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Some doctors say that the first few months following giving birth are one of the most fertile times for a woman.
If a woman is breastfeeding, generally speaking, it is highly unlikely that she will get pregnant. If a woman is not solely breastfeeding, it is important for her to make sure to be on some form of birth control pretty much right away. Most women do not realize that whether or not they have a C-section or a vaginal delivery, it is possible to get pregnant right after giving birth. I’m a woman of 23 years of age and i had giving birth 2 months age and i had sex with my partner !
I am 29yrs, and Its been 13 days now since I lost my baby 7hours after delivery, she is sopose to be my 3rd child, the space between the her and the older brother is 5yrs 6mnts, my family have tried all they can for me to get over it but I cant. I have postnatal mother who has just given birth five weeks ago, is it posible for me to have unprotected sex? My blood start june 7 after finish my blood when i should sex my husband because I really what to get pregnant again. I delivered my first child last March 2015, I am worried to check if I am pregnant again because its too early . Hi, I had a baby Oct 6, she was perfectly fine, and the most amazing baby I could have ever asked for. I am 21 and my baby was still born, my husband had cum on his fingers and put them in me 2 weeks post partum, could I be pregnant again? Hi girls im 4 week postpartum and Saturday night me & my partner had protected sex but when we were done he took the condum off and it had a little tiny hole where it was bearly wet like drops coming out.
I just want to mention that I am in the same aituation, I’m a little younger but I just gave birth to my first son Jasper two months ago yesterday.

If a woman is solely breastfeeding, and her periods have not returned to normal yet, breastfeeding in and of itself can be around 98 percent effective as birth control. The time after giving birth is a very fertile time, and women should make sure that they are having protected sex. Although most women wait to get the all clear from their doctor at their six week check-up, it doesn’t always happen that way.
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Someone sugested that the easiest way for me to forget is to immidiately get pregnant again. Your body is in prime shape and condition, and the eggs that your body has are the freshest and highest quality. It is comparable to pregnancy in your 20′s, perhaps with a smaller increased risk of complications like gestational hypertension or gestational diabetes. The body has used up all of the best quality eggs, and the less than optimal eggs are the ones that will be used during the 40s. Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Did you know that a woman can become pregnant as soon as two to three weeks after giving birth, even if she has not yet had a period?
As a baby gets older, and begins to eat less frequently, as well as beginning to supplement with other foods, a woman’s periods will slowly start to return to normal. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! Getting older means less of a chance of getting pregnant, or having to wait a longer time to get pregnant.

This is why women in their 40s have such a higher chance of chromosomal abnormalities, like Down Syndrome. As a woman’s periods begin to return to normal, she will begin to be able to get pregnant again.
When a woman is about ten years out from menopause, she stops being able to conceive naturally, however, there is no way to tell just when this change will occur. There are, however, a few different things that will determine just how fertile a woman is after giving birth. Other risks can be associated with pregnancy later in life as well, so the 20′s are just naturally the best time. Getting pregnant in your 40′s is very hard, and most women will have extremely hard times conceiving at this point in life. The body has used up the majority of the best eggs by this time, and will begin using up the less than perfect eggs. However, assisted reproductive technologies like IVF make this a much easier task for women who wish to conceive after age 40. They might still be looking for a partner, they might be focusing on college and career, or they might not be financially stable enough to start a family so early.

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