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Heartburn Diet and recipe:Breakfast High-fiber hot or cold cereal with nonfat or 1% low-fat milk.
Evening Exercise Dinner (moderate-sized portions of) Higher fiber pasta (like Barilla Plus) with less-fat Alfredo sauce or pesto sauce with some meat or fish if desired (like cooked shrimp or strips of lean beef). Heartburn is a very uncomfortable and painful burning feeling in the chest.  A pain rising from the stomach spreads towards the upper chest, throat and neck because of the stomach acid that splashes up into the esophagus. Occasional heartburn does not cause any serious health risk, but if you get it quite often, you might be suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Home Remedies For Heartburn There are plenty of over-the-counter or prescription medicines available, but most of them bring instant but non-lasting relief from heartburn.  Here are the 12 best natural remedies that can not only help to bring relief from discomfort of heart burn but also prevent heartburn from occurring. Potato The juice extracted from a potato not only helps to neutralize the stomach acids, but also helps the esophagus’ lining to heal completely. Apple Cider Vinegar Though apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, yet it can work to balance the acid production by neutralizing the acidity level.
Ginger Ginger has been used for centuries for treating digestive problems as well as heartburn.

Almonds Chewing a handful of raw almonds can bring relief from heartburn by neutralizing the stomach acids.
Apples and Bananas Eating apple can bring relief from burning sensation by calming down the acid production. Licorice Root Tea Licorice root has been used for centuries for treating digestive problems. Chewing Gum Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva which acts as a defensive response against accumulation of acid build up.  Saliva acts as acid buffer as it is alkaline in pH. Fennel Tea Fennel contains anti-spasmodic properties that increase gastric juices in the stomach. Cinnamon To get relief from the discomfort and burning associated with heartburn, you can drink cinnamon tea.
This is one of the safest, simplest as well as most effective remedies for treating heartburn. Bananas also act as natural antacids.  Both apples and bananas have alkalinizing effect and can neutralize the excess stomach acid very fast.

By minimizing the inflammation on the esophagus tissues that has been caused by acid reflux, licorice can bring relief from heartburn. Drinking fennel tea will help to relax the muscle lining of the esophagus and prevent acid reflux.
The moment you begin to experience discomfort caused by indigestion you can eat a small piece of raw ginger or prepare a drink by combining 1tbsp ginger juice, 1tbsp lemon juice and 2tbsp honey in a glass of warm water and drink. Swallowing helps wash out the acid within the esophagus by pushing out the acid back into your stomach.  Choosing sugar-free gum after eating your meal will prevent heartburn.
To ease the discomfort of heartburn, boil water and add 2 teaspoons of fennel seed in a cup of boiling water. Stir the mixture for a few minutes till it turns cloudy due to the starch and then drink it right away to get effective results.

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