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9dp5dt - 11dp5dt - cramps that are intermittent and slight to medium, feel deep or low but not sharp or wrenching.
In October my cycle was super long cycle (45cd) I thought I was pregnant but in the end I wasn't. During the wait I had so many symptoms but since I was taking all sorts of hormones I didn't trust my symptoms.
For those still TTC I think the most important lesson for us was we needed to stop obsessing about the whole process. DH and I had a discussion about this subject yesterday and we thought for us the reason why it hadn't worked earlier was due to the egg and sperm quality. Baby dust to all and good luck remember make TTC only part of your life not your whole life. My DH and I are so excited that our first IVF attempt is a success because we definitely would not have been able to afford another round this year. I've been reluctant to write anything here because, while I'm not totally pessimistic, I am realistic. It all started out in a kingdom far, far away in a land called NJ where a weird, loud girl met a very serious but secretly hilarious boy and the rest was history.
That last IUI failure was definitely deflating and we decided to really enjoy the remainder of the year and move onto IVF in January 2016. 1dpo questioning if it's a real head cold or "ivf cold" since it started so soon sneezing, coughing. 3dpo same as day before, ripping feeling when I have big sneeze or cough ( it seriously hurts as bad as it sounds) heart palpitations . 4 same as before, taking road trip DH peanut butter crackers smell horrible ( I normally like them) headache and nausea going around curves , tired . 5dpo headache, ivf cold continues but getting better, major sneezing fits, the tired is real! 6dpo head cold gone, heart palpations, tired frer darker, wondfo line still there but not much color realized I'm a idiot they were expired . Extremely different from my fresh transfer all I had with it was ivf cold, chest acne, and I was super energetic that whole pregnancy & I didn't get nausea till 8 weeks . We had been trying for about 5 ys (started at 29) after the first year we started to see doctors as nothjng was happening, but no concludent results. By that time we started having troubles in our marriage (not connected with the infertility, but I suppose the whole mechanical baby making and rush didn't help much). After about 4 years someone recommended a good embryologist who had us run some genetic tests and sent us to a new OB Gyn.
A few months before, listenjng to my body signals, I had started a very restrictive diet, after having read the book Inconceivable. By that time I was exhausted, but made a pledge to stay positive throughout the treatment, as I had read it's invasive and takes its toll on body and mind. My doctor also gave me a cocktail of medication to make the embryo stick : antispastic meds, aspirin, magnesium and progesterone. I really believe that it was this combination of Faith and Letting Go that made the difference. Three years later, still no sign of pregnancy and after ovulation tracking for three months we were advised to move onto IVF. On our first round of IVF, my body seemed to thrive on the challenge of 'egg overdrive' - delivering 30 follicles and 11 eggs.
From there it seemed nothing went according to plan for the next two cycles, from hiding ovaries, disappearing hormones, to half my eggs deciding to disintegrate overnight. Finally - round four - we got our next BFP, two hours before I was due to fly home to London for a month.

I'm writing this post because I promised myself I would - even if its taken me until 20 weeks to finally feel ready. Description: Started trying over a year ago, charted BBT and CM to try to time BD at right time, but was difficult because my cycles varied from 29 to 66 days! The meds effect people in different ways so I don't recommend planning any events around that time. It would have saved me from heart break and feeling sad especially when others were pregnant and we were not.
OPKs, legs up for 20 minutes after, Preseed, fertility vitamins, pineapple core, the whole kit and caboodle. I've attached a little visual of what it took to get to where I am now but I wouldn't trade it for anything (not even my multi-colored, kids bandages)! The only things I did different this time was: changed the donor, and took an extra day off work. So that's what happens with expired internet cheepies the color doesn't show, but you still get a line! There was tissue floating everywhere inside, and my tubes were blocked with endometrial tissue. I was also concerned what stimulation will do to the endo , since estrogen exacerbates endo. We mentioned that we had just done a transfer so the doctor also did a pregnancy test which was positive. Having read people's posts about having had more symptoms during the BFN months and not believing it - I can say for me it was true. Having gone from running the successful multinational company I had founded six years before - overnight I suddenly struggled to do simple things like brush my hair without needing to rest. As a result of this - I also made the tough decision to step back from my business - selling my stake - and taking six months out to give IVF the best shot I could. There is definitely nothing like comparing today and yesterday's pee stick results with your 67 year old Father!
By the time we finished all the tests it was December of 2014 and the tests came back all normal.
I took a hpt test and it came up with 2 lines but the second line was faint so I thought it might be the trigger shot. During the TWW of our IVF cycle we took time off work relaxed, had fun, and went to bed early. I should preface with the fact that we constantly joke about how my DH never smells, he sweats and there's no BO, feet after a run are like a spring rain, the man just NEVER stinks. After a very rough patch we got therapy, started working really hard on ourselves, both individually and as a couple, and I'm beyond grateful to say we made it. No sickness, no dizziness, mild cramps, but IVF procedures and progesterone cream will do that for you.
I now doubt our infertility was 100% caused by burnout, but I'm sure it didn't help - as I struggled to get my health back on track and slowly figure out how to run the business without my usual invincibility. It was tough financially and emotionally, but I feel very blessed that we had that option open to us. At about 5 weeks I was unusually tired and at 7 weeks morning sickness kicked in as a permanent feeling of being seasick. These were the two periods of my life where I felt the most isolated and hopeless - despite being surrounded by incredible support. I didnt have any pateince to wait longer because all my friends we getting pregnant even without trying so we immediately went for IUI - 2 cycles. On our successful round of IVF (Fourth Attempt - age 37) I could not have been more surprised.

I always imagined I would be one of those wonder women, pregnant, jumping on and off planes and still kicking ass in the business world.
The happiness was short lived as two days later I started struggling to breathe, apparently I had overstimulated - meaning I now had fluid on my lungs and my blood was dangerously thick. When you get through the other side, and I promise that you will get there, you will have known more bravery, resilience and commitment than you knew you had - and you will know without a shadow of a doubt how brave you can be.
Still bfn and we had another set of tests just to make sure nothing was wrong and it was all fine.
I then developed what the Dr thought was Thrombosis which turned out to be a huge cyst on my left ovary. We went to a fertility specialist who had me monitored, put me on Clomid and triggered ovulation. It's worth mentioning that I never had the excruciating pain linked to endo, though I had often asked myself (had felt!) that maybe I have it.
Once the decision was made I tried really hard not to feel like I had failed - my health, my business, my husband and myself - by not being some kind of fertile warrior.
After starting a course of blood thiners it obviously became all too much for our little one and we lost the pregnancy. Tired, swollen, frightened, sad, angry, and at times completely desperate - but always brave enough to keep going. This cycle was first assisted one, I took 50mg of clomid on cycle days 3-7, got ultrasound CD 12, which had just one developing follicle!
The first thing she noticed was that I had a cyst on my left ovary, it had been there for years and had not evolved.
As it turned out, the space that decision secured was sacred and important to me in many ways. Was told to do the HCG trigger shot on CD 13 PM, which dotor indicated would result in ovulation on CD 15 AM. The Dr didn't tell me to do anything special no bed rest no anything just no bd for 2 weeks until my beta.
All previous doctors had expressed a concern that it might be endometrial but stopped there.
I feel like the testing saved us a lot of grief and ultimately, saved us money as well (because FETs are more than 5k, at least at my doctor's). 16 days after the first beta we found we were having twins and we heard both their heart beats. I noticed yesterday that my skin looks translucent and I feel like I'm just looking at all the details in my veins on the arms and hands. I still dont know what was the problem with us and why we decided to go for IVF that soon but the end result was a beautiful bundle of joy! I didn''t expect to conceive in my first cycle after getting the PCOS diagnosis - we are incredibly grateful! I spotted a few times in the first trimester and still do this day I check to see if I'm bleeding. Wanted to share this chart in case it could give others hope - I conceived with fairly bad PCOS, and our first fertility cycle of low dose clomid + trigger worked for us!

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