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Explain that you use Parish Online (your cloud-based mapping system if they ask) and you'd like some additional layers of information. The Parish Online team will then load the layers into Parish Online and they'll be visible in your account.
To make this process easy for the GIS Officer, Getmapping can receive the data via email or FTP.
If I create a map in Parish Online using the Print tool, can I share it online or in print? Getmapping is the UK’s leading supplier of aerial photography, mapping products and data hosting solutions. Has your community identified a health problem and a strategy for addressing it, but reached a roadblock to action because of inadequate funding? Whether you have never contemplated writing a grant proposal and feel intimidated about how to begin, or you have written grant proposals in the past but feel a bit rusty and want to enhance your capacity, this is the tool for you!
A grant is a sum of money given to an agency or individual to address a problem or need in the community.
You want to start a new project (for example, you have identified a need in your community, and documented that no support services or related programs exist to address the need).
You want to expand an existing project and costs cannot be covered in your current budget (for example, you have a program that serves families living at 150% of the Federal Poverty Level, but you want to expand it to serve families living at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, thereby increasing enrollment numbers and the need for staffing, supplies, etc.).
You know of a granting agency that makes awards to pay for the program or initiative that you envision for the need or problem that you have identified. You know that you meet the eligibility standards for awards available via grants (for example, some grant awards are limited to educational institutions).
You are able to commit the time, energy, and other resources needed for the grant-writing process. Where can you find Calls for Proposals, Requests for Proposals, Requests for Applications, Notices of Funding Availability, or Program Announcements? An important note: While all of the suggestions below for finding potential grant sources are still good ones, there have been some changes since this section was originally written. The Foundation Center provides an online directory of grant makers, philanthropic news, and other information relevant to finding resources for community programs. Special regional centers with walk-in libraries such as Associated Grantmakers, with offices in major U.S. And, if the aforementioned resources still don't yield what you are looking for, you can always ask around.
A grant proposal is often a labor-intensive undertaking that requires a commitment of resources devoted to producing a document as long as 15 - 50 pages or more in a relatively short period of time. At the same time, because readers often have to wade through a large number of proposals, a well-written one often can receive more attention and even a higher rating.
While some Requests for Proposals may include unique requirements that you must read carefully and follow, many grant proposals follow a similar structure. Research numerous state and national statistics about women, infants, children, adolescents, and children with special health care needs at the Title V Information System website of the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration.
Access the full range of Federal Government statistical information available to the public, with links to 70 federal data sources at FedStats.
For example, your community may have experienced a lot of growth in population and housing developments in the past five years.
Finally, as you research the approaches or solutions that have been implemented to date, think about whether your grant proposal will be building upon existing efforts, introducing a unique strategy, or some combination of both.
There is no right or wrong way to present the information within the standard grant proposal sections as long as it is in a logical order that is easy to read. If the addition of tables or graphs will make your needs statement more persuasive, definitely include them.
Once you have captured the attention of the reviewers by clearly and effectively documenting the need for funding, you get to present the details of how you plan to implement your program. Do not be discouraged if you find it difficult to write objectives that meet each and every one of the criteria listed above. Building on the example goal of eliminating disparity among Medicaid enrollees' and privately insured consumers' use of prenatal care in Fertile County, below are two examples of how a related objective might be written.
It is specific - 50 postpartum Medicaid enrollees and 50 privately insured clients will be surveyed prior to discharge from the hospital.
It is measurable - information can be collected because it will be collected in person (unless patients do not give their consent to participate).
Once you feel comfortable drafting objectives, you should determine whether or not they are "process" versus "outcome" objectives.
A process objective measures the accomplishment of tasks completed as part of the implementation of a program.
How will you document how many pamphlets have been distributed, and which staff will be responsible for that?
Understand that the timeline is meant to be used for planning purposes and may be revised over time. The purpose of the evaluation plan is to show how you will measure the completion or success of process and outcome objectives.
Documentation of this objective should be straightforward, but it is surprising how difficult it can be to get health care facilities and staff to adopt a new data collection form or task and assure that those who interact with patients are recording data consistently and correctly.
The most important thing to remember about outcome measures with this structure is that you should already have baseline data – current statistics that describe the percentage of men between the ages of 30 - 50 with high blood pressure living in Coronary County. The fact that you are including the objective in your proposal means that you should have data to back up the need to address it.
When you evaluate the impact of your program, you will re-measure (or research statistics in an existing surveillance system) the percentage of men between the ages of 30 - 50 with high blood pressure living in Coronary County, in order to compare pre- and post-program high blood pressure statistics. Let's assume that you assess the percentage of 30-50 year old men with high blood pressure before you implement your program, then three years later.
For example, let's say a different community-based organization in Coronary County received a grant in the same year that you did.
One purpose of your evaluation would be to determine whether or not the percentage of men ages 30 - 50 with high blood pressure decreased because you educated men about ways to prevent heart disease, or because half of the men who participated in another program adopted a regular exercise regimen. Once you have drafted the detailed information for your goals and objectives, methods, and evaluation plan, you will have the foundation for your budget request.
Fringe benefits may include half an employee's social security and Medicare payments (public agencies are exempt) and voluntary benefits such as medical, dental, disability, life insurance, and retirement plans.
Otherwise known as overhead, indirect costs are defined as an attempt to compensate the organization for the cost of housing a project. An in-kind line item will not add any costs to the project because it is paid for or absorbed by the agency applying for the grant. In the Budget Justification, be sure to clearly describe the need for each line item total requested. Example Budget Justification for a travel line item of $2115: The Project Director will present project findings at a total of three national conferences in year two of the project. If you are required to submit budget projections for multiple years, remember to include a cost of living raise in staff salaries and allow for inflation among supplies, utilities, etc.
If you are inexperienced with a proposed activity (such as conducting focus groups), talk with someone who has done this to gain insight as to how much to budget for.
For example, say you have proposed to conduct three focus groups with low-income parents of children with special health care needs (ages 0 - 3) in your county over the next 6 months.
Will you offer an incentive (e.g., money or on-site child care during the sessions) for focus group participation? Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but you can see how one proposed activity has many planning and implementation details tied to it. Use this section of your proposal to convince the reviewers why you should be funded rather than someone else. Emphasize agency strengths and current contributions to the field or community in the topic area for which you are requesting funding. Federal or state agencies often want to see a long-term plan for the self-sustainability of a project. Some initiatives will need to be in place for years to come if they are to have a long-term impact on outcomes such as health status indicators.
For example, you cannot expect to get 25% of smokers to quit smoking within a two-year grant cycle, but perhaps after a decade of persistent programming, smoking rates will drop substantially.
While you cannot guarantee that your proposed program will be self-sustainable, it is important to make your best case for sustainability and describe a plan.
If the answers to these questions are "yes", discuss the strategy and time line for establishing the revenue-generating component of the project. In these times of shrinking state budgets, the numbers of grant proposals submitted far outweigh the number of grants available.
So, once you have identified a need or problem within your community, done your homework and documented the problem, and presented a credible and persuasive strategy for addressing the need or problem, what else can you do to ensure that your grant proposal is "top notch"? A grant proposal is a labor-intensive undertaking that requires a commitment of resources devoted to producing a long document in a relatively short period of time. If you are intimidated by the writing element or do not want to manage it alone, solicit the help of a colleague or someone collaborating in your effort to secure funding. Guidelines for grant writing from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance address preparation for and writing of a grant. The Foundation Center provides an online directory of grantmakers (by subscription), philanthropy news, and other information relevant to finding resources for community programs. The Grantsmanship Center provides information about federal, state, community and international funders.
The Internet Nonprofit Center publishes the Nonprofit FAQ, a resource of information provided by participants in online discussions about nonprofits and their work. Ohio Literacy Resource center provides links to grant writing information and funding information on the Internet. Philanthropy Journal Online is an electronic publication of the Philanthropy Journal of North Carolina. The Virtual Foundation is an online philanthropy program that supports grassroots initiatives around the world. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. When we visited the NMSU Learning Games Lab in February, their team had some questions common questions about social media. No matter which social media tool you’re using, you want to make sure any video you share is short and sweet.
Because this is a video, there are only so many different ways you can go about changing how you post it, but it is possible. Sample post: Google+ is a safe haven at the moment for techies and nerds who have lost interest in Facebook and Twitter. Think about the way that information is communicated online, or even with text message today.
Often with meme’s they will feature the same image with different saying or text on them. An example of a popular recent meme is the “Keep Calm and Carry On” Often replicated and changed to fit popular culture. The original was a World War 2 poster that the British used. Below is an example of meme that has taken this British poster and gave it popular culture with the hit by Kansas, Carry on Wayward Song. In order to help share information I thought it might be interesting to shake things up with some quick information that you can use immediately! Type your first and last name in the search box, and maybe the town you live in if you think that your name is considered to be “common” ie: John Smith. Do not give or post personal information such as full birthday, address, phone number, or ID number. Digital footprints can be a positive tool for professionals marketing themselves or their business. Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short video clips. Uses: Similar to youtube in the fact that it is a video, but more information to show fun moments, or share things that people couldn’t be at. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Watch out for: Privacy settings should be reviewed to ensure that content is not being shared with unwanted parties. Google+ is a social networking and identity service that is owned and operated by Google Inc. Uses: They are aiming to give a complete package of good products with google + Often used more with businesses, or professionals, young adults have not adopted this platform as much yet.
Watch out for: Privacy settings should be set up to protect information about location, or identifiable traits. Uses: Works to allows multiple users to participate in a web conference format with voice, and optional video. Watch out for: Your own appropriateness of content that you share, and what kind of information you share. Watch out for: Users without a smartphone will be charged for each text sent – or standard messaging rates do apply. Uses: Notetaking and collecting of documents in a way that is similar to a box, but allows for the creation of notebooks instead of documents and folders.
Watch out for: Free version is usually enough for the regular user, but sometimes you need the paid version to get what you need.
What is something that can engage your clientele, and add some pizazz to your presentations, marketing, or reporting?
The Ed Tech team is working to design a workshop for Extension professionals to develop their skills in making videos for these purposes.
Through this workshop we will explore five major areas: brainstorming, pre-production, production, post-production, and other topics.
The art of keeping up to date with social media, and knowing what the next best thing might be is nearly impossible. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies.
Uses: Useful for finding information about activities for programming (recipes, gardening, crafts, games), visual learners will find content more appealing, suitable for those who like to sort and organize information in notebook format. Uses: Take pictures of events as they happen to share with only a group of people who share the application on their phone. Watch out for: Gives a false sense of security, users often forget that it disappears but still can be captured with other cameras or software.

Whisper is a free iOS and Android mobile app, which allow users to send messages anonymously and receive replies.
Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them. Uses: Post pictures to show information to people about where you are, or what you are doing, without “clogging” up your facebook newsfeed. Watch out for: Check privacy settings, and be careful about what kind of pictures are shared and if their information helps to locate someone (or stalk). Frequently the question comes along that many Extension professionals wish to build an online presence or gathering place for their clientele.
The steps listed below are taken from screenshots of my facebook as of the last week of January 2014. After clicking to create a new group, you will see a box pop up with fill in the blank information.
The best advice that I can give people using groups is to explore the options, and test the waters! 1.Explore other counties, states, or groups ideas for community service, fund raising, projects, or craft ideas. The code “consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background” (Neal, 2012, para.
Ideas for application will be addressed in a future blog post, but I would love to hear about the QR codes you are using in your program! In the history of Cooperative Extension information has been collected from the university, and delivered to the people whom it can benefit.
Extension must be willing to address new methods if we plan to remain relevant to future audiences. Looking for a way to visually represent those proposals you may have just finished for annual conference?  The focus of this post is on a website that I frequent. From taking the comments made about the session, I was able to copy and past the information into Wordle and share in a glimpse what our training focused on. For those of you who like to follow directly along we will be pasting the following into the top box. Note: The “Randomize” Button is also a unique option for giving you different looks with the same words. For more professional use, I have found that if I copy and paste a large paper in worlde, it will show the words that I am using the most (the larger words remember). To get access to layers of mapping such as these, the GIS Officer at the Council needs to supply them to Getmapping so they can be included in Parish Online for all Local Councils within the Council boundary. It depends on the information you're after, so ask the GIS Officer what update schedules they recommend. A dedicated Secure FTP account can be created for this process if there will be regular updates.
A grant can provide that much-needed funding and enhance the community's capacity for change. This discussion primarily covers how to apply for grants available through the public sector, but many of the strategies can be applied to foundation grant proposals as well. The written document that one prepares as a means of requesting or applying for this money (funding) is a grant proposal. Organizations or individuals can use grants to accomplish their stated purposes, objectives, within their own policies and guidelines. In the public sector, money is raised via taxes and other government revenue, and then allocated through legislation to address social issues. Congress established an abstinence education program as part of welfare reform legislation. A great deal more information is now available online, and many public funders actually require electronic, rather than paper, submission of grant proposals. While sometimes a little more difficult to locate online, state contracts registers include RFAs for contracts available with government agencies. The online directory of grants available requires a $9.99 one-month subscription fee for access to thousands of grant opportunities for researchers, students, artists, and other individuals.
Talk with colleagues locally and nationally and with other people you know who have grant writing experience. When a Request for Proposals is released by an agency, the deadline for proposal submission is often as little as one month away. While grammar, spelling, and cohesion are certainly important elements of a well-written proposal, substantive elements (such as identifying the need for funding for your topic or population of interest) are ones in which you can be creative in how you present the information. If there are no good writers within your organization, find someone who is willing to edit your proposal and turn it into elegant prose. The cover letter should be on agency stationery and signed by the appropriate organizational official. This is where you really grab the reviewer's attention and make your case for the need for funding. For instance, you might consider using census data for your county, or other existing sources for your area that provide indicators of the behaviors or outcomes you are addressing. If you locate existing county level data, it is also good to research comparable data at the state and local levels, because your argument that the current situation in your area is a problem will be more effective if you present it in relative terms.
Some reviewers may be searching for that fresh, innovative approach to a problem that has been well documented but not yet addressed effectively. Just remember that your grant proposal is your first opportunity to effectively communicate the need for funding for your special interest or population to a specific foundation or other agency, so make it count. This section of your proposal should guide the reviewer step by step through all activities needed to accomplish your goal(s) in a way that will continue to engage the reviewer's interest and excitement. Objectives are specific statements that will indicate to the reviewer exactly how you plan to achieve your goals. Information concerning the objective can be collected, detected, or obtained from records (at least potentially). Not only are the objectives themselves possible, it is likely that your organization will be able to pull them off. Your organization has a clear understanding of how these objectives fit in with the overall vision and mission of the group. Your organization has developed a timeline (a portion of which is made clear in the objectives) by which they will be achieved. They stretch the group to set its aims on significant improvements that are important to members of the community.
The next step in the proposal writing process will be to break down each objective into a series of activities needed to achieve it.
You have a process objective for distributing 500 copies of the patient education pamphlet, "Heart Disease Prevention" to men between the ages of 30 and 50 in Coronary County. If yes, briefly describe it, the credibility of the organization that developed it, and include a copy in your appendices. This chart is used to present a detailed list of all activities and their projected date of completion. Be sure that your plan includes details about how information will be collected and analyzed. So, as part of your evaluation plan, you would need to design a system that would yield appropriate documentation of the distribution of the pamphlets.
The other program targeted men ages 20 - 40 with education about the importance of daily cardiovascular exercise.
Unless you can afford to budget for an evaluation consultant, design the evaluation plan within the strengths and limitations of program and staff resources. You will now need to assign corresponding dollar amounts to staff positions and activities.
A person working 20 hours a week will be listed at .5 FTE, and the actual amount for salary requested in the budget will be 50% of the proposed salary for that position.
In kind services might include paying for rent (perhaps a separate grant within the agency already covers this, so the agency can afford to not request rent as a line item of the budget in the new grant proposal).
In one or two sentences per budget line item, show the reviewer exactly how you arrived at the total for an item. And each detail potentially increases the amount of money that you need to request in your line item budget.
Obtain letters of support (or letters of participation) for the proposal appendices from the same collaborators you mention in this section. Therefore, if a foundation or other agency can only afford to fund this particular issue for two years, it may want to know how you plan to continue tobacco use prevention efforts in your community over the long term.
As a rule of thumb, most projects rely entirely on the funding source in year one, as this is the year that planning and implementation activities are accomplished. Letters should be signed by an Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer of the collaborating or supporting agency. Organizational and community leaders seeking funding for special interests or populations must therefore prepare grant proposals that are superior to their competitors'. Listed below are some things to consider as you complete the final, comprehensive review of your draft proposal. Have you shown that you have the capacity to access primary data [data that you collect via interviews, surveys, or focus groups] or secondary data [existing data such as census data]?
Pay attention to funder criteria regarding margins, text spacing, and single- versus double-sided pages, bound versus stapled, etc. Make a plan to stay organized, noting essential pieces of information (such as the deadline for submission, mailing address, number of copies to be submitted, etc.).
Screened projects are posted on the website where they can be read and funded by online donors. They are working on refining their social media strategy and were curious about how they should tailor their messages to fit each social media platform (i.e.
The video above is a simple illustration of a viral video that gives the viewer educational, fact-based information. With the creation of Vine and Instagram videos, people’s attention spans continue to decrease. Use a link shortener to keep the link small, and include relevant hashtags that will help people find the video.
With the introduction of the popular world wide web in the 1990’s, the meme morphed into a more specific ideal of how information was exchanged through online interaction.
Designed to be put in public places, such as transportation the idea was that the poster would only be hung up if the Germans invaded Britain. If there is just a snippet of information that someone wants to get out to the public, a meme may be the way to do it! The branding attached would give Extension as well as Ohio State exposure to the public as a place of resource in their communities. The purpose of this post is to give informative information about applications you may come across in the work environment. Easily added are pictures that help to tell a story, but even more exciting is the possibility of making a movie that literally can speak volumes to anyone who sees it – even when you are not there. Part of the goal in explaining our ideas is that you will collaborate and we can build to make this a great experience! These areas will lead professionals through types of videos, suggested software (both paid and free), planning a video, lighting, location, equipment needed, how to edit, and how to publish your video. But I hope to highlight some of the social media apps that I have seen with increasing popularity with youth and adults alike. Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. Kik offers swift text messaging service and also allows users to share photos, sketches, voice messages, and other content. Users post messages which are displayed as text superimposed over an image, similar to greeting cards.
A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 16:9 aspect ratio now typically used by mobile device cameras. The good news is, if you follow the outlined steps below, it is possible to build a positive page that will connect interested parties together. This is the page that will show the news feed to the right, and then on the left a list of links including your pages, and groups that you currently follow or are a part of. You will then be able to name your group, add members, and determine your privacy settings.
Members can reply with comments, but if you wanted to find out what kind of pizza to order for your next meeting, you could list options and ask all the participants to vote.
From here you can post documents for members to review, or remind them of meetings with a listing, or contact information. Not all groups need a Facebook groups page, but there are many groups that could benefit from the added communication.
Flyers, store windows, soup cans, game controllers, and a bottle of lotion are all found to have this square of tiny dots in what seems to be a random pattern. The options can be nearly endless, but many of the codes access links to extra information about a product, or a coupon for services from a business. Marketing with flyers, collection of survey information at a conference, or playing an interactive “scan-venger” hunt with your audience can help them engage with their devices.
In order for the system to continue disseminating information to the public it must be understood how technology fits into our playing field.  Cooperative Extension must realize where it has come from to develop an ideal of where it will go in the future.
People had a need for this practical information, with little to no engine to drive it to the masses. Only recently have we been able to exchange information from long distances via email or the world wide web.
Wordle is a fun and EASY way to make word clouds that represent your ideas in a more visual format. You will click the “Create” button at the top of the page to begin creating your very own Wordle.
Going through the list will give you a better idea of what would look the most professional in each situation.
The two main features to know are the “rounder vs straighter edges” and orientation of the text “horizontal, vertical, half and half”.  The best thing to do is to click away and try each feature to get a feel for them, it is almost virtually impossible to “mess up” a wordle! Once you have your worlde the best thing I have found to “capture” it is to take a screen shot of your screen and paste it into a word document or paint. For the Galaxy conference I had the evaluations of the teen leadership program printed on the poster. Contracts are legally binding, and represent an arrangement in which contracting agencies (federal or state government, for example) buy services from organizations or individuals in order to fulfill obligations or responsibilities. Congress pledged $50 million annually for five years to state administrative agencies, which were then given autonomy to determine programmatic priorities and award community - level funding to entities such as community organizations, local health departments, and faith based organizations.

The first place to look, generally, is online, using Google to search for something like “grant for [the area in which you’re looking for funding].” An advantage here, in addition to speed and the fact that you’re likely to find several potential funders, is that the websites you find will usually contain a great deal of background information about the funder, names of contact people, clear guidelines for eligibility and proposal writing, and a large amount of other useful information. So be prepared to work hard on the development of a grant proposal, keeping in mind that the hard work is finite – only a few weeks – for potentially multiple years of funding to address your identified problem or need.
In fact, innovative or creative approaches can enhance a grant proposal's likelihood of success! There’s often an assumption on the part of the reader or the agency – and it’s often true – that if you don’t take care in writing your cover letter and proposal, you won’t take care running your program, either.
Therefore, it is helpful to have a clear purpose, identified need, and some idea as to your strategy for addressing that need ahead of time.
An RFP may include a limitation on the number of pages that an abstract can be, but a good rule of thumb is no more than two pages. You want to keep the reviewer interested enough to read on and learn more about your important ideas. Furthermore, you will refer to it time and time again over the course of program implementation. The methods section describes in detail how you propose to carry out your goals and objectives over the course of a project. In the Methods section, you need to show reviewers that you have carefully considered the steps necessary for planning and implementing this objective. If yes, include a discussion about how you plan to solicit and involve local physicians in your effort.
One cannot train staff members until the staff is hired; if the hiring process takes four months versus two, the training timeline will also need to be adjusted. Most likely, you will use a combination of both approaches depending on the types of objectives you draft. Remember, too, that the system needs to be "user friendly" so staff will use and follow it.
50% of the men exposed to that intervention adopted a regimen of 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times per week.
For three trips averaging three days and two nights each, the total request for travel is $2115 [$1200 airfare, $315 food, and $600 hotel]. It is better to discover those before you submit your grant proposal than after you are working within a set budget that could require that you reduce the total number of activities or exclude some altogether. While reviewers may need no convincing that the issue is important, timely, etc., they have a limited amount of funds to award.
But by year two, you may be able to include some revenue-generating activities in your time line. You may want to draft the letters for each collaborator (in fact, they may request that you do this), but make sure that each letter is unique to your working relationship and shared interests. Have you clearly indicated whether or not you will be evaluating implementation versus short- versus long-term outcomes, or all three?
Once again, if there’s no one in your organization who can write or edit well enough to make sure that the proposal is grammatical and well-organized, find someone who can to help you.  It’s important enough to take some pains to get it right. What a post on Facebook should look like compared to Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.) This is such a common question, we thought a blog post was in order! There are some great keys to the success of this video, and small snippet animation with it. First, the message is simple. Some topics warrant a longer video (say, a video on how to water bath can tomatoes, for instance).
Here, the example is from my personal Instagram account, but I’m sharing an Extension-produced message. Amy Hayes presented a great session at NeXC on how to utilize Instagram – you may want to check it out. For more information on how to find out which social media platforms would be beneficial for you, click here. Her little angry face is the same, but the words change (for the record, the angry cat is a female and named Tadar Sauce). Maybe something about hand washing, or something about gardening practices could be popular with many people on social media. While putting together a meme may seem just like extra work, the ability to grab someone’s attention is a visual way online is worth the reach and interaction you can gain. Follow along with the steps and learn first hand what a digital footprint is, and how it works.
The information can range from social media, to content submitted online, or cookies that your computer has saved from your web searched.
Videos allow the viewer to be transported to the kitchen, the field, or 4-H Camp without leaving their couch. While these apps may never peak your own interest, understanding how they work can help all of us to have positive conversations with others (especially youth) about how we leave a digital footprint, and how our actions now may haunt us later. Once connected, following a number of steps can lead your group in the right direction to being a frequently visited social hub, versus being a tumbleweed in social media. The ability to communicate and provide access to this information is very important to those who may have a different schedule than 9-5pm.
However, the pattern is anything but random and the impact of the square is anything but tiny. Social media, V cards (contact information), and Wi-Fi connections are also applications that are often seen with QR codes.
You click what kind of connection you wish for the code to make and copy the URL to the box. In other words, how do we keep Cooperative Extension relevant in times of exploding information at the click of a mouse?
There was no one to show, teach, or demonstrate the benefit of a new method.  Agricultural societies played a large part in the transition of education and how we view the working person.
Doing it in a manner that leaves people with a feeling of accomplishment is what motivates us. Do your audiences demand other forms or receiving information from basic communications to events and lesson plans? I then copy and paste the terms into wordle and it gives the teen a nice visual description of themselves. It was a good way to visually break up the design and fun to look at for people passing by. Searching for grants and submitting proposals online is now probably the best – and preferred – way of finding possible grants. If that search does not yield results, you may need to access funding opportunities more indirectly by going to state government agency home pages. You should really have those things in mind anyway as you conduct research for RFPs so you can identify which agency missions and grant opportunities match your interests. Therefore, you can interview school administrators, parents, subdivision residents, and students as a means of documenting the problem. Even if program staff changes over time, the project description should provide a road map for anyone to understand and follow.
Process evaluation assesses the implementation of a program, emphasizing activities to be completed (for example, "distribute 500 copies of a flyer"). Those same men are part of your evaluation sample three years after you implement your program. Maybe funding for a special interest will only be available until elections bring in new legislators with different fiscal and policy priorities.
Highlight the significance of the proposed collaborative relationship in the context of proposal goals and objectives. You can also paste the YouTube video link to allow the video to automatically play when people come across it on their newsfeed. I took a screenshot of the video with my phone, then chose a cool Instagram filter to apply to the picture. Sharing is key on Google+, so include the source of information and why you think it’s useful. Today, we see meme’s almost as quickly as we learn about the news or popular culture that they relate to.
Popular culture can often be unpredictable, but there are many ways to bring a meme to the internet population in a way that would make it funny AND educational. With sites like Pixabay for graphics, and a graphic editing program as simple as paint, a meme can be born!
Notes can be sorted into folders, then tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported as part of a notebook. The following directions start with you already having a personal facebook profile to begin with. Click that link, and then click on the Create new group button on the following page in the upper right hand corner.
If you want the group to be open to the public (ie: Van Wert County 4-H) you could make it a page, or make it an open group. This list has been generated for volunteers, especially those who interact with 4-H clubs, but can be adapted for almost any organization. If you own a smartphone or tablet device there are a number of free readers available in those online stores for download. Once created you can save the QR code and insert it into any document such as word, PowerPoint, or publisher.
As they grew, the concern for an increase in knowledge prompted the land grants that inevitably led to the development of a college for the common person.
As with all changes before, their focus was to obtain the information and give it to the public. While not usually verified, it allows the user to find information through the means of a search engine quickly and effectively. When you type words into the wordle (which we will get to soon) words that are typed more than once become bigger. In fact, Jerry Thomas did this in one of my graduate classes, and I still have it in my office! Highlight key or essential elements (such as the deadline for submission, mailing address, number of copies to be submitted, etc.) as you read through the RFP. Other factors such as competing programs may have been solely responsible for the percentage change, or may have indirectly enhanced the impact of your program.
Also summarize your and your collaborating agency's capacity and strengths for addressing the problem or need identified in the proposal.
One source notes that 50% of proposals funded are resubmissions that were denied the first time. Like Twitter, many people utilize Google+ as part of their personal learning network, so they look for information to learn from and share – not necessarily to just entertain themselves.
Unable to see the emotions of the person typing meant there had to be a way developed that communicated how someone felt, otherwise something serious could be taken lightly, or something aimed to be lighthearted might be taken seriously. The I can has cheezburger meme has led to more cat pictures with funny sayings, often trying to give a human-like facade to cats.
Simply by typing your name any person can look up information about you (or someone who shares your name). However, if you are working with youth, or people who may not wish for their information about meetings to be public (ie 4-H club Facebook groups) I often suggest that the group be secret.
His work through research, communications, and demonstrations led to a strong argument being made that there should be institutions where people could gain information relevant to farming. If the purpose of Extension is to share relevant information with the public, are we missing an entire audience that is relying on search engines for their information? What can Ed Tech’s do to help you choose those appropriate forms of education through technology? So by looking at the world above, you can tell that more of the evaluations mentioned “kids” than  “responsibility”.
For example, for every four dollars awarded, a grantee (you) may be required to contribute matching funds of two dollars. It shows the animation of the chicken and bacteria being spread as the person puts it under the running water.
The idea of relating an animal to human problems has been popular with almost every animal imaginable. The idea is that there are so many people who support 4-H that they will share those photos and more and more people will be exposed to it. As a member you have a number of options – including posting messages, pictures, asking a question, or uploading a file.
He believed that this education should be for anyone, even those not enrolled in a higher education institution. With the amount of people of all ages relying on smartphones, tablets, and laptops are we providing an easy way to find information regarding the problems they are encountering at that exact moment? Now you also get some words in there that don’t really do anything more than fill space, such as “by-laws”.
If you are intimidated by the writing element, solicit the help of a colleague or someone collaborating in your effort to secure funding. Speed is another advantage of the QR code over the bar code; it can be read more than 10 times faster than other code” (para.
Finally, the Smith-Lever Act highlighted demonstrations and the passing of information through publications to people not attending colleges.
Extension is challenged into moving from printing, journals, and face-to-face demonstrations to those more technology-driven ways of instruction. You can also contact the agency soliciting grant proposals and request some samples of previously funded proposals. The graphic is visually pleasing, has the clover on it, and is aimed at those camp counselors and campers that we take to 4-H camp every year. While both service their purpose, the challenge is determining which method is most appropriate for your audience. The more that put this picture on their social media accounts, the more people are exposed to the 4-H brand.
The code can contain a variety of data, including plain text, GPS coordinates, phone numbers, or website addresses (Crompton et al., 2012).

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