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Sarah Snodgrass is a residential real estate agent specializing in Kansas City's historic neighborhoods and enclaves. Cyburbia connects planners, students, academics, urbanists, and others who are interested in or help shape the built environment.
I've found that Brookside residents can be irritating, because so many of them rarely waste an opportunity to say that they're from Brookside. The interior design, lighting, and seating are carefully designed to create a cool, cozy environment where people feel comfortable lounging and meeting.

European-style oval bumper stickers reading BKS are a common sight throughout the Kansas City area. The coffee is great, and they have plenty of other food and drink options as well without trying to do more than they can handle. In addition, there is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, the bathrooms are nice, there is a bicycle rack outside, and they always seem well-staffed.
It's an stable middle and upper-middle class neighborhood that is experiencing some gentrification.

I love the central location in Brookside, and how I always seem to run into an old friend or neighbor every time I go. It is this kind of business and hub of activity that builds community and adds value to our neighborhood.

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