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Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Fewer North Texans are facing the prospect of home foreclosure in the start of the new year.
January foreclosure filings are down almost 20 percent from a year ago, according to the latest data from Foreclosure Listing Service. Lenders have scheduled 1,676 properties for forced sale in the four-county area, the Addison-based foreclosure tracking firm reports.
The year-over-year decline in home foreclosure postings follows a trend that began more than a year ago.
January’s foreclosure filings were up from December and were the highest one-month total since early in 2014. But compared with recent years, the rate of home foreclosures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is dramatically lower.
For all of 2014, home foreclosure filings in the D-FW area were down 26 percent to the lowest level in 13 years. Looking at January’s postings, the biggest declines from 2014 levels were in Denton County, down 31 percent, and Tarrant County, down 20 percent.
Foreclosure filings were down 18 percent in Collin County from January 2014 and down 16 percent in Dallas County. Also, many lenders now prefer to handle distressed properties with short sales or other negotiated settlements rather than take the property through foreclosure. January 26, 2010 Dallas Texas Real Estate Leave a Comment Rising delinquency rates in mortgage payments have forced many homeowners to confront a harsh and unpleasant truth: foreclosure. The Mortgage Bankers Association's National Delinquency Survey for the second quarter of 2007 reported that the delinquency rate for mortgage loans rose about a quarter of a percent between the first and second quarter of the year.

The economic and political factors that formed the home equity quagmire began with loose lending standards, rampant speculation, low interest rates and various ways to borrow from the housing piggy bank. Also, find out what's gone into the foreclosure mix to bring some homeowners to this point, as well as how the process works and what you can do to stop it. Plus, see some tips on what not to do unless you really want to make a bad situation worse.
When you fall behind on your house payments, your chances of getting cooperation from the mortgage company are better if you follow these guidelines. Homeowners who are intimidated by bankers and lenders often turn to community organizations to help them through the foreclosure process. From the first day after a missed payment through eviction after the auction, here's what happens in the foreclosure process. In danger of losing their homes, desperate homeowners could fall prey to scam artists peddling false hope and crooked promises. Bankrate polls have revealed that some mortgage holders don't know the terms of their loan. Allow Dallas Texas Real Estate to help you with Homes For Sale in the Dallas and surrounding area. Good Dallas Real Estate News: Dallas Fort Worth Residential Foreclosure Postings Drop to 40 Month Low! For the first time in more than THREE YEARS, foreclosures are diminishing in Dallas Fort Worth.
The 40 year veteran foreclosure researcher says  this month’s drop in postings is certainly welcome news. In fact, some analysts are predicting lenders will actually increase the number of foreclosures in the months ahead as they get their processes down. And keep in mind what our legislature and Congress is up to: raising taxes to cover the deficit.

The statistics listed above are for residential foreclosure postings, which include postings of single-family homes, condominiums, & townhomes.
Many times the foreclosure is delayed while the borrower and lenders negotiate or reach other agreements. Additionally, the number of loans in the foreclosure process increased a bit, as did the number of loans entering the foreclosure process. You can check North Dallas Texas Real Estate Listings as well as many more by clicking on Dallas Neighborhoods or Homes For Sale. I am still bullish on real estate and would say buy now rather than later, but only if you can really afford to! This comprehensive website offers direct access to community information, consumer links, Dallas Texas relocation information, Dallas school information, free information on Dallas real estate including specific information on areas like Park Cities communities.
This is positive: the biggest drop in current foreclosure filings took place in Collin County, which had really taken a beating according to my sources up there. All of Dallas real estate listings, known as MLS, is accessible by clicking on Dallas Neighborhoods. In other words, get rid of the notion that your home is some sort of moneybox that will make you rich. Roddy says that for the upcoming auctions on May 3, only 3,719 postings have been filed on delinquent homes, which is the lowest number since January of 2008 when 3,672 postings were filed.
Don’t let anyone pawn off stupid loans on you, and look at real estate as a long-term investment. Today we are hearing grumblings of inflation, and the rich are snapping up homes like crazy.

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