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I am 9 weeks pregnant and my belly is bigger than yours and I am not overweight. Everybody is amazed how big I am at 9 weeks, I hope I have twins but I still have to weight for the ultrasound until August 11th. We are so pleased with the response from our readers that our twin belly pictures page has grown too large!
Many of you have returned to show off your cutest twins after you gave birth and we love that! 31 weeks, 5 days pregnant with twins I'm pregnant with twin girls and my EDD is December 2, 2008.
26 weeks pregnant with twins  My lil man kissing his brothers - Still going I'm 33 weeks pregnant with twins now and still getting bigger!!! 32 weeks pregnant with twins I was lucky enough to conceive with twins on my third IVF. 18 weeks pregnant with twins  Had our first ultrasound at 10 weeks and that is when we found out we were having twins! 35 weeks 4 days pregnant with twins  Wow didn't know a human body could stretch that far! 30 Weeks pregnant with Twins At 30 weeks pregnant with twins I was just happy to have passed some of the crucial milestones.
32 weeks pregnant with twins I'm 26, I'm a twin and 32 weeks pregnant with twins a boy and a girl.
5 months along with twins in this picture I got pregnant in early February and my due date is December 5th. 31 weeks pregnant with twin Fraternal boys! Here I am 31 weeks pregnant with twin boys. 38 weeks pregnant with twins- 2 days before they were born I know it's not a great twin belly to be looking at but here I was, 1 day before I went in for my induction.

About 37 weeks pregnant with twins When I was about 14 weeks pregnant I found out I was having twins .
This was June 22nd, I delivered Twins on the 25th!! I gave birth to identical twin girls on June 25th of 2007. 37 weeks pregnant with twin boys Hi my name is Beccy, I have twin boys (now aged 14 months). 27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins 27 weeks along with twins , we don't know what they are right now they have been playing hide and seek with us. 32 weeks pregnant with twin boys! Not rated yetAll the people told me I didn't look like I was pregnant with twins! How to Have a Fit and Healthy PregnancyHow to eat and exercise to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
Being three+ years out from the pregnancy with the girls, I sometimes forget what it was like. I do remember now, looking at these, how quickly I began to show in this pregnancy and how fast I seemed to grow. Oh, and that old wives tale where boys add to your beauty & girls take away from it when you are pregnant? Though less of a high risk pregnancy then say triplets or quads, having twins is still considered a high risk pregnancy, and despite the amount of healthy twins we see out in the world, the facts are that there are increased risks to the mom, and to the babies involved.  They are real, and they are scary, but fortunately in today’s day and age chances are well in your favor for a glorious outcome for all! The human body really was made to carry one passenger at a time, that is true, and men inwardly may fear something grave happening to the person they love and married, and also that perhaps a bad outcome will befall their babies because some risks are increased.  These feelings are natural, just remember a vast amount of women and baby twins remain healthy and thriving, without any bad befalling them. The money WILL indeed work itself out, the relationship between you and your wife can actually grow stronger, not weaken with twins, because you learn how to lean on each other for help and guidance, and you work with those babies like an amazing team.  Me and my husband were never as close as when those babies came home, and I do admit, I expected the complete and total opposite. Wives with a husband in twin shock, which is pretty easy to see, they may shut you out, or just seem stunned for a time, please do the same…Be there for him.  Patience and understanding is the key!

It again, not only makes things seem more real, but you start to realize that as they are growing, these are your little people, and you will become amazed by them as time passes. Tags: Dad and twin shock, dads and twin shock, dads twin shock, double blessed, double blessings not double trouble, family, father of twins, fathers in twin shock, fears men have over having twins, fears men have over twins, getting over twin shock, getting passed twin shock, handling twin shock, I'm in twin shock, jealous siblings of twins, loving twins, making life with twins work, managing twin shock in men. So we're going to be archiving the many photo submissions of your beautiful twin bellies and if you haven't uploaded yours yet - DO! Hate every moment of having to sit at my desk at the office, but will try work until the end. From home DIY to weekly fashion of an everyday mom, wife, and former teacher turned marketer to stories about surviving life with three kids, you can find it here. You can ask and answer twin questions, be brave and show the world your twin skin picture, enter your babies in the cutest twins contest or post twin nursing pictures. Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten that time in our life because it ended so abruptly when the girls were born at 29 weeks.
The heartburn was worse & so was the “morning sickness” that really isn’t morning sickness but all-day-long-I-feel-nauseas-ness-and-sometimes-I-will-throw-up-too-so-watch-out. We instantly forgot what it  meant to be expecting twins because we were thrown so fast into being parents of twins, preemie twins fighting for their lives in the NICU to be exact. I remember being at stores and someone commenting, asking how far along I was or saying something about expecting a baby and when I’d tell them it was actually twins the shock they’d seem to have. Complete strangers who didn’t even know me were as shocked as I still was to be having two babies.

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