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It's also occurred to me that I really don't think Snyder is actually smart enough to properly portray the values of the original WW. Even if he did make her the dominant one, I don't find anything special or liberating about a female character demonstrating power through sexual iconography. How many superheroines as famous as Wonder Woman use sexual themes to display the themes relating to: A) Woman's dominance, and B) the society of the hero to reflect consequences to those who commit potentially war crimes? It seems to be the safe way to make a woman dominant because it still allows her to be appealing sexually. I'm not saying I prefer her to be a female Superman, but using sex to differentiate her seems like the usual crock to me.

Can you name any comicbook superhero introduced in the past 10 years (who is not a successor, I mean genuinely new)?
But if they were created along with all the other mainstay characters several generations ago, you betcha I could.
However, Azzarello's run has been very good (for the most part) and I'd be surprised if it wasn't selling well.
Azzarello's run is a very good Wonder Woman run, but some of it undermines part of her character. Always has been, but instead of being relatively subtle and used through her defeat of villains it became overt with gratuitous T&A.

The cut of her shorts was perhaps in compliance with 40's fashion, which was updated over time. At this point, I don't think there is even that much time for Snyder to really delve into the WW mythos.
But he could set up something that has potential to be explored in an interesting way in a solo movie.

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