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The City of Houston has a mayor-council form of government in which the mayor and 14 council members (five elected at-large, nine from single-member districts) serve as the legislative body. A county judge and four commissioners perform the principal administrative and legislative functions in each Houston CMSA county. Greater houston - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Houston–the woodlands–sugar land is a nine-county metropolitan area defined by the office of management and budget.
City of houston egovernment center, Official site of the city of houston, texas municipal government.
City of houston - office of emergency management, Welcome to the city of houston mayor's office of emergency management (oem) website. consists of different organizations that research and develop sustainable solutions for modern governance and government that make extensive use of new.

Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. These 15 officials and the city controller are elected for two-year terms that run concurrently. Owners over age 65, or totally disabled homeowners under age 65 are entitled to the following additional exemptions from assessed valuation: Harris County $160,000, City of Houston $70,862, HISD $15,000, Houston Community College $90,000. Real estate development must meet city codes, but no zoning regulations exist to restrict land use. Term limits provide that no elected city official may serve in any one position for more than three consecutive terms. The only taxes applied generally to all types of business in Texas are ad valorem taxes, annual corporate franchise fees (which include an income component), unemployment insurance, and sales and use taxes.

For veterans with 10% or more disability, all three jurisdictions exempt $1,500 for 10%-30% disability, $2,000 for 31%-50%, $2,500 for 51%-60%, and $3,000 for 71% or greater.
Most Houston neighborhoods have deed restrictions that prevent non-residential use within their limits, but nothing restricts development of commercial structures bordering these communities.
With the exception of Pasadena, most other Houston area municipalities have strictly enforced zoning regulations.

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