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With a record number of American’s facing foreclosure, that might make your blood boil at first. Bank of America isn’t the first mortgage holder to sacrifice its worst properties to a one-ton ball of steel, but it is the first to put some money towards demolition. Foreclosed homes are notorious for lowering the value of nearby homes, so removing these eyesores could be a step toward righting troubled neighborhoods. The forest ecosystem — bugs, soil, logs dead or alive, roots, shrubs, creepers, vines, trees, and all — is one hell of a long-term polyamorous relationship. The Olympics bring their host cities new stadiums, trains, and glistening abs — but which of those benefit them in the long run?
Between 2009 and 2011, about 10 percent of Chicago’s rental housing passed through some stage of foreclosure, often leaving paid-up tenants in a gray area when a building’s foreclosing lender didn’t resell the place to a new landlord quickly. Before a judge got the utilities turned back on, Enopena said that she bathed by heating water in an electric rice cooker and pouring it into a bucket. Now a coalition of Chicago neighborhood associations, aldermen, and the Cook County sheriff are working on legislation that would protect people like Enopena, as well as tenants who are evicted by foreclosing lenders. If approved, the ordinance would apply expressly to the period between the time a lender takes legal possession of a building and when it sells to a new owner. No organized opposition to the ordinance has surfaced yet, but a potential sticking point could be the cost to lenders of keeping rental buildings up and running.
It starts with what might seem like a simple question – When is a foreclosure really complete? The economic downturn hit his tenants hard.  They couldn’t pay their rent, so Matson couldn’t pay the mortgages.
Art Dahlberg, Commissioner of Neighborhood Services for the City of Milwaukee says that until a foreclosed home goes through a sheriff’s sale, the foreclosure process is not complete.
Dahlberg is in charge of the city department that enforces nuisance and building code violations – a job made even more challenging by the dramatic increase in abandoned homes since the housing bust.
With help from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, the FOX6 Investigators found 3,737 homes in Milwaukee that have gone into foreclosure since 2009 and are still sitting empty.
UWM economics professor Kundan Kishor says there are both economic and social problems that result from abandoned foreclosures.  They are magnets for crime and a drain on nearby property values.

The question for Dahlberg and the City of Milwaukee, though, is how to ensure that those responsible for the property maintain it during and after the foreclosure process. Matson and Jesinski take FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn on a tour of one of the homes that was foreclosed, then abandoned by the lender. Under normal market conditions, the bank would move quickly from foreclosure to sale, but Professor Kishor says the housing bust has more banks sitting on properties.  That has focused increased attention on who owns a property between foreclosure judgment and a sheriff’s sale, and how long does a bank have to complete the process? Earlier this year, Jesinski asked a Milwaukee County judge to force the servicing company for Deutsche Bank to sell a house at 2219 N. Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Dominic Amato, admonishing an attorney for Arch Bay Holdings. Judge Amato ordered the house to be sold immediately and admonished the servicing company’s attorney in open court. It’s also common, and experts say until the housing market recovers, it’s a problem that‘s not likely to go away.
In an effort to deal with abandoned properties in foreclosure, the City of Milwaukee created an ordinance in 2009 that requires lenders to maintain those properties during the foreclosure process.
Dahlberg says homeowners bear their fair share of responsibility also, so long as their name remains on the deed. Wells Fargo serviced the loan for Deutsche Bank, and in an email to FOX6, Wells Fargo said they decided it was not cost effective to take the title to the property in question, so they released it back to the homeowner.
Wells Fargo says it did notify Matson that it was giving the house back to him, but Matson says he never got that notice.
To Whom it may concern on behalf of our non-profit organization called Club Kids In Danger Saved. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. One report estimates there may be as many as 13,000 abandoned properties in the region, and that it would cost $250 million to remove them all. The land under these abandoned houses will be far more valuable to the communities they currently blight once they’re cleared away.
Lenders would not only have to keep tenants in place, but they would have to keep the building maintained, inform tenants of all contact information, and make sure the utilities stay on.

A lender not in the business of managing rental property may consider ousting tenants and temporarily closing the building a more cost-effective option. We review them in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages, abuse, and irrelevancies.
They’ve been stripped by thieves and trashed by squatters.  In all that time, however, there’s still one thing that has not happened. Obviously, our largest concern is we want people to stay in the homes,” Dahlberg said. They make a determination, from probably a purely economic perspective, is the property still worth taking back?” Dalhberg said. However, the ordinance as originally passed lacked any real teeth, so Commissioner Dahlberg says it was difficult to enforce. Bank, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo to talk about maintenance of properties in foreclosure. She works as a caregiver at a low wage, she explained, and had no option to move out of the $150-a-month rental room.
A provision would allow the lender to apply to a judge to raise rents if it can be demonstrated that the rental income is not sufficient to cover the costs the building incurs. The company has selected a relative handful of its most decrepit, derelict homes in Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago and will pay up to $7,500 to local agencies toward demolition costs.
Both have had help from the National Community Stabilization Trust, a nonprofit which works with lenders to get foreclosed homes into the hands of housing organizations. It’s certainly possible that these homes were in poor condition to start, but foreclosed houses are often trashed by the time proceedings finish. Let’s hope Bank of America and the other lenders see the wisdom of expanding this plan to help get our troubled neighborhoods back on track.

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