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The Orleans Parish School Board may postpone the planned auction of the historic Carrollton courthouse to give neighborhood activists time to research other options for it. The decrepit, 160-year-old building has been vacant since Audubon Charter School moved out of it last year, and the Orleans Parish School Board placed it on their surplus property list afterward. Since that time, neighborhood activists have been organizing to try to have a hand in the building’s future, especially as school officials began discussing a possible auction date in May. One such option would be for another governmental entity to come up with a use for the building, Koppel said, in which case some sort of land swap might be available. A group called the P-Town project had made a similar request last year prior to the sale of the old Priestley building on Leonidas Street to the Lycee Francais charter school. On the other hand, Ward said, no governmental entity may be found to take up such a project in six months.

Each magazine contains detailed listings for homes, houses, condos and land for sale, as well as new homes and apartment rentals. Conventional auction features two lanes conducted by champion auctioneers and generates highly competitive bidding by a multitude of registered buyers. As state law requires of other properties owned by the school board, it was offered to charter operators first, but no takers emerged.
Last week, School Board member Woody Koppel met with the Carrollton-Riverbend Neighborhood Association, and said the board may be willing to postpone the auction until the end of the year in order to hear what kind of concrete proposals the group can develop.
Koppel will then present Hardie’s proposal for the delay to the full school board for approval, he said. But otherwise, the school board needs to dispose of the property, mostly because of the expense of maintaining it, he said.

The difference in this case, Koppel said, is the law places school uses ahead of any other uses for surplus property the school board owns. Even so, that time would give residents the opportunity to discuss what possible futures they would be willing to support from private developers.
Any change to the use of the building will likely require some sort of governmental approvals, so an idea of what the neighborhood would accept ahead of time could influence potential bidders at auction, Ward suggested. Also review up-to-date market research and local market conditions as well as neighborhood and school information.

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