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The summer of 2014 was a bad one for many herds of cattle in this part of the state according to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.
In some cases, autogenous vaccines have been developed by veterinarians from cultures taken from an individual's herd. Recommendations from the various companies should be followed closely as some need a booster in 3 to 4 weeks. Cattle producers still need to follow the usual practices such as controlling flies, reducing irritation from weeds, stems, seedheads and dust to name a few. Remove affected animals promptly, if possible from the herd and treat them based on your veterinarian's recommendation.

Cole says it is also a good idea to maintain good records regarding what animals break with pinkeye.
According to Cole, we historically have not consistently been able to use a vaccination program to eliminate the problem.
Some recommend an annual booster and the initial vaccination usually should not be given before calves are three to six weeks of age.
Cole says it is vital to watch cattle closely, especially if your herd has the problem year after year.
Cole says it is also a good idea to use an isolation pasture, so affected animals do not expose herd mates.

For example, keep the herd in good nutritional shape from an energy, protein, vitamin and mineral standpoint. Although, vaccinations do not totally eliminate the problem, most agree they reduce the severity and shortens recovery time.
It can also cause a price discount for cattle showing damaged eyes, and the loss of replacement bulls and heifers due to a significant eye injury," said Cole.

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