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Let's start this article on "top haunted places in Houston" by a spooky house on Wichita street.
Charles Fondow was once a renowned VA nurse in a local hospital and owner of this ramshackle home. Situated on the Bowden road in Huntsville, there stands a cemetery, which turns devilish and full of terror in the dark. Due to umpteen incidents, this cenotaph secures its count among top haunted places in Houston. Scary activities such as appearance of shadowy apparitions and a feeling of being watched can be experienced here. If we have a choice to name the spookiest one amongst haunted places in Houston, Kingsgate Village will top the list.
In the middle of the night, residents reported hearing loud outcries and screams that are supposed to be produced by the girl ghost.
Located on Commerce Street, this warehouse is voted as one of few most haunted places in Houston. Two of warehouse workers went near this elevator during dark hours and he was possessed by the ghost of the dead. Due to these above the world experiences, nobody tries to walk past this elevator during dark. Very often it happens when one talk about spooky destination and presence of the hotel is missed. Many other people reported hearing noises like giggles of a lady, humming tunes of a woman and sound of whistles. Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re trying to find the best place in town to get scared, look no further. Not for the faint of heart, Wicked Andy’s Insane Acres is, without a doubt, the best place in the Wichita Falls area to get your scare on. It’s the 15th year of fear for the Sunrise Optimists Club, and like last year, they have two Halloween events, a haunted house and a Zombie Hunt.
This year, the Crawl will be a Crawl-NIVAL – a haunted carnival theme with a fire eater, stilt walker, hula hooper, and of course, lots of fair food.
Historical Tours of Wichita Falls, led by Julie Coley, will take you on a historical journey to learn about the dark side of our city. Every year between September and November, when the full moon appears, the zombies and monsters emerge and gather on the river banks. Located in the heart of downtown Vernon, Texas, Nightmare on Main Street haunted house is an experience that will arouse feelings of intense fear, horror and distress.
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Sign up to have exclusive BuzzHead VIP Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. The 1922 Broadview Hotel is an eight storied, expansive brick building and a basement which straddles the corner of N. In 1948, the hotel's large, Crystal Ballroom was added to the main floor, made complete by a lovely hand-crafted mosaic mural , depicting life in the wild west.
Besides offering 231 guest rooms, honeymoon suites and Presidential Suite, there are 3 on-site restaurants, and 10 different function rooms for any size social or business event. Besides the first floor Crystal Ballroom, there is the Exhibit Room and The Plaza Room on the first floor, the Rose Room, The Balcony & Director's Rooms on the mezzanine, and the Arkansas Room on the second floor. Despite being a grand hotel, a place of relaxation and enjoyment with all the bells and whistles throughout the years, a crime of passion and rage took place in one of the hotel rooms. As with other haunted hotels and inns, The Broadview Hotel has some entities who have chosen this hotel as the perfect place to spend their afterlife.  If they enjoyed it when they were alive, why let death get in the way?

Other unknown entities also hang around, enjoying the hotel they loved staying at while alive.
Haunted Fort Scott – West First St HouseFrom 1991 to 1993 we rented a house near Happy Hollow that made non-believers of ghosts believe. Manhattan is located in the northeastern part of the state at the confluence of the Kansas and Big Blue River.
History:Pratt, Kansas is named after Caleb Pratt, a Civil War soldier who died in the Battle of Wilson Creek in Springfield, Missouri. Medicine Lodge is the county seat of Barber County, Kansas along the southern border of the state. Location:Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is located on the far eastern border along the Missouri River. Museums are known to house a collection of art and literature, but the story has got a spice of creepiness this time.
Located on Kings gate circle, there is a sad history behind turning this village the most haunted places in Houston. If you like paranormal trips and want to visit haunted places in Houston, we advise you to must visit this place. The center of attraction of this place is its elevator shaft which is considered to be possessed. Locals say if you walk alone in the possessed elevator during dark hours, you will certainly lose your life. This place is recommended for paranormal investigation teams, ghost hunters and group of brave people who love to feel ghosts closely. This place is considered one of the most haunted places in Houston as it houses the spirit of its first owner. His spirit is said to produce mysterious sounds such as knocking doors and footsteps while going above and down the stairs. Well, we also don't want to set off the trend and finally included a hotel in our list of top 8 haunted places in Houston. Hop aboard the hay wagon and blast your way through the Zombie Hunt – will you survive or join them? There will also be a rib eating contest, costume contest, specialty vendors, dance mob by Dance Etc., and midway games. There will be a costume contest starting at 7:30 pm, face painting, music, tasty food, cool games, fun crafts, a cake walk, pumpkin decorating, candy, a Flashlight Fun Trail through United Children’s Garden, and Wild Bird Rescue’s “Stevie” the Great Horned Owl  and “Spartacus” the Red Tailed Hawk will make a special appearance!
Boomtown House of Horrors has brought them all together and they are waiting for you! Peeing your pants is optional, but very likely. This haunted house attraction is not recommended for children under the age of 5. Roam through the 5,000 sq ft historic building with 32 rooms that could only exist in your darkest dreams. There will be a free costume parade and contest, pumpkin decorating, carnival games, bounce houses, train rides, and more! There will be themed activities and haunted hay rides through the trail of terror and on Saturdays there will be a full day of frightful activities! People could enjoy a walk around the top and have dinner there as well, while listening to first class orchestras. Clarence lost it emotionally and shot his wife, and then threw himself off the balcony in despair. Guilt, regrets, anger, and fear about what the other side holds for him are probably what is standing in the way of letting go and passing over.
It is a community of approximately 13,000 people, named after James Birdseye McPherson, a Union general. Watson Park, a destination for Halloween fans in search of a scare for more than 20 years, is no longer haunted.
John Smith and his team of paranormal investigators had taken a visit to some chosen spooky areas.Below is the list of 8 real haunted places in Houston to walk in if you are brave.
In late night hours, people have seen the ghost of an 8-year child riding a tricycle, who had died in a car accident on this road.

Eventually a couple of people who tried to experiment with elevator shaft were found dead right up there. But before you walk to investigate any of the specified haunted places in Houston, we request you take proper measures and not to walk in alone.
We are talking about Victorian Inn - a place that is known for paranormal happenings taking place over here.
Then encounter unspeakable horrors as your worst fears come true in the Haunted House – enter at your own risk!
The Chamber of Horrors is a haunted house maintained by our Alumni to help raise money for the organization. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their creepiest clown, mangled magician or sick sideshow act costumes.
Tales of suicide, murder, gruesome accidents and even get to hear an EVP taken from one of the buildings. The tour does involve some history about the house itself, but the focus on this night is about haunted stories and eerie tales. After years of declining attendance and revenue that didna€™t cover expenses, park officials decided at the end of last year to stop offering a haunted attraction at the park at 3022 S.
Paranormal investigators are strictly warned not to provoke the spirits as evil souls take it as a challenge and could follow you back to your home. Also, ghost hunters have reported seeing a mysterious headless creature wandering in this cemetery many times. It is said that woodland home of this museum site is mysterious and full of spookiness.When you walk past this museum, you can hear stepping sounds from unknown sources. Captured cemetery had numerous graves that include 3000th civil war and yellow fever victims. Due to repeated scary activities, this place is said one of few interesting haunted places in Houston.
The Chester's soul has not harmed anyone yet and hence it is a good think if you visit this place to perform a paranormal investigation one some real haunted places in Houston. Siedhoff built this hotel, which was known as being the most modern and comfortable in the western United States. Though her last days passed in Barbados hospital, but her soul traveled its way back to its home - the home she loved so much when she was alive. If you love paranormal, you would surely like to visit this one of the most haunted places in Houston. Due to combined creepy experiences, Victorian Inn is known as one of the most haunted places in Houston.
You will be briefed, transported to the drop off location, and will run the course with our SEAL Team Sick. The run is shorter this year and will provide more of an apocalyptic experience with a realistic scenario that plays out over the run. George Siedhoff, after standing in the roof top garden, and enjoying the broad view of Wichita and the Arkansas River.
However, no any apparitions have ever seen, but things fall off from the desk in Sam Houston's law office. Due to unexplained footstep and sounds this museum is considered one of the haunted places in Houston. It includes ideas for using the island as a year-round attraction, and Hamm said the department also wants to hold more Christmas events there. It is planning to bring back its Polar Express event, which started last year and offers children a chance to hear a reading of a€?Polar Express,a€? make crafts, have hot chocolate and sa€™mores by a campfire and take a train ride to see Santa.The future of the 119-acre park a€“ which has a 40-acre fishing lake, pedal boats, miniature golf, train rides and pony rides a€“ has been under review for more than a year.
But inspectors discovered the island had only one electrical box that wasna€™t powerful enough.

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