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San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Blog » What is Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Development? This may not be a segment that many commercial real estate developers include in their list of services.
Our group has recently listed two commercial bank foreclosures (two different banks) in San Antonio that originated from poorly planned owner-occupied development projects. Office Condominium projects have gained interest in the marketplace from buyers because they don’t come with many of the risks associated with development. More and more owner occupant groups are hearing stories from friends and competitors about their commercial real estate deal that they just did.
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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We are now hiring Commercial Loan Officers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area! Colorado Federal Savings Bank provides unique real estate lending solutions to a variety of commercial clients nationwide. By Jeff DusingAccording to the NAIOP Research Foundation, Texas is now the best state for new commercial real estate construction. ModSpace recently completed a project for a real estate firm in San Antonio’s historic Pearl Brewery district. Average Commercial Real Estate Property Manager salaries for job postings in San Diego, CA are 1% higher than average Commercial Real Estate Property Manager salaries for job postings nationwide.
Average Commercial Real Estate Sales Professional salaries for job postings in San Francisco Bay Area, CA are 33% higher than average Commercial Real Estate Sales Professional salaries for job postings nationwide. Each product type has its own variables to manage and almost every municipality has their own specific rules governing the development process. As commercial real estate brokers, assisting clients to develop (or re-develop) the commercial building that they intend to occupy is a natural fit for us when we are aiding them in their site acquisitions. The developers of these projects often speculatively build fully developed office parks with plans of selling shell office condos at a fixed price per square foot.

Due to activity with the Eagle Ford Shale, San Antonio is seeing an uptick for the many businesses that support the natural gas industry, including trucking companies and equipment suppliers.
We helped the firm design and build a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing office with a rustic exterior to blend with the surrounding landscape. No two commercial properties are identical, so please understand that each property also has its own variables to manage.
Although I am a big supporter of owner occupied commercial real estate, unfortunately, my opinion is that this market segment is one that often lacks the detailed due diligence work that I see in more traditional types of commercial real estate development and investment.
For starters, the volume of owner occupant commercial real estate projects has grown due to financing being more readily available than more traditional investment commercial real estate loans. Most business owners I know would seek the best surgeon in town if they were in need of surgery…or the best attorney in town if they were in a lawsuit.
The report predicts that construction spending in Texas will continue to increase over the next few years.
To improve the likelihood of success in your next commercial real estate development project, I highly recommend working with professional advisers experienced in the product type and area that your project is located in. When the lending market slowed a few years ago for commercial investment real estate, many lenders turned their attention to the owner occupant segment of borrowers.
The developer sells the individual condominium units at a retail price to owner occupied commercial real estate buyers. Why is it that many business owners try to acquire and develop (or redevelop) owner occupant commercial real estate projects with little to no advisement? Over the next few weeks, we will cover a new series discussing the commercial real estate development product types we are regularly involved in.
This is a great question, expecially considering the fact that almost all of the small and large commercial real estate building owners that I know in San Antonio (who hold property for investment purposes-not to occupy) hire advisers to represent them.
Today’s article, covering Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Development, will be followed next by Merchant Development. Please understand that it doesn’t always make sense for business owners to own the commercial real estate their business occupies.
If you were a lender, would you prefer to finance a medical group which has been leasing space in the same location for the last 10 years to purchase an office down the street with a similar mortgage payment to their current lease expense…or would you prefer to finance an investor group to build a speculative retail center or purchase an office building with short term leases in place? This solution also makes sense for small office space requirements due to the limited economies of scale in developing office buildings under 2500 SF.

In trying to better understand the answer, we have to put ourselves into the shoes of the traditional owner occupied commercial real estate buyer. Click Here to read an article discussing some of the decisions that a business owner should consider when deciding to purchase or lease space. A doctor group needing a 1500 SF lease space for example, might benefit from this type of acquisition (assuming they don’t intend to expand in the near future or move). It takes a person of intelligence to run a profitable business for an extended period of time. The more homework business owners can do BEFORE they close on the purchase of the properties, the better chance they give their commercial real estate development projects to succeed.
Without knowing all of the details, this sounds like a fairly obvious decision based on risk (assuming the medical group was in a financial position to make the purchase). These business owners may be the most knowledgeable person in the world in their particular professions, but if they haven’t participated in any commercial real estate activity other than cutting a rent check to a landlord during their duration in business should we expect them to know how to navigate a commercial real estate development?
My opinion is that many of these groups don’t hire advisers because of a perception that they might save money. This would be a simple answer if purchasing commercial real estate was like purchasing a car.
A new car loan is a relatively simple decision for a lender because automobiles typically come with standardized makes and models.
Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Development can be an amazing opportunity for the right business owner as long as he or she makes sure to do their homework. Commercial real estate development is different because of the countless variables associated acquisitions and preparing a site to occupy. Do you know that some owner occupied commercial real estate buyers don’t have commercial real estate brokers, contractors, architects, civil engineers, and attorneys representing them to purchase properties and advise them regarding easements (access or utilities), zoning, building set backs, water retention, clear title, horizontal costs, or vertical costs before they purchase the site that they intend to occupy?

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