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I’ve received a number of heartbreaking emails in the last few days from women at the end of the proverbial marriage rope.
Now, in some cases you could be living with an emotionally abusive mate, and if you fear this is so, I really advise talking to a couple, or a counselor, who knows both of you in real life and getting their perspective. It is extremely rare that only one person in the marriage feels as if they are not getting their needs met. Now, there are exceptions: you may be married to a true narcissist or you may be in an emotionally destructive marriage. Chances are when you were dating he did talk to you, and he did laugh with you, and you did love him (and he loved you). Certainly some men may be nicer before they are married, and then once they are married they don’t make as much of an effort. Someone has to be the first one to do the right thing, even if that right thing isn’t reciprocated. Someone has to be first to do the right thing, even if that right thing isn’t reciprocated. You do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing, not because it will magically fix everything. So you have to make those deposits first, by spending a few weeks just being kind, and now by trying to work on your friendship. Once you’re showing kindness and laughing more, you can start tackling the big things.
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Today I want to tackle a really heavy one: what do you do when you’re in a loveless marriage, and you have little hope that it will ever get better?
It felt like he was holding back love and affection from me and that he didn’t care about or for me. It looks like this is a longstanding relationship issue, and after years of unmet needs the relationship has deteriorated into something that feels like a virtually loveless marriage.
But usually it’s simply that the relationship has deteriorated, not that someone is essentially bad. If you feel like this is a completely loveless marriage, then ask: was there ever love there? And yet, as I said, while it may be true in a few instances that someone is married to an antisocial personality, it’s not true in most cases. If the loveless marriage is less a personality issue and more a relationship issue, then you have the power to do something about it.
If the way that you treated each other caused you both to become entrenched into this way of seeing each other, then choosing to start acting differently can also start changing it as well. I just mean finding some things, even if they’re quick things, that you can do without animosity. That likely will mean taking some responsibility for your sex life, and trying to throw yourself into it, if you’ve been neglecting it.
And instead of giving up on the relationship, can you realize that your best chance for lifelong happiness is to invest now in your marriage. It helps you get honest with yourself about how your ways of thinking may be jeopardizing your marital happiness.
I also deal with these scenarios in my book, and help you figure out when you should let things go, and when you simply must confront an issue. Then in 2013, she designed a Valentine's Day card that was featured on Etsy's Facebook page, and ended up shipping more than 1,600 copies in eight days. Instead, the interaction between you has caused these negative cycles to develop, and that has caused him to withdraw and become unaffectionate and angry.

But if this is truly a loveless marriage, not just a lazy marriage, there’s more going on here.
When you have this cycle of negativity, he senses the anger and disappointment that you have in him, and it likely makes him angry, too.
Maybe it’s taking a walk with him after dinner, or joining him in jogging, or helping him figure out the bills, or watching his favourite TV show with him and getting him a cup of coffee when you do. Often when we women start to feel as if our husbands don’t love us, we withdraw sexually, which makes everything worse, and which is also wrong, in and of itself. It’s to get over these feelings of helplessness, and start to DO love until you FEEL love. And I believe that in most cases, it’s a history of treating each other badly, of hearts broken because needs have not been met, of choosing to withdraw or become angry, and reinforcing this dynamic. Every time you deal with a problem you’re making a withdrawal, because that takes a toll on a person. There is nothing magical I can tell you that can make him change; but I do know that he is likely hurting, too. It can help you navigate these waters as you try to rebuild the relationship you really want!
It will get you talking and laughing again, and that’s probably most of your problem! So if you can change the way you think about your marriage, you’ll likely be able to break that negative cycle.
He feels angry at her for blaming him for being a bad husband, when she’s not accepting him either.
Start learning to have fun with him again instead of always feeling hurt and like you’re going to cry.

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