Christmas Broadcast Schedule

Time: GMT

2330 Monday 12/24     Warrington Carols

0000 Tuesday 12/25     Warrington Midnight Mass

0430 Tuesday 12/25     Sarasota Carols

0500 Tuesday 12/25     Sarasota Midnight Mass

0645 Tuesday 12/25     Fribourg Mass at Dawn

0900 Tuesday 12/25     Fribourg Mass of Christmas Day

1100 Tuesday 12/25     Warrington Mass of Christmas Day

1330 Tuesday 12/25     Sarasota Mass at Dawn (Low Mass)

1530 Tuesday 12/25     Sarasota Mass of Christmas Day (Low Mass)

Due to conflicting schedules the following Masses will be available for viewing on demand.

Fribourg Midnight Mass: Will be available as the "Mass of Sunday" video

Guadalajara Midnight Mass: Will be available as the "Mass of Sunday" video

Warrington Mass at Dawn: Will be available as the "Mass of Sunday" video

Guadalajara Mass of Christmas Day: Will be available as the "Mass of the Day" video

Live Broadcast Schedule

Firbourg, Switzerland (sermons in French):

   Sunday & Holy Days:  10 AM Central European Time (GMT +1)    [4 AM ET (GMT-5)]

   Daily Mass:    Monday - Saturday:    9 AM CET                                    [3 AM ET]  

                              M,T,Th,Fri:      6:30 PM CET                                                   [12:30 PM ET]

Website for the Basilique Notre-Dame

Warrington, England:

   Sunday: 11 AM UK Time (GMT)                                                                     [6 AM ET]

                     6 PM UK Time                                                                                   [1 PM ET]

   Daily Mass M-Sa   12:10 PM UK Time                                                           [7:10 AM ET]

Website for St. Mary’s Shrine

Sarasota, Florida, USA:

   Sunday:    8:30 AM ET (GMT-5)

                       10:30 AM ET

   Daily Mass M-Sa:    9:00 AM ET

                         Fri:         6:30 PM ET

Website for Christ the King Catholic Church

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico:

   Currently there are no live streams from Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

   Recorded Masses are available for on-demand viewing.

Website for Nuestra Señora del Pilar

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