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With the population growing more and more each year, it was only a matter of time before people started building their homes underground like Hobbits from the Tolkien tale.
This modern and energy-efficient 15,000-square-foot home is built within a sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri.
This underground house from KWK Promes was designed so the grassy roof of the home is accessible only to the residents, via a set of stairs inside the house. Built on an old quarry site, this two-story home was designed by architect, John Bodger, for Phil and Helen Reddy. This home was built to maximize exposure to sunlight, though most of the home is underground! This rectangular structure designed by Deca is very eco-friendly, utilizing natural light and heat, and cooling cross-winds. This Swiss estate, by Vetsch Architektur, consists of 9 houses connected by stairs that lead down to a basement and even a subterranean parking lot.
Las Cruces News, Sports and Entertainment!Use your smartphone to scan this QR code and bookmark this site on both your online browser and your phone's browser. At least fifty thousand people a year visit southeast New Mexico's City of Rocks State Park, located about mid-way between Deming and Silver City. The Evelyn Bruder Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team is your best Las Cruces real estate resource.
My clients constantly tell me that what they appreciate about me the most, in addition to my many years of experience as an agent, is my dedication, vitality, and genuine interest in their needs and wants. This broad base of experience is what allows me to give my clients the best advice, perspective, and service possible.
If you are a Real Estate Agent, Broker, Designer, or Contractor, and wish to be considered for inclusion in the Mark of Excellence Broker Referral Network, or the Mark of Excellence Client Care Program, contact Mark directly for requirements. Mt Charleston cabin rentals, vacation homes and 2 mountain lodges are located near the Spring Mountain Recreation Area, just outside of the Sin City limits. Due to extreme dry conditions and wildfire danger no open camp fires are allowed from mid-April to mid-November in the Mount Charleston region.

Built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper, the home features modern interiors that blend with the natural unfinished sandstone walls. These "earth houses" use the ground as insulation that efficiently protects them from rain, extreme temperatures, wind and abrasion. The exotic collection of volcanic "art," set in the middle of a grama grass plain, was formed by a huge explosion called the Kneeling Nun eruption about thirty four million nine hundred thousand years ago.Located in the Mimbres Valley at the northeastern edge of the Chihuahuan desert at an elevation of five thousand two hundred feet above sea level, the "city" is a fantasyland of wind- and water-sculpted pastel rock columns. These include the universally popular Geococcyx Californianus, or roadrunner, along with cactus wrens and several types of finches. Whether you are in the market for a second home or a long time resident of Palm Springs looking for a change, Mark and his team would be delighted to be your source for Palm Springs Real Estate.
Mark Gutkowski has the experience, dedication, and the personality to make your process enjoyable and successful. As a commitment to ensuring your satisfaction, Mark has created the Mark of Excellence Client Care Program.
The tall alpine mountains behind RedRock SP, NW of Las Vegas, Nevada are virtually unknown by many non-locals. The forest is just up the hill, past the red rock and tract homes, well past the Joshua Trees. Only six other places in the world have similar formations.By day, the rocks entice the explorer. In the highest cracks and crevasses of the rocks are nesting raptors such as eagles, hawks and owls.An abundance of four-footed creatures also claim the city and surrounding area as their abode. This includes Palm Springs Luxury real estate market, Seattle's sophisticated and technology driven housing market, and another close at hand real estate market, San Diego.
This program allows you to draw upon an exceptional network of resources and relationships Mark has nurtured with local experts throughout the Desert. Great hiking, mountain biking, camping and waterfalls, plus a small seasonal ski and snowboard resort are some of the highlights.
These include animals such as chipmunks, squirrels, cottontails, jackrabbits, mountain lions, coyotes, mule deer, Javelina, and even the occasional five- to six-foot tall, two hundred to three hundred and thirty-pound black bear.Western diamond-back rattlesnakes, prairie rattlesnakes, mojave green rattlers, bull snakes and garter snakes thrive at the park.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, build, finance, rent, relocate or invest, we are the premier service real estate team in Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, and Southern New Mexico.
This is why I work, every day, to make sure that my clients are ecstatic about their transactions. Arrowheads, shards of pottery and mortars called "Indian wells," left behind by the prehistoric Mimbrenos and other tribes, are still found among the rocks and trails. You can get a glimpse of how I work by catching one of four HTGV's House Hunters episodes highlighting me with my clients.
I began as a Tech Support Specialist at Adobe Systems in Seattle and later transitioned to a Corporate Trainer. Once in a while, human visitors have the rare pleasure of spotting perhaps the shyest of Southwest lizards, the black and orange or yellow scaled Gila monster. Eventually I left Adobe to take the Senior Marketing Manager position for a small Seattle start-up company called LizardTech.
Call Mark and get connected to the most experienced, exceptional agents world wide - agents that are most like Mark. Other familiar sightings include the desert tortoise, scorpions and tarantulas.  Did you find this helpful?
Ultimately I gave up the world of corporate marketing and transitioned to flipping homes for myself and managing the contractors. Interpretive tours, desert garden lectures and other activities are available to groups if arrangements are made with the park staff in advance.
Yuccas, barrel, hedgehog and other cacti, ocotillo, New Mexico agave, desert bird-of-paradise and desert willow are common.

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