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Using a delicious combination of particle accelerators, X-rays, high-intensity lasers, diamonds, and iron atoms, scientists have worked out that the inner core of the Earth is actually 6,000 degrees Celsius — some 1,000 degrees hotter than the previous scientific estimate. It amazes me that we live on that tiny slither of crust on the outside of the Earth, when there’s so much below us! Obviously this would require engineering way beyond what we have today, but it’s not impossible.
If you take the air out of the hole there would be ni friction and you would pick up speed all the way down so it would be just enough to get to the surface on the other side.
Ofcource you had better make the hole at the poles or you would slam into the walls on your way through because of the choriolis effect. Maby we could use lasers for drilling and then gas or liquid pressure to the burnt away stuff out of the hole.
It always amazes me when people try to tell me what future engineers won’t be able to do!
Well the stars heat is generated by fusion while our planets measily heat is generated by spontanius fission. I agree with that mostly, that technology is natural evolution, but the way we really lose touch with nature is by not seeing the night sky. We are looking for Solar Power while *Massive temperature difference at depths and at surface = free power! As iron-nickle melts at 2618.33 degree F then it should be impossible to have a solid iron-nickle core surrounded by a molten iron-nickle outer core at 6000 degrees F.

Problem is about unintelligent people also misleaded and misleading people like religious and pseudoscience promoters. There is no way to verify whether the core is solid or not nor what it is made of or is there are multiple layers. The anti matter pierces back out through the center of the Earth, grabbing everything around it and forcing it back down into the center of the Earth.
Every atom, or combination of other elements has another part that the combination is falling into. Further if the earth was to contact the surface of the sun at 5000 degrees F the whole of the earth would be incerated completely, every atom would release it’s hold on every other atom, we see this happen on earth every time we explode an atomic weapon, at the center every thing is evaporated!
This new data could generate repercussions in the fields of geophysics, seismology, geodynamics, and other Earth-oriented scientific disciplines.From the outside in, the Earth consists of the crust (which are all standing on), the upper mantle (solid), the mantle (mostly solid), the outer core (molten iron-nickel), and the inner core (solid iron-nickel). Again we have pure speculation based on an experiment using pressure to demonstrate extreme heat.
As we have no way to know what is at the center of our earth or any other planet or even at the center of a star all we can tell is what we see on the surface and maybe up to 12 km down, and those energies that are emmitted at the surface of these bodies. The updated temperature will be fed into the computer models of seismologists and geophysicists, and who knows: Maybe it will eventually lead to some kind of planetary science breakthrough. We do know we have very hot measurable molten magma via measurements made at volcanos, but that is the extent of proven scientific datum. Even the sonic waves of earthquakes passing through the earth have been interperated differently by different researchers.

If you read beyond main stream science you might discover Euler’s gravity for instance. Plate tectonics though believed to be fact is still only a theory as we have not drilled down and seen a subduction zone were one plate is sliding under another plate! The Kola Superdeep Borehole had to stop at 12 kilometers because the temperature had already reached 180 Celsius (356F), and was expected to reach 300C at the target depth of 15km — at which point, the drill bit would cease to work.
The further down we go, the hotter it seems, but it is only because it is too small for our liking. The hardest bit is recreating the intense pressure of the inner core, which is estimated to be 330 gigapascals (GPa) — more than three million times normal atmospheric pressure.
You probably like that Einstein gravity animation of the earth sitting on warped space with the moon circling like it’s going down the drain too. The iron is then heated with a laser, and then subjected to X-ray diffraction analysis to see how the iron shifts from solid to liquid under these extreme conditions. Finally, the scientists extrapolate their data from 200 GPa to 330 GPa, giving a final estimate of 6230 ± 500 Kelvin (5957 ± 500C, 10755 ± 932F) at the inner core boundary.
If the sun were smaller, very small, it could build layers of crust around it and become a planet.

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