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From the moment you walk into the dramatic two story entry foyer, you know this 2 Family home is something special!
The basement level features a large studio apartment with two large rooms and acess to the garage. If you've been looking at 2 Family homes for sale in Glen Rock you know they're few & far between! Welcome to D Lucas Realty where we'll Open the Door to Your New Home in Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County.
I rarely come across a 3 family house with the kind of size and presence this one has on Linden Boulevard in East Faltbush, Brooklyn.
People familiar with the properties along Linden Boulevard are well aware that these homes were made for large families. At the first floor is a 3 bedroom apartment with a similar floor plan but with recent remodeling to its kitchen (with new appliances and recessed lighting). In fact, the entrance at the driveway makes the entire building available to you with its stairwell leading to all levels. And for those 1st time home buyers just starting their families, one of the best schools in the district is just across the street. About Michael CorleyMichael started Corley Realty Group In 2004 after discovering a better way to broker sales and rentals that shortened a property's time on market while delivering better market results that didn't rely on For Sale signs or Open Houses.
The number of foreclosed multi family homes for sale in New York City has risen in the past few years. According to the study, single family foreclosure homes in New York City have dominated housing reports, but the rise in foreclosures among multifamily rental dwellings in the area have actually risen at a pace that has not been seen since the early part of the 1990s.

The center's report showed that since at least 2007, over 2,100 rental multifamily properties have received notices of foreclosure in the city, with over 44,000 households believed to have been affected by these notices. In Brooklyn, nearly 1,500 multifamily rentals have received notices of foreclosures since 2007, affecting nearly 15,000 residential units. The increased number of multifamily foreclosed property for sale in New York City, market analysts have stated, affects tenants and whole neighborhoods, particularly those with huge supplies of multifamily rentals.
During the six months following the foreclosure notice, an average of 15% more code violations are often reported for these properties. Ideal for get togethers, BBQ'ng and a great place for kids to romp!  Have you seen any 2 Family homes for sale in Glen Rock that are comparable? A study conducted by the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy of New York University has revealed that foreclosure notices issued to rental multifamily structures with at least five units have risen in the past two years.
In addition, such foreclosures actually affect more people since rental multifamily buildings house almost 50% of all New York residents.
Among the boroughs, Brooklyn reportedly has the most number of multifamily foreclosed homes for sale in New York City. The study also revealed that seven out of the ten neighborhoods with the highest number of foreclosed multi family homes for sale in the city can be found in Brooklyn. Most of these multifamily buildings, they further added, are deteriorating as they remain distressed and unoccupied. The report also asserted that these foreclosed multi family homes for sale can be really costly for the city. It's also a fabulous investment opportunity.  Each side has it's own deck overlooking the property as well!

The report claimed that this may be partly due to the fact that the area has the biggest stock of small rental multifamily homes, with most of them ranging between five and 19 units. Last year, a total of 373 foreclosure notices were issued to Brooklyn multifamily rentals, the report also claimed, with Bedford-Stuyvesant accounting for 18% of these foreclosure-related notices. Such distressed buildings usually receive 21% more code violations within the quarter when the notice of foreclosure has been filed. Moreover, local communities, households and the general housing market are also affected by the deteriorating properties, particularly in hard-hit boroughs like Brooklyn. The property features a 40×100 lot with a two car garage and a private driveway where you can fit a few more vehicles. This brick home features four finished levels, from the basement all the way up to the spacious attic. Have lots of fun in the large, private backyard or enjoy a huge terrace of the second floor!
With lots of updates, light and space this unique investment opportunity awaits, but not for long!

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