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The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. This Site and third parties who place advertisements on this Site may collect and use information about your visits to this Site and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. I have been diagnosed with pcos since I was 18 years old I got pregnant with my first at 20 yrs old without trying :) but with this second pregnancy it was a different story I was more overweight and I know that with pcos and overweight combo makes it all that much harder to get pregnant, me and hubby weren't using protection for about 1 yr with no luck and actively trying for about 6 months until I went to see my gyno she put me on clomid 50mg which my progesterone was only .2 with that round she then gave me clomid 100mg and got bfp!!!!
You are still above the cover line, so I'd say there is a good possibility that one of the swimmers from CD22 got into the egg right away and you are having an early implantation.
Are your temps still high?I had a dip this AM (5dpo) with some spotting, but I'm pretty sure it's AF.
My temps stayed high until this morning, I had a really big dip below coverline to 96.30 I assume AF is on her way in, but i've only had spotting today, which is unusual because AF has always came full blown when she comes. But like a dummy, I woke up at like 4am and to pee and forgot to test then so when I tested this morning it was only about a 3 hour hold. Might be way to early to test but figured since it was my birthday might as well take as much luck as I can get.

My temp today was just slightly higher than yesterday, but I took it two hours earlier than usual. I hope this is your very last one without kiddies:)The bleeding was definitely spotting yesterday and now it is gone. I felt different this month from the last month I felt really really sore breast and I assume that's when I ovulated and I checked for pregnancy about ten days after I felt the breast soreness just so I can see that negative result and ask my dr when I can come in for my next round of clomid but to my surprise it was positive in less then 20 sec! I have endometriosis, but in Aug 2010 I had a surgery and they removed the little that they found.
I've had cramps forever now but this morning it was more of a pain, and on my left side, where my cramps are just achy and ALWAYS on the right! I took this test with only about 1.5 hour hold but I still feel like I see the tiniest shadow of a line. I read that first periods post partum can be very light and short.I purposefully didn't bring any tests to my parent's house (to avoid early testing temptation!), but will probably test later this week at home. I honestly was starting to give up I thought clomid wasn't going to work for me and I was going to have to go see a specialist but just hang in there!

Trust me I know how hard it is to see that negative result month after month so just keep going it will happen! It is so hard to tell the amount because I use a DivaCup and so the flow is always red because it is fresh from the cervix.I have a feeling I'm out. It's only our first full month trying and I've been on BC for going on 2 months, but I'm the kind with high hopes and dreams, so it was definitely a downer when AF arrived.I hope you're not out yet! Unless perhaps my lining is super thick, as I haven't had a period in SO long, and the blastocyte has to burrow like a maniac to get in.
I don't know if it's normal for it to go under the cover line or not.But we will both see what tomorrow brings!

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