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As was the case in the two preceding months, home prices in San Francisco grew at about double the national rate in December. Although existing home price growth and sales across the country are at their normal levels, David M. According to MLS data, the median single-family home price increased year over year in every one of Pacific Union’s Bay Area regions except the Mid-Peninsula subregion, which saw a slight decline. Very simply, a short sale is when a lender agrees to take less than what he’s owed and allows homeowners to sell their property because they are facing financial hardship. A foreclosure can be extremely damaging to an individual’s credit report and it can have long-term effects on anyone seeking credit. However, if your home is the only debt that is creating your financial hardship, a short sale is probably your best alternative to bankruptcy. One reason homeowners resist short sales is because they don’t understand if they qualify for the process. If you should happen to find yourself underwater, owing more on your home than the home is worth, find a proper real estate agent who is knowledgeable about short sales and has a proven track record. One of the major benefits of a short sale is that it ends the financial and emotional nightmare quickly. Source: Mike Cuevas, a national short sale Realtor trainer and a partner of Exit Realty, a residential real estate firm in Chicago that also specializes in Short Sale nationally.
Your have found the home of your dreams, started packing all your things and have mentally moved in when suddenly a challenge arises that could put a serious wrench in the home buying process.
I can’t tell you how many times I have seen deals fall apart because of disagreements over silly stuff like who gets the fireplace screen, the wall sconces or the appliances.
There may be many reasons to dread an ex, but when it comes to selling a property, it can impact the sale of a home.
How to avoid it: Get a preliminary title report as soon as possible and if you are a seller be sure to disclose to your Agent up front if there are any potential claims on the title. Time and again I counsel buyers not to make any major purchases before close of escrow such as a new car or major appliances, and time and again, some appliance store has a great “deal” that kills the deal. How to avoid it: If you are a buyers wait on appliance purchases, new car purchases, furniture and more until the loan has been funded and the escrow is closed. We went through a period of time when appraisals always magically came in at the offer price. You as a buyer think you are getting a 10,000 square foot lot, only to find out that the fence is built on the next door neighbor’s property.
I have worked with an inspector that other agents called the deal killer and honestly, he was. How to avoid it: If you are a seller get inspections before the property is actively on the market. This may be hard to imagine, but sometimes you are ready to rock and roll, you got your loan pre-approved, not just pre-qualified, you are in contract and everything looks great until- poof- the lender changes the rules. How to avoid it: Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to avoid it other than working with a reputable mortgage broker or lender with a solid record of closing transactions. If the property being purchased is a short sale, the bank is pretty much in charge and they simply don’t care about your timeline. How to avoid it:The best way to save a deal when a bank is involved is to make sure you as the buyer have appropriate expectations about the process. Roughly forty percent of the homes for sale on today’s market are short sales and foreclosures!
Transactional snafus, last-minute surprises and long, drawn-out escrows that never close seem to be par for the course. Instead of avoiding these properties altogether, get educated about the most common dramas that go down in these deals, and how you can avoid falling victim.
Avoid the drama by: expecting your escrow to run long, and being pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t. Banks owe their shareholders and investors a duty to get as much as they can for these properties.
Avoid the drama by: working with your agent to make a realistic offer, based on recent comparable sales in the neighborhood, not just on what you think you can get away with.
Avoid the drama by: staying as flexible as possible with your moving plans as long as possible. Most of the angst in these situations arises when a buyer feels they passed on properties that would have really worked for them when they pinned their hopes on a distressed home. Also, make sure you do respond in a timely manner to the bank’s requests and your obligations under the contract. NOTE: the AG Robo-Signers settlement will be in addition to this…so, more changes coming to the foreclosure process. Bank of America , JP Morgan Chase , Ally Financial, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Citibank, HSBC, MetLife, PNC, U.S.
These 16 new requirements are more or less what the requirements were always thought to be…. forcing the servicers to improve on foreclosure documentation, oversight, and chain of ownership. Another detail, servicers (banks) will also be held accountable of their third-party vendors, including lawyers, who provide foreclosure services. In other words, we are talking about potentially huge penalties and judgments from the civil claims. As part of this new enforcement the banks will be required to engage an independent firm to review foreclosure actions from January 1, 2009 through December, 2010 to assess whether foreclosures complied with federal and state laws and whether there were in fact grounds to foreclose. If borrowers were harmed by the foreclosure process the banks will have to remediate the borrowers in some way. For some, buying a San Diego REO (a San Diego bank-owned foreclosure property) is a viable option. When you buy a San Diego bank-owned foreclosure property, you need to know that banks are typically quite serious about selling a property in its current condition, or as-is. When you're buying a San Diego foreclosure property, you need to know that the bank is disclosure-exempt.
If you plan to move forward with a purchase of a San Diego foreclosure property, you must do so with the understanding that you are giving up some of your California home buyer rights.
Normally, when you purchase real estate for sale in San Diego, your purchase contract would be written up using the California Association of REALTORS® residental purchase agreement (RPA).
Globella advises each client who purchases a San Diego foreclosure property to review the purchase agreement and addendums with a licensed real estate attorney. When you submit your offer, you could normally expect a response within three days, but with a bank-owned foreclosure it may take a week or two. Naturally, there is a lot more to know about San Diego foreclosures, but these four issues are a good starting point. Justin Gramm is the founder and principal broker of Globella Buyers Realty, your San Diego Exclusive Buyer Brokerage.
This section of Tri-Valley Life is dedicated to bank owned homes in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. The condition of bank owned homes varies greatly with some requiring just a bit of TLC while others are in dire need of repair. Foreclosure: There are two common types of foreclosure in the United States -- judicial and nonjudicial. Either way, until the property is back in the possession of the bank, you are still the legal owner of the property. As for the lender reporting the foreclosure, unfortunately, it will be on your credit report even though the balance was discharged in bankruptcy. To add that last grain of salt to your wound, you're accurate in the waiting time for you and many others.

Blitzer, managing director and chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices, said that he believes the housing recovery is “faltering,” a by-product of sluggish construction and new-home-sales activity. Home prices topped the $1 million mark in our Contra Costa County, Marin County, Mid-Peninsula, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley regions as 2014 came to a close.
Also, be sure to check out Pacific Union’s fourth-quarter 2014 real estate report for more in-depth sales data and information on how we define our regions. For many Americans faced with foreclosure and, possibly, bankruptcy, a better option is often a short sale.
Often, lenders will agree to take a loss on a short sale because they would lose even more in a foreclosure.
According to recent statistics, homes offered as short sales are bought for roughly 20 percent below their market value as opposed to 39 percent under market value for foreclosed homes.
So, for several years after foreclosure, former homeowners can find themselves denied credit – or paying much higher rates to finance a car and other large items. In most cases, a lender won’t even consider you until five to seven years have passed, although lending guidelines are changing every day.
Also, if a borrower has a home equity line of credit attached to their property, the rights to collect on that do not cease to exist.
In some cases, filing for bankruptcy can be less damaging to your credit profile than having a foreclosure on your record. That’s because a short sale will be reported as a “settled debt” versus having to go the route of bankruptcy or foreclosure, which is far less damaging on one’s credit report. They are different than the average transaction, and it is important that you do your own research. After the homeowner accepts a contract, it usually takes no more than 120 days (and often much less time) for the sale to close.
In today’s market, finding the home is only the start of a transaction that can have many stumbling blocks along the way. For some buyers and sellers it can be difficult to distinguish between personal property and fixtures that come with the house. It is important to educate yourself about the difference between attached appliances and personal property but there are times when the lines get blurred.
You don’t have a washer and dryer of your own and the local appliance store is offering a smoking deal – get a store credit card, and save 15% on the purchase of your new appliances! Any major purchase can impact your credit, and it can also impact your loan being funded too. It didn’t impact my part of the hill.” I have had to fight with sellers to get them to disclose certain facts about their home, but it is almost always better to over share when it comes to disclosure. Or the seller think they own the driveway, but it is really an easement on property owned by the cranky old neighbor next door. Legal descriptions aren’t always easy to read, but take the time and effort to do so carefully. Many cities and towns have implemented pre-sale inspections to fill their dwindling coffers. Buyers will probably still get their own, but at least you can resolve serious problems that may send a buyer running in advance. If you are the buyer, I highly recommend that you leave your loan contingency in place until the loan is funded. I have heard of people celebrating two and three year anniversaries of working on a short sale. Work with an Agent who has experience with short sale transactions and learn about all the pitfalls of working with a bank. Distressed properties are well known for their value (a reputation which is sometimes accurate, and sometimes not), but they also have a reputation for causing buyers to become distressed, too! I’ve heard tell of the occasional, swiftly-moving escrow on an REO (real estate owned – by the bank).
While a standard sale from an individual seller to an individual buyer might take 45 days from contract to closing, a short sale can take anywhere from 45 days to 6 or 8 months (!) to get the deal closed, after the seller has accepted the contract.
Just because you see it’s on the market and listed as a short sale or a foreclosure doesn’t mean they’re going to give it to you for a fraction of its worth.
Additionally, lenders are required independent reviews and a single point of contact for borrowers facing foreclosure.
Lenders will be required to create a system where by anyone who feels they suffered financially can submit a claim.
The information provided herein is supplied by several sources and is subject to change without notice. California law requires that a seller fill out a Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) in all residential real estate transactions.
Your research and inspection of the property become that much more critical when you purchase a San Diego foreclosure. Globella's San Diego exclusive buyer agents make it their business to know the RPA and to know how to protect the best interests of Globella's buyer clients with this contract.
Our goal is for you to be protected, and a real estate agent is not qualified to offer legal advice. If your offer is accepted, you may need to wait another week or two until the seller actually signs the contract.
You will notice that if more than 250 results are obtained it is best to adjust the search parameters in order to identify the largest number of properties in your price range and desired location. It is difficult to obtain any repairs from the bank holding the asset and timelines are tight within the inspection & financing timeframes. And will that show as a new public record on my credit report versus the 2008 discharge date? Most people don't understand the foreclosure process and what the bank must do in order to take back ownership of the property. This avoids the foreclosure process and is slightly better for your credit than a foreclosure. Judicial foreclosure, as the word implies, requires the lender to go through the court system to take back ownership of the property.
And while I don't have personal experience working with people trying to buy a home after bankruptcy or foreclosure, I have been told by mortgage brokers that lending institutions will sometimes wait two to three years from the date of the bankruptcy discharge or foreclosure sale, whichever is later, before approving a home loan application. Short sales, which are up 10 percent from the same period last year, according to RealtyTrac, are becoming an increasingly popular way to deal with homes and homeowners burdened with too much debt.
So the homeowner sells the home and the bank marks down the value of the mortgage to the sales price, leaving the homeowner free and clear.
A borrower would also have to answer yes on an employment application if she ever had a foreclosure. Although you can conduct a short sale while in bankruptcy, it requires strategy and a plan. Nevertheless, the consumer participating in a short sale will more than likely be able to walk away from all his debt and start over.
Losing one’s home is a painful process, but a short sale can help families reduce their frustration and their time in financial limbo. Finding this out late in the process can be problematic, especially when one of the parties no longer has a financial interest in selling the home.
Inevitably, a neighbor is going to tell the prospective buyer about the sliding hill, the formerly moldy basement or about the meth lab around the corner. Problems always seem much bigger when they are uncovered by a buyer after they are in contract. Be prepared in advance that the purchase price may have to be renegotiated or a higher down payment may need to be brought in if the appraisal comes in low.

When you are paying hundreds of thousands if not multiple millions of dollars for a house, you should know what you are buying. Repairs almost always cost a seller less if the buyer knows about it before they write their offer.
If market conditions don’t permit this, make sure you are aware of the ramifications if the loan doesn’t fund. Although most banks have made tremendous efforts to improve and streamline the short sale process when it comes to short sale timelines, anything goes, or better yet- who knows?! You might also want to read my other blog that I posted 3 weeks ago 5 Most Common Complaints of Short Sale and REO Buyers ( and How To Avoid them ). When you’re buying a home (or selling one, for that matter), time is absolutely of the essence. But for the most part, these transactions take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks longer than “regular” sales, because of the extra signatures, supervisor-level approvals and even investor involvement required to seal the deal. Make sure you take these extended timelines into account when you’re working with your mortgage broker on the issue of when to lock your interest rate, and how long your rate locks will last. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve received a question from an outraged reader to the effect that a buyer has had their short sale or REO offer rejected on grounds that it was too low, even though the bank has no other offers, I could buy a foreclosure myself (admittedly, it’d be one of those $150 foreclosures in some blighted town with tax liens and no plumbing, but still). The bank’s goal is to get a purchase price as close as possible to the home’s fair market value, as determined by the recent sales prices of similar, nearby homes, with some adjustments made for the property’s condition. Sit down with your broker or agent, review the ‘comps’ and make a smart offer that reflects a good value for you, is within your budget and is not bizarrely out of the realm of the fair market value of the property.
Make an offer on a normal home and you’re likely to know what the outcome will be within a few hours or a few days, at the outside. In a “regular” equity sale with no bank involvement, both buyer and seller are obligated to meet various timelines. The action prohibits dual tracking, when one arm of the bank pursues foreclosure while another pursues modification. The owner of this website does not guarantee or is in any way responsible for its accuracy, and provides said information without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Some foreclosure listings are in terrible condition (cracked slabs, leaking roofs, termite-infested, bad plumbing, bad odors, ruined flooring, etc.). As your advisor, we will help you find the answers to all of the important questions that come up throughout your San Diego foreclosure purchase. Make sure that is what you are getting." - Joseph Eamon Cummins, Author Not One Dollar More!
Also, I applied for a mortgage -- but because this house is still in my name, I was told after the bank foreclosed I would have to wait up to three years before I can get a mortgage. Nonjudicial foreclosure allows the lender to sell the property at a foreclosure auction, without court approval, after following a state-specific foreclosure process. In some cases, the lender will wait until your bankruptcy case is closed to start or continue the foreclosure process. It is hoped you've been able to save some of the money you haven't been paying on the mortgage. However, many homeowners still aren’t clear what a short sale is and whether it is the best solution for them.
If borrowers reside in a recourse state (most Americans do), the lender also has a legal right to seek recourse against them.
But it will not prevent an eventual foreclosure if the bank has already started the process.
It is best to consult with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney and short sale real estate agent before making any decisions. Anytime a property is inevitably headed towards foreclosure, a borrower qualifies for a short sale. If something is really special to a homeowner, my recommendation to the sellers is to remove the item before you put the house on the market.
So don’t even think about starting to make moving plans or paying for home inspections and appraisals until you know the bank has greenlit the deal and that the purchase price and terms they’ve approved work for both you and the seller. If things take longer because the seller is out of town or some such, the listing agent tells you that, and you at least know what’s going on. Should you have any questions, concerns, or needs, please feel free to contact the owner by clicking on the about page. There are many questions that the seller answers on the TDS that a buyer would want to know about the property before making the final buying decision. Banks have been known to use their own contracts or addendums to change many important parts of the purchase agreement. Globella's San Diego exclusive buyer agents are experts at helping you navigate through your San Diego real estate transaction, and we will be there for you every step of the way.
They are specialists at representing buyers only on the buyers' side of the transaction.
In most cases these homes have been priced well with respect to their condition and the majority sell very close to the asking price.
In other cases, the lender will not wait that long and will file the appropriate paperwork with the bankruptcy court to allow it to take the property out of bankruptcy protection and continue with the sale. With that money, you'll be better positioned to make the requisite down payment on your future home.
Bank owned properties often come with title issues such as unpaid garbage fines or back HOA dues that can impact your closing.
If you are concerned about the lot boundaries, hire a Civil Engineer or a Surveyor to perform a survey. In fact, it has been argued that a seller must disclose anything that may affect the value of the property in the buyer's mind (view a sample of the Transfer Disclosure Statement). Exclusive Buyer Agents work to get buyers the best price and terms when they buy a home. The property will eventually foreclose, which will also affect neighboring values by up to 28 percent. I remember I once almost lost a deal when the home inspection uncovered numerous foundation cracks in the crawl space. However, you can count on our years of experience and our specialty of helping buyers-only to provide wise counsel throughout your San Diego real estate purchase. That is not to say that you cannot get a great deal on a bank owned home but you must be ready to act quickly.
If this isn’t possible, exclude it in MLS listing along with frequently confused items like that flat screen TV, and make sure it is excluded at the time the offer is written as well. If you are only concerned about one side of the property have the Surveyor perform a partial survey for just the side in question. Amazingly enough, I was able to hold it together, the price was renegotiated and we were able to close the deal.
You should also determine how much it's going to cost you in repairs before you write an offer to purchase a San Diego foreclosure.
Buyers should have their Agent investigate and include any items in the offer that are important to them.

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