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Our accommodation was the recently opened Omni Hotel where several scenes of the new series were shot (I had breakfast in Cliff Barnes accommodation). The familiar theme music plays out with some excellent panoramic shots of Dallas and Southfork. You will have to judge it for yourself when the show airs on June 13th but we thought it was fantastic. The iconic Dallas landmark is back as the home of the Ewings and along with it comes the front door. The of home of Elena Ramos (Jordana Brewster) is situated in one of the buildings across from Southfork. Our sources at Southfork indicated that sometimes between scenes, Josh Henderson likes to come in and play the piano to relax. When we arrived at the soundstage  lunch was being set up buffet style on the back loading dock. The tour started in the Southfork kitchen, led by Set Designer Richard Berg and Cynthia Cidre. The pilot was shot in actual homes in Dallas but once the series was picked up these interiors were recreated on the soundstage on South Lamar.. As you can see the kitchen and general layout is somewhat different from the original interior. On the right side of the kitchen (if you are standing behind the kitchen island) is the gun rack and exit into the Southfork hallway.  They put the gun rack in the kitchen so that Ann would have easy access to it in a scene where she is in the kitchen and and has need to grab the rifle and could come around the corner and approach a person in the study (you may have seen it in the trailers).
It was noted that the the gun cabinet in the kitchen does not have child safety locks on it, and that may or may not come into play in season two. Adjacent to the patio and next to the entrance to the hallway stands a real working fireplace.
Richard said that he recreated the staircase as close as he could to the original staircase because it was iconic and what people expect to see in the foyer of Southfork.
All the photos, whether they are on the wall, or in places like JR’s nightstand are personal photos from the cast. The painting in Bobby’s office that was thought to look like Keenan Wynn by fans, was in fact not Keenan, and just a painting that was picked up at a shop and  hung on the wall to fill in the set.
Opposite Bobby’s den is the dining room, which is smaller in scale than the ones used for the pilot.
This room was located behind Bobby’s office and a sliding door led out onto the patio.  A replica of the oil derrick that JR showed John Ross in the original series stood on a table.
Set backdrops were designed so that they were created from two identical shots of the same location.
Some walls on the set were built with extensions and wheels on them so that they could pull away the wall when needed to allow for more room for shooting. Someone from props kept mysteriously placing a cattle prod and branding iron in Bobby and Ann’s bedroom on a trunk at the foot of their bed. Opposite the bed is a sitting area where the characters of Bobby and Ann will spend time relaxing. A lot of us were wowed when Veranda magazine featured the home of Dallas designer Shannon Bowers a couple of years ago, so I was excited when I heard that it’s on the market. I agree, the inside isn’t Georgian at all which feels a little discombublating to me. I actually really like the white, although in the front living areas it may come off a little stark. I absolutely love the majority of the rooms in this house, but a couple of them were too bland.
Not being one who worships at the altar of the almighty white room, I can still appreciate it when done well. I absolutely appreciate what she said about wanting her children to surrounded by antiques!
The object of all is to see what the inside looks like when you see a home like this from the outside.
House of Blues Dallas opened in 2007 in the historic White Swan Building at the crossroads of Dallas’ West End and the newly established Victory Park development.

Building With the Boys: The First Big Huge Hairy Decision — Who Is Going to BUILD This Sucker? But just because we were finally tapping a professional to help us out, it would never change how we are confirmed control freaks when it comes to house projects.
You should be able to establish a level of comfort and trust where no question is off the table, and you feel like you’re getting honest answers to your honest questions. Observe how responsive, detailed, and organized your prospective builder is during the initial process. Ask to tour a few completed homes to get a sense of quality, but be careful to not focus too much on style or finish-out choices, as this reflects more on the homeowner, not the builder. The last few years have weeded out a lot of bad eggs in the building business, and also a lot of honest, great builders, but also don’t be afraid to ask for financial statements so you feel confident they’ll be around to complete your project and for many years to come. During the two days we would have lunch with Cynthia Cidre, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy, meet Jesse Metcalffe and executive producer Michael Robin plus writers and crew of the new series.
We proceeded to get in the lunch line and help ourselves to the seemingly endless lunch foods and drinks that were before us. She is perfect as the exec on the show, she just seems to get the essence of what made original Dallas so great.
Richard explained that over the years it would be natural for the house to get a make-over. Despite the many battles between JR and Bobby a happy moment from the past dons a photograph on the fireplace. When I explained to Cynthia it had been a point of discussion by fans it further reiterated the meaning of Forkie. I’m all about white on white and white+neutrals, but this is too stark for my liking. The other problem I have with this house, is it looks too spotless and not lived in at all.
This unique and history–rich building continues to celebrate and showcase art and music in House of Blues tradition. The energy and sense of excitement we had in our 20s and early 30s to take on Goliath-sized re-do projects was also beginning to wane. We put the builder candidates under the microscope – everything from interviewing clients to tours of past projects to reviewing copies of their financial statements. Ask friends, colleagues, realtors (did we mention we think  Alice Simonton is one of the best in town?!) and the owners of homes you like from REPUTABLE names.
Request bank statements, letters from financial institutions or other documents indicating the builder is in good standing. There will be a lot of decisions to be made and while most of the time you should try to veer away from any emotional considerations, this is one time it’s okay to rely on those feelings and internal voices guiding you to the right decision. The facade is made of large brick blocks and the entrance is marked by a stacked stones panel. We don’t see the characters hanging around the swimming pool area quite as often in this series. Eagle eyed Dallas fans may remember it as the abode of previous Dallas characters including Wes Parmalee and at one time Ray Krebbs.
Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher Ewing) was there and he dined alone as he prepared for scenes shooting later that afternoon. Linda was really excited to be back in the role of Sue Ellen and assured us there are great things to come for the  character, including running for Governor.
The things that jump out to me are the Mora clock, (love,) and the sweet crib in the nursery. I agree with the comments about this being way too cold to raise a family in – or for grown-ups, for that matter!
And then there was that other minor detail about us being clueless on how to actually build a house from the ground up. For us, there’s a shared passion for discovering design, materials, and trends (which we try to avoid… or at least the really trendy, short-sighted ones), and then translating it all into the final product.
Stick with folks who have been around for awhile, or have roots in the community, like the builders on Candys Builders.

Do they thoroughly address your questions and concerns, or do they speak in vague and high-level terms? Ask other owners how responsive the builder was… particularly after the dust has settled and they have moved on to other projects. The lower level is perceived as a transparent space, therefore the architect chose a floor to ceiling window isolation. For lunch we were joined by executive producer Cynthia Cidre and original cast members Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray (who both came in on their days off to join us).
I agree with the designer about the children in a home making memories, and surrounding them with nice objects.
But, I also agree that white slipcovers are very kid-friendly- you can take them off and bleach them!
But, Jennifer Lopez’s house (featured the other day) seemed to have a similar color palate and was also French-y inspired (although way more modern), and I LOVED her house. In our past home projects, the thought of someone else behind the curtain created a little, or a lot of, anxiety. But on the other hand, their personality was very important too – were we going to like working with them for the next eight months?
If a builder is new to town, that may be a red flag, and you may have to check references (and the BBB) back where he or she said they were building.
Are they open to change or are they too set in their ways of “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality. Like any relationship, if there are red flags in the “courting period,” communication and responsiveness probably won’t get any better once you sign on the dotted line. But I also feel that I am already pretty hard on my little ones about their clutter, and that is not the only memory I want them to have of growing up in my home. As in cut off — Remember?) At this point in our lives, we loved reinventing aging, yet special Dallas homes. And so we began the challenge of finding the special someone who could create our vision with the quality we expect.
Not that I wouldn’t be thrilled if I won it in a contest or something, but you get my drift! After searching and interviewing several builders, including those on this blog, we found the right builder for our project: Mark Hayes, of Hayes Signature Homes. What level of finish out is standard for them – does it feel like their level of trim package has a higher finish out or does the builder consider everything an “upgrade?” Will your builder be the actual builder and project manager or will they hand it off to someone else once you’ve signed the contract? The whole idea of these openings, with conceptual boundaries (there are no doors to mark limits between the three rooms), was to create an airy, stress-free atmosphere.
All those white slipcovers can be washed, and there are few rugs on the floor to worry about keeping clean. I love the (working) interior shutters in this room:Did I mention that the house comes with a charming guest cottage?
Long-time readers may remember when I featured this house here–if you do, you get a Gold Star for the day!
My computer was shut down by a nasty virus today and we’re still working to recover it (ugh!).
I know one of my readers sent me the link to this listing, but I can’t get into my computer to look it up.
It's part of a sprawling riverfront estate in Moorestown, New Jersey, that dates back to the 1600s. So I was… Are you hooked on houses?

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