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NOW: Peachtree Street at Ellis Street blocked in downtown Atlanta for 4-car crash investigation. The Wall Street Journal spoke to the hedge fund manager by phone and Duncan is reported to have said he was trying to work out how to return his clients’ money.
The hedge fund, Seaside Partners, has approximately $20 million in assets under management and the alleged fraud is considered to have reached $4.5 million. C-W CityAtlanta, GAAlthough part of a metropolitan area of more than five million inhabitants, the city of Atlanta is much smaller, with a population of just over 430,000. Community wealth building initiatives in Atlanta were limited during the 1970s and 1980s, but picked up momentum in the 1990s, spurred by development associated with the 1996 Olympics.
His clients allege that Duncan had been faking his performance numbers and forging statements since 2006.
While the overall region gained 80,000 people a year in the 1990s, the city of Atlanta added only 22,000 residents. Its 37 members and affiliates collectively have produced over 7,000 units of affordable housing and reinvested nearly $75 million in Atlanta's most distressed neighborhoods. Since its inception, the group has overseen the development of over 70 new, single-family homes and the restoration of over 40 traditional, single-family homes.
In particular, it aims to link professionals looking for opportunities for public interest work with groups needing their skills, as well as link university service learning programs to community-based organizations. Peoplestown Revitalization has also facilitated several economic development projects including Inner-City Foods, a neighborhood garden to provide neighborhood youth with a source of income and business experience. Through its participation in the Atlanta Micro Fund, RRC, as of January 2006, has funded more than 100 micro-business loans totaling almost $200,000, which have help create or retain 165 jobs.
Summech also provides homeownership financial education and hopes to ultimately develop 100 units of infill housing through its “fill in the gaps” initiative. In 1998, it established the Community Redevelopment Loan and Investment Fund, which has helped finance more than 8,000 affordable housing units to date. In 2006, the Fannie Mae Foundation agreed to deposit $1.5 million in the bank to support expansion of the bank's minority community lending. In 2005, the credit union received second place in the Dora Maxwell competition, in recognition of outstanding achievement in a social responsibility program for 2005 of Georgia Credit Union Affiliates, the trade association of Georgia credit unions.
It converted from a non-profit corporation to a cooperative in the 1990s in order to raise equity from customers.

Kellen employs 195 worldwide, with offices in Atlanta, Brussels, New York, Tucson and Washington, D.C. North Highland's consulting service areas include supply chain management, strategic planning, process management, and IT management. Employees are part owners of the store through their participation in Wayfield's employee stock ownership plan. Through its homeownership efforts, over 2,000 housing units with supportive services have been created for chronically homeless. Business services provided include data entry, switchboard operation, janitorial services, and toner cartridge manufacturing. One of its businesses is its Family Store, which sells new and used clothing while creating employment opportunities for neighborhood residents. The group defends people accused of crimes and—win or lose—provides clients social services to rebuild their lives and break the cycle of crime and poverty. All net proceeds generated by the business unit go to support the mission of Project Open Hand, which, since the nonprofit's founding in 1988, has provided over 10 million meals to people in Atlanta with AIDS or other chronic disease or disability.
During the week, Cafe 458 provides nutritious meals to homeless men and women, served right in the restaurant. Tech Corps computer recycling program has provided computers and training to hundreds of teachers in the Atlanta area. In 2006, MARTA was one of two recipients nationally of the Clean Air Excellence Award in Community Development from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Its efforts have included developing a database of community organizations and its flagship Kenneth Cole Fellowship in Community Building and Social Change program. The center provides a forum for faculty to present their service learning projects to the college community and also provides a forum for community groups working with to make presentations of their work to the Morehouse College community. With the support of Living Cities and Enterprise, CDCs have developed 2,800 units of affordable housing in the past 15 years. In addition, HDDC has rehabilitated Henderson Place Apartments, a 58-unit complex serving low- and moderate-income families and has developed a mixed-use rental development comprised of 112 residential lofts, 17 commercial units, and 24 retail or artist gallery spaces.
Sixty eight percent of these loans were to pre-startup businesses and 55% of the entrepreneurs were considered low income.
Today, it is the largest community food co-op in the southeastern United States with over 4,000 members and $7.2 million in annual sales.
The microenterprise program has helped more than 110 participants capitalize their businesses; 75 more are currently in the program.

The group also runs a Home Resource and Furniture Store, which sells furniture, doors, paint, and other household items, while also providing community members with jobs and job training. The group's landscaping company, New Horizons Landscaping, was subsidized at first, but is now financially self-sufficient. On the weekend, Cafe 458 Weekend serves the general public, offering comfort food fused with nouveau southern style cuisine, with all proceeds going toward the funding of the Samarian House's rehabilitation programs.
Fees for the recycled computers (which start at a low base rate of $100) help fund some of the group's work.
In 2005, MARTA earned $3.1 million in revenue from land it leases for transit-oriented development projects. To date, Emory fellows have completed 17 collaborative community-building projects in the Atlanta area.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the Atlanta club tagged: atlanta georgia downtown buildings skyline photos. In part, this is simply a product of overall metropolitan growth, as the Atlanta area has been the nation's fastest growing region since 2000. Atlanta also has a number of anchor institutions, particularly universities, which promote community engagement. Through the youth program, 60 high-school seniors who graduated in June 2006 received more than $104,000 in matching funds. The group also raises sponsorship and grant income to cover costs further for those who cannot afford to pay for its services. Their work has helped change policies to encourage affordable housing and mixed-use, mixed-income development. But it may also be a sign that efforts to develop transit corridors and bring people into the city are bearing some fruit. Between 2000 and 2005, the Census Bureau estimates the city of Atlanta grew by an additional 54,000 people.

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