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Given all the research about pesticide dangers and diseases it has been attributed to such as Parkinson’s it  still amazes me that foods grown with chemicals still make up the vast majority of foods consumed. Just this week 3 new studies came out that looked at the effect of pesticides on children IQ while they were in utero.
Prenatal exposure to pesticides in the womb were associated with lower IQ scores at 7 years old in California farm workers. Measuring umbilical cord blood researches showed clear correlation between the amount of a common agricultural pesticide and a lower IQ score at 7 years of age. New York City children exposed to organophosphates in the womb negatively impacted cognitive development and reasoning up to 9 years of age. In addition also released this week was a study that concluded Russian boys exposed to dioxins pre-puberty showed a delay in puberty and testicular maturation.

Can someone please give me an answer as to why one would want to eat non-organic food during pregnancy?   (The only people I can think that can would be ones in poverty and relying on subsidies for food.)  You get what you pay for and  the evidence that organic food is superior is clear. We offer many individualized treatment modalities: Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Pancha Karma , Psychosomatic Energetics , Functional Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat a wide range of chronic and acute conditions.
Coconut in any form such as solid form , coconut oil, tender coconut, ripe coconut, coconut water, etc are all very beneficial to be had during pregnancy. A recent study showed that the new class of pesticides called pyrethroid (supposedly safer) negatively affects neurological development of toddlers at 3 years. Coconut can be safely consumed during the 9 months of pregnancy.A coconut is rich in essential nutrients that are most needed during pregnancy. And a couple of months ago a study showed that certain pesticides are anti-androgenic and may delay or inhibit a boys development during puberty. The essential fatty acids present in coconut oil help in the proper development of the baby and its growth.Lauric acid present in coconut helps to increase breast milk production and also prevents joint pain during pregnancy.

Coconut also contains vitamin E that is also beneficial for pregnant women.Hence, you must eat coconut in any form during your pregnancy to get a healthy baby and to prevent pregnancy-related sicknesses. You must eat a dry coconut or a wet one in the morning to get relief from the annoying morning sickness or nausea. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that helps in the formation of breast milk during pregnancy and lactation phase. Eating coconut can increase your blood circulation, and thus prevent the leg pain and swelling. Coconut milk is rich in iron and expecting mothers can drink coconut milk to get their dose of iron on a regular basis.

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