realistic expectations of what happens in a real estate transaction. The problem with many transactions, however, is that the parties (and sometimes the attorneys) assume, usually incorrectly, that the “other side” is motivated by malice. If a seller does not provide a PCDS, the seller must give the buyer a $500 credit at closing.
The longer the agenda remains a secret, the more the other party commits to a mistaken belief of when the closing will take place. It is common, however, where the seller is a builder, relocation company, or foreclosing bank. It provides for the seller to remain in the house after the closing and compensate the buyer for the use of the house during the period of possession. Finally, they pay $20,000 more at closing, to make up the difference between the amount owed to the seller and an 80% mortgage of $160,000. We prefer to use it to describe the total amount paid on the contract — $20,000 — and we use it that way in this guide.
A risk-taker may opt for an adjustable rate mortgage with a view towards refinancing when fixed rates are lower. If you cannot provide the requested information, or if it would involve a legitimate hardship, call us. If the transaction does not close, the charge is the actual out-of-pocket expense for the searches, which is typically about $350.
These typically are within 15 feet of the boundaries and are given to the utility, phone, and water companies to run service lines and pipes.
Of the latter, some only view the exterior of the house, and others do an interior inspection.
Therefore, if you wish, you can be familiar with the closing documents in advance of the closing.
Buyers should also bring any original documents that the lender requires, such as an original termite certificate, original gift letter, etc. If the net funds to cover closing costs are more than the sales price, the seller will need to bring funds to the closing. When you are dealing with a large financial institution,you are not dealing with something that exhibits ethical practices,ect.I have to stop before my blood pressure goes up.
And all of you Little Shop Owners or Weekend Bike Repair Shops or Welding Shops a way in the Chopper business!
I’m bringing my daughter Lena (Bigun) with me to Cincinatti this year & she is very excited! Maybe it is time he looks at getting back into the steel fabrication business and leave the bikes to the truly deserving. Then when the numbers grew to numbers that they could not keep and still stay in business, they went to the federal government to ask for a bailout ( which they got ).
Would it be acceptable if the property value went up, the lender could then modify the loan to take part in the gain? Ironically, we (and most real estate lawyers) encourage sellers not to provide the PCDS because of the possible liability for an inaccurate disclosure. This is so regardless of whether it is expressed as “on,” “on or about,” or “on or before,” with the exception of the magic words “time of the essence.” Unless time is of the essence, the date stated in the contract is merely a projected date.
The amount of compensation is usually the per diem interest on the buyer’s mortgage and real estate taxes, with an added penalty if the seller does not timely move.
While pre-approval is not a substitute for a commitment, it is a step in the right direction. While each situation varies, the five year rule of thumb is often applied to points: If the loan will be paid off within five years, it usually is not wise to pay points to lower the rate. When possible, we try to coordinate the closing so the buyers can close their mortgage, which involves a considerable amount of paperwork, before the sellers arrive. Almost all businesses are restructuring to help profits and if you had a business Scott, you would be doing the same thing to keep you and your employees fed.
Lately its gotten just a little too far fetched for my taste but thats just one asshole’s opinion. As far a seniors personal ethics with his family, I don’t know how the man or boy can sleep at night. If Jr or Micky worked anywhere else and did the things they did on the show, I don’t think that they would have worked there very long. In addition, the seller deposits money in escrow to ensure a timely exodus and that the house will be in the proper condition.
Though we cannot guarantee that the buyers will obtain a commitment, we do what we can to minimize the risk that they will not.
I doubt you could get a bank to restructure a bank loan for a Harley but hundreds of thousands of Americans are doing it to save their homes.
He started out with a steel fab shop that his #2 son now owns, then the chopper shop ( before OCC ), gave his sons jobs that they did not have to work very hard at and got paid real well. Once the final form of the contract is agreed to, the buyer will sign it and write a personal check for the down payment and then the seller will sign it. Therefore they often insist on a contractual provision for a penalty for each day that their buyer delays the closing beyond a specified date. Possession agreements are generally for a short duration, three to seven days, but can be longer. Remember people their TV show is still on air and Walmart is still selling the OCC shirts and bikes and lunch boxes.
Is this yet another property that the lending institutions will foreclosure on (and “we the people” will pay for) or another scam to lower the mortgage?
Appraiser are usually working for the people who have hired them and yes they can sway results, its not legal but it does take place. In these circumstances, we try to negotiate a grace period, as low a penalty as possible, and exceptions for delays that are caused by circumstances beyond the buyer’s control. People realize they are buried in a Style of a Motorcycle that they are not going to Ride, because you can’t go to the Bar enough to make their Choppers useful.
Sr chose the wrong people to listen to and it is going to cost him not only his business but his family.
We also request, but usually don’t get, the other side of the coin: a financial incentive for closing before the penalty date. Only if the building is ceased by the bank or OCC is forced into bankruptcy should you well wishers start celebrating.
Micky has tried a few things and it seems like most have not worked out for him ( got the artist loft to work in after Jr. If you borrow then you should pay it back or you will be shunned by the Blogger’s on this site, Bullshit. That would be the best ending to the show and so they have a future as a family, not as reality stars. Remember you Chopper Builders, these are the Banks that are charging you 26% – 35% for your Cards that you are Floating (Living)with. And for all you Motorcycle Owners out there that are upset about being Under Water with your Bikes, who told you that they were Investments? There is a Price of Ownership, and if you ride them the Value increases, even with a Chopper !!!!!!!!!!!

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