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Well, barring some out-of-left-field inflation catalyst, the Bank’s assessment portends little probability of rate hikes in 2015. As a result, “interest rate relief” will continue to provide a “cash flow…buffer” for indebted consumers, said Governor Stephen Poloz in today’s press conference. OK, but what about two sets of mortgage rules—one for richly valued markets and one for weaker markets? That said, the “data never go in a straight line,” Poloz remarked earlier, and we have no way of knowing what’s around the corner. It is far more beneficial to focus on excellent underwriting practices, and leave the market alone. 1) Interesting (at least to me) that the federal and provincial governments spend less wisely than the average consumer & none amortize (unlike Canadian mortgagor) their long term debt. 2) According to Fraser Institute,an average two-wage family in Canada earning $100,000 would pay anywhere from *$36,800 (Alberta) to $ 47,600 ( NF. A: The Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator, like Tax Freedom Day, includes all taxes from all levels of government that Canadians pay.
Yop PollsDo you think B.C.'s new foreign buyer tax will help to improve housing affordability? Looks like the earlier analysis that the US is slowly morphing into a second Japan just got even more confirmation. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
For months, a massive federal settlement with big Wall Street banks over their role in the mortgage crisis has been in the offing.
CNBS would disagree with you, as would the idiot sheeple that watched Obuma's SOTU and actually believed anything that came out of the Comrade's mouth. I don't agree with afffirmative action, but considering blacks have a higher unemployment rate than whites, I really don't think they are getting all of the jobs like you sumise.
Once again, I do not know enough about the Panthers to say if I think the individuals in the movement were good people, but I do know that the movement was anti-establishment like none other except the American Revolution, and I respect a movement like that tremendously.
Cunningham was playing in the '80s, and you say finally?  It's 2012, there are many good black QBs. And while we are at it, what about Defensive Captains?  Being the leader of the defense takes as much knowledge about the game as the QB, and I am sure that is a nice split black and white when it comes to talent on the field. My little league field was the forty niners headquarters in Redwood City, CA on Nevada Steet. A starting black quarterback didn't appear until the 70's, you don't think the lingering effects of discrimination has something to do with the number of quarterbacks today?
Who invented the WORD "racism"?  Like I said, there are some connections here that you have to willfully ignore not to see.
Curious why in yesterday's FOMC minutes the following line "a few participants expressed concern that conditions in certain U.S.
Yep, that's what they never admit on British TV, when the pundits argue "housing affordability has never been better". Even the FHFA house price index grew at an annual rate of 15% as mortgage purchase applications fall. Well, as long as you adjust your weights on the 12-month sliding window that is called "seasonal adjustment", and alter the housing component weight of the CPI, then no, it doesn't have to show up.
Oh there is ABSOLUTELY inflationary factors - "Controlled and targeted" minute to minute, everyday! For whatever it's worth I am listening to Schiff's radio show and he is saying that new home prices reflect the cost of construction going up which is basically just another sign of inflation. This guy's got good information based on what he experienced during the war in the Balkans.
I would suggest this rapid price increase is fueled primarily by low interest rates and the recent fear that rates will go higher and better buy the fucker now! But let us assume you are a working couple with a household income of $120,000.  This is higher than the mean household income for the city.
In other words, prices will go lower.  But you probably already figured that out if you read this far. I’m not too familiar with Culver City…what is so speical about it that commands these premiums?
Also take into consideration that the current generation of 20-somethings will face lower earning power over their lifetimes meaning fewer qualified buyers at these prices into the next decade and beyond. If someone wants to buy a closet in Culver City for $700K, I’m not going to tell them not to, but the house will depreciate and it will be difficult to pass their bad mistake onto a greater fool.
I live in Culver City and I can confirm that the Bubble Mentality is still alive & well here!

I appreciate your website, but please stop fudging numbers on your side of the argument to make a bigger point.
I attribute the California homeowner delirium to progessive education, processed food, and sensory overstimulation combined with a drug induced sense of entitlement.
The free market, if there really was one, is so far away from the current reality it is absurd to even mention it.
So the reality is, there may be people with large down payments but the data tells us otherwise.
I almost want to punch people in the gut for their advice that clearly wishes to cause me harm financially and emotionally. I find there is a huge disconnect on this issue, between people over 45 and those under 45.
In the early 80’s, the State of Oregon lost population,, house prices dropped, and STAYED there for 10 full years.
People under 45 do not read daily newspapers, or watch the national news in the evening.They do not read economic news (Boring!) They text, tweet, and watch utube. And for the most part, Robert Cramer, they figure that the gov’t is going to bail them out when things go south. Unfortunately, with the entitlement society we are living in, and the awful precedents the government has already set in terms of bail outs, hand outs, welfare and entitlements going to the least deserving – those bums thinking the gov. People like us, who work our asses off, live frugally, save, and sacrifice for a better tomorrow that won’t come from instant gratification but patience, diligence, hard and smart work, ethics etc. That’s true in the shortterm, but in the long run, if you own that home (paid for), we are a KING, as we are no longer linked to the same racketeering by the banks and financial institutions that keep this insanity going.
I only see the younger having a lot of pain, and having to learn from us seasoned veterans, how to survive, and it isn’t going to be by credit card or home equity. Cash and what you own will get you through, until cash collapses, and then its what you own. Nobody with a $120K down payment in their pocket is going to buy this teeny tiny gilded hamster hut! And how will the property taxes on $779K swallow up that “big interest deduction”??? But hey, if you want to delude yourself into thinking it’s people under 45 who are looking for entitlements go right ahead.
The average listing price for Culver City homes for sale on Trulia was $547,000; so the auction prices are in line with average listing price. I have to question, will be banks sell the properties at auction at the current market price of $435,000? Our most important fixed mortgage rate driver, the 5-year bond yield, rose 3 basis points on today’s news. Among other reasons, there’s just no place to build cheaply anymore in locations where the growing population really wants to live. After the announcement that Vail and Powdr Corp settled their lawsuit and it was announced Vail would take over as owner and the resort would open, condominium sales surrounding the resort spiked. Spec builders are re-entering the market and buyers who can’t find a home that meets their needs are willing and able to build custom homes. This means that although there were fewer sales, they were more expensive, raising the total dollar volume of sales from $1,521,765 in 2013 to $1,667,108 in 2014. The rumored details have always given progressives heartburn: civil immunity, no investigations, inadequate help for homeowners and a small penalty for the banks. The ethical standard can be reduced as such: if one intends to harm your body in any way, it is ETHICAL to yourself to defend your , even if that defense means delivering intense pain or injury upon another body.
Multi-million dollar NYC apartment purchases in a thin market can really screw the average. Uhuh, our bubble never truly burst - the interest rates were just manipulated (even further) down. He's able to claim "NO INFLATION (2%)", but at the same time he's able to directly target two asset classes that credits his POMO for the manipulation that it is - Housing and Stocks. If we get to where this is going you will be valuing your bottles of alcohol in terms of something other than dollars.
FHA is already seeing a much larger than normal % of loans go bad, mostly recent vintage loans. The LA market is also facing economic pressures due to the fact that there are no growth industries in Southern California, and SoCal has a huge supply of workers which further depresses wages.
Picture if you will the typical California homeowner as the offspring of a union between Brittany Spears and Homer Simpson.
Most people are like my friends, and not like the people who actually read this blog, or base their opinions on data.

If you are under 45, you have NEVER seen a severe recesssion, and have not seen how long theycan last. The action is largely FHA, not so much bubbles as a thousand points of foam propping up the deflation of this mess. When the rates go higher will you be able to find greater fool than you to sell the “investment”?
The invisible hand is clearly at work and any attempt at manipulating the market, especially through regional lending rules or differentiated interest rates, will likely have unintended and negative consequences. Although less debt is better than more, seems the real problem is net income (after all taxes) is relatively quite low. This 3% decrease in number of sales is in contrast to condominiums (which increased about 10%) and vacant land (which increased 11%). Buyers can obtain 100% USDA, 96.5% FHA, and 90% conventional financing (using a first and second loan option). If you can find a property that is right for you given our low inventory, now is a great time to buy. On a non-seasonally adjusted basis the US sold a whopping 21K homes, the lowest since January 2011, and on par with the lowest on record.
So what we have here is the elites being able to buy while the rest are not; therefore, the price reflects what is moving.
Build ten new homes, nine of which are ordinary and one is a commissioned palace for a Russian oligarch, corrupt Chinese finance minister or wall street bankster and you get this result. He's also able to make Gold and Oil dance on the head of a pin, going in whatever direction he needs them to go, to again, strengthen his own credibility as Maestro. Similar trend here in Burbank too where I have been renting for 10 plus yrs and still cant afford a home with $136,000 annual income.. When I was working in Culver City, we lived in Tustin (Orange County) and endured painful commute on 405 before giving up and moving to north San Diego County.
Fed Gov is basically buying up all MBS on the market because no one will buy it at these inflated prices. The buyer in your example will have an extra $1000 a month in pocket when he deducts property tax and interest.
The ten and 30 year treasury are starting to creep up and if they continue on this path, the US Govt may have to stop support. Our gov’t bailed out GM among others, so there is no way they will allow the states to default.
It is illogical that only two markets would be affected when interest rates are identical from coast to coast. What is more troubling is that according to Bloomberg, the 2011 number of 302K sales is the lowest on record. In a country in which real disposable consumer income is flat at best and in reality declining, it only makes sense that the average new home price just hit a level not seen since the prior credit-bubble fueled housing peak. This like the once ever rising stock market are natural outcomes of the ongoing transfer of assets to the elites.
And if you get a $10,000 tax credit California is now giving to some home buyers, you can practically get this house for free, just like in the good old days of 2007. If you look back 10 years, $780K would have bought you a mansion in Los Feliz, and now it buys you a crapshack in Culver City.
If the interest rate variable is the same in all markets then it must be another variable that is causing such an obvious bifurcation of the Canadian real estate scene.
In the Snyderville Basin, (84098) the average price was up 14% to $1.1 million and the median price was up 10% to $775,000. This is not a sustainable price considering wages in LA are pretty low, which was fine when it was cheaper to live in LA than other major west coast cities, but is patently ludicrous considering LA County UE rate is 12-13%.
Snyderville Basin neighborhoods like Trailside, Sun Peak, and Silver Springs, and Pinebrook all saw their median price increase by double digits.
And also confirming that there is not even a glimmer of hope for the US housing market is that the Median Price for new homes just dropped from $215,700 to $210,300, which is the lowest median price since October 2010. The chart below of pricing trends indicates all that is needed to know which way the housing market is going. Funny though when they get their property tax bills as the years go on, they may wish they went another way.

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