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Talking to Your Doctor about Labor InductionAfter pregnancy week 40, you may be advised to undergo a labor induction.
To induce your labor, your doctor may perform one of the following methods: Stripping the Membranes - Your doctor places his or her gloved fingers just inside your cervix and sweeps the amniotic membranes (the thin membranes that connect the wall of the uterus to the amniotic sac).
When your doctor stripes the membranes, you may experience intense cramping and some bleeding (or spotting). Rupturing the Amniotic Sac - Your doctor may artificially break your water to induce labor. Oxytocin or Pitocin - Your doctor may use oxytocin (Pitocin), which is a synthetic hormone that causes contractions. If you haven't already, review the signs of labor so that you can recognize them when the time comes.
Lightening (baby "drops" into the pelvis) - You should have felt your baby descend into your pelvis a few weeks ago. Diarrhea and flu-like symptoms - In the hours prior to the onset of labor, you can experience frequent bowel movements and diarrhea. Your water breaks - If your bag of water breaks, you should be having regular contractions. A post-term pregnancy, or a pregnancy that lasts longer than 42 weeks, increases your baby's risk of being a stillbirth (baby with no heartbeat), being overly large, and experiencing fetal distress. Although you're anxious for baby to come at 40 weeks pregnant, try not to worry about having a post-term pregnancy. There are a number of natural “labor inducers” that will stimulate labor contractions and start labor. Make Love With Your Partner This week - Not only will this help the two of you feel closer, but it may just start your labor.
Spicy Foods - Some people believe that spicy foods or foods that contain cumin and garlic help trigger labor.
Castor Oil - You should not try inducing labor with castor oil unless you talk with your doctor first. Primrose oil - There is also some evidence that supplementation with evening primrose oil may help soften the cervix and prepare your body for delivery.
Most natural labor induction methods will only work if your cervix is ripe and you are ready to go into labor anyway.
To increase your chance of carrying a healthy baby to term, remember to get extra rest, eat healthier foods, and read about pregnancy.

Watching your baby develop and grow is one of the most exciting aspects of being a new parent. Labor induction is commonly used when your labor doesn't start on its own, and your doctor is worried about the risks of a prolonged pregnancy. The purpose of stripping the membranes is to cause your body to produce prostaglandins, which help soften your cervix and start labor. During this procedure, called an "amniotomy," your doctor uses a thin plastic hook to rupture, or break, your amniotic sac.
Signs of labor include lightening (baby drops into the pelvis), a loss of your mucous plus (also called a bloody show), your water breaks (rupture of membranes), and labor contractions that come at regular intervals and get progressively stronger and closer together.
By now, your bump should be lower in your abdomen, and you have probably felt increasing discomfort in your pelvic area. In late pregnancy, Braxton Hicks contractions can begin to thin out and open your cervix just a little bit.
There's a good chance that these practice contractions will turn into real labor pains this week.
Unlike Braxton Hicks contractions, you are going to feel contractions that get stronger, occur closer together, and last longer. Most babies are in the head-down position by now, so don't be surprised if your little one's head decides to bump against your bladder and hips. If you have a post-term pregnancy, you're at increased risk of having a difficult labor and delivery and you may face a complicated C-section. You are going to need it during labor and delivery and in the first months after your baby's born. If you are, you should take great care to make sure that you don't try to do anything that might be harmful to your baby.
It can help stimulate labor particularly if you are having contractions that aren't yet regular. Nipple stimulation causes the body to release oxytocin, which like pitocin (a synthetic substance used to induce labor contractions) can cause uterine contractions.
You should never try to induce labor before you are 40 weeks pregnant to ensure that your baby is ready. After pregnancy week 42, the placenta becomes less effective at delivering nutrients to your little baby, and this can cause all kinds of complications.
Ripening or Dilating the Cervix - If your cervix is not quite ready for delivery, your doctor can induce labor by using certain medications or devices that will soften your cervix and help it dilate for labor.

This is performed for term pregnancies and only if your cervix is partially dilated and your baby's head has moved down into your pelvis. Another method of labor induction may be performed, in addition to an amniotomy, if your labor does not occur. If your contractions aren't going away, regardless of whether you take a short rest or walk around, you're having real contractions! During a vaginal examination your doctor will place a finger through the cervix and basically 'sweep' the membranes. Nine people in Washington state and three in Oregon have been hospitalized, but no one has died.At least one lawsuit has been filed by a woman who says she got sick after eating a burrito bowl at a Chipotle in Vancouver, Washington, on Oct. You may be given synthetic prostaglandins to help begin labor, either by mouth or inserted into the vagina.
When your water breaks, it can be a gush of fluid - just like a dramatization that you'd see on TV. Most women find walking also helps relieve some of the discomfort associated with contractions. This can be dangerous for your baby because the long contraction can cause your baby's heart rate to slow.
Women plan to induce labor for a number of reasons, including convenience (such as being able to control when your baby will come into the world) and medical reasons (continuing the pregnancy is not recommended). It's a good idea to head to the hospital when your contractions are coming every five minutes for at least one hour.
You should only perform nipple stimulation if you have your doctor’s approval and even then you should monitor your contractions slowly to be sure you don't over stimulate. Generally you should ease off nipple stimulation during each contraction to help minimize a prolonged contraction. Their blood is being tested to identify the exact strain of the illness.They have identified the specific microorganism responsible for the E.
If you are considering this, be sure to talk with your doctor first to see what dose they might recommend, or what other methods they might suggest.
Scott Lindquist, Washington state epidemiologist.Food from the affected Chipotle stores also is being tested.

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