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Hi I'm 27 years old DH and I have been together 8 years in July and married for a year and a half.
Natalie look on baby4you website they've this product called Femaprin - Vitex which has some amazing stories that I found when I googled it. Nat, it might not help, but my friend and her DH just conceived and she only had 3 periods last year! Hi Nat,I know how awful it is having super long cycles - so frustrating!!I took vitex for a while and it seemed to help a bit (I think??) but I have since gone off it just because I didn't feel right taking it (personal choice) after I had a miscarriage.
Thanks Julietta I have bought some vitex today and will start it tomorrow and see what happens.
Hi Nat I've just started on the Vitex at the start of this cycle all the research I've done suggests taking as long as you can as it can take up to 3 months to sort your system out apparently I'm gonna give it a really good go as so far I'm ok on it only thing I had to do was change from taking it in the morn to night time as on a empty stomach didn't help with me being a little lactose intolerant. UPDATE: I am happy to report that I got pregnant naturally before making a specialist appointment and I'm currently at 13 weeks.

I got myself some which I'm going to take for next cycle if not successful as I didn't believe I was Ov and thought this might help. I will have a look into trying acupuncture too.Birdy83 - I have had a read up on PCOS and found the below about it.
Had to have a dating scan as no AF since April but blood tests in early Oct had showed no ovulation. I have had AF once in April 13 (137 day cycle) and had strong cramps and tender breasts starting two weeks before AF so think that I did O. Luckily I am currently Ov so not to sure now lol anyway it looks great.I've long cycles too 40 days currently nowhere near as long as yours thou, but this might be worth a try? The irregular cycles definitely fits with me but second physical symptoms don't so not sure.
It's mad, and must be frustrating but it can and does happen You could try Vitex though, or acupuncture?

Secondly physical symptoms related to an increase in androgen hormones including acne, excess body hair or thinning hair.
Sometimes PCOS can lead to problems with fertility, and this can require the help of assisted reproductive technologies such as ovulation medication, IUI or IVF. Currently on 7 mth TTC so if anyone has any suggestions on what might be wrong or what to do to shorten cycles that would be greatly appreciated.

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