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We also recommend that you check out the success stories of women with PCOS taking FertilAid.
9 DPO: Some breast soreness in the evening, thirsty most of the day even though drinking plenty of water. My husband an I ttcd for 16months and of the last 4 months of that I was taking 1500mg metformin and finally fell pregnant with our beautiful daughter Matilda.
I was taking 1500mg slow release metformin and began my first round of Clomid 50mg when I was 5months post partum.
I'm not super religious but i did have everyone pray for us this time and kept telling myself i WAS pregnant. They had a problem getting the catheter in and had to use a tenaculum (i bled for 2 days after). Extreme exhaustion- slept from 6:30pm-3am on couch (and I am NOT one to take naps), leg muscle cramps, first positive on FRER, NO NEED TO SQUINT!
After getting flashy smileys on April 13th, 14th I BD'd with preseed on the night of the 14th and just laid there for an hr. I am writing here as I have prayed very hard to God to give me a BFP after my miscarriage about 6 month ago.
I am on clomid 150mg and also glucophage for 3 cycles 2 month after my miscarriage which allows my cycle to become between 42-45 days.
I used OPK to try and detect my ovulation period and also BD as much as I can (once every 1-2 days) during the possible period to conceive.
10dpo - test again and very faint line after 10 min so decided to do blood test at lunch time.
I used progesterone cream to do an ovulation “shut down” and after that I ovulated every cycle!
Twice in the last 8 months I got stuck in an annovulatory cycle, at which point I would take the natural progesterone cream and by the 8th day I would have a break through bleed, allowing me to start a new cycle. We used this as a method of birth control, seeing as though we weren’t trying for our own baby just yet. April 2016, we unknowingly DTD during my fertile cycle, as It wasn’t until 4 days later I got a +OPK. I coincidently had a new patient visit with my OB during this week, to talk about my options, and just talk about my history.
She did say because I am going to be 35 next month that if I do decide to use medical help, she would refer me to a clinic for safe measures. NORMAL ~ Backache, light cramps, dreams, joint paints- pretty normal, neck-ache- maybe slept wrong. 3DPO: Woke up in the middle of the night to pee- cramps on left when i went, but not a lot came out. Hi all I have read the BFP stories on this board for months and thought I should offer some hope to those of you trying to conceive! My symptoms has been minimal the one thing I have noticed is starting post o day 7 I became very hot and I am always cold, we are talking hot flashes and running the AC all night hot!! Delighted to be telling my story as it's been a strange 8 months with my cycles since stopping breast feeding my first bundle of joy for 6mnths. Whilst trying to conceive the 2nd baby I had been for blood tests and a gynae scan but everything came back normal but I thought something was wrong with my body because of the spotting & bleeds. O - negative ovulation strip in the morning but EW mucus during the day so BD in the afternoon anyway just in case. A little about my situation, one year ago from this month I was pregnant for the first time at the age of 24. Yesterday I went to the movies and felt very wet (unprepared) and I hurried out the theater to the restroom to check myself and there was nothing, which prompt me to test after the movies. Medical Issues: Overactive thyroid since 1996, PCOS diagnosed (2009), Irregular cycles between 2010-2012, and medically overweight but didn’t look it. 2009- Went to Endocrinologist between 2009-2010- He put me on Metformin alone to lose weight and then eventually a combination of Clomid and Metformin.
2011-July 2012- I went to Reproductive Endocrinologist and it was the same song and dance she said I needed to lose weight. July-Oct 2012- My obgyn said she would work with me for 3 months to see if she could help before referring me to the Fertility specialist she used.
But for the Month of August I just said I didn’t want to go through the stress of taking my BBT, or using an ovulation Kit.
I Guess taking the Break and waiting on GOD even through all the disappointments I am so happy to say I got my BFP!!! Symptoms: It’s so weird I have tracked symptoms for years waiting to put my story on hear in hopes of helping someone else and low and behold the month I don’t know when I ovulated so I can’t even tell you what was going on DPO.
Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to be as detailed as I could be in case someone is going through or being told the same things I was told. Ultra sound: May 2013 showed and enlarged right ovary and peripheral cysts however there was no confirmation as to whether I suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome itself.
12dpo- Cramping is more like pulling or stretching, sore boobs, thirsty, egg white discharge, have to test can't wait for blookwork tomorrow so test in the am BFP!!!!! 13dpo- Same symptoms, test again just to be sure and BFP on two more tests now I know for sure and blood work came back 103 hcg!!!
I got my BFP on Friday and it was the strongest (and earliest) I've had yet, so while we are anxious, we are also optimistic. In the days running up to O I consciously indulged myself with whatever I wanted to eat or drink - I drank more alcohol this month than I have in any given month since we started ttc.
13dpo good strong BFP in the morning, lots of napping, still off my food, but deliriously happy. Bit of history- I'm 26, pcos diagnosed at 13, married for 6 years, ttcing for 10 months, regular cycle (if regular) 31 days. 5 DPO - vagina still felt tight and when checking cervix at lunchtime there was pink blood in cm, only small streak.

I've also been having acupuncture for the past 3 months & taking Chinese herbs leading up to O week and a few days after suspected O. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS and had done a few months of femera with metformin without success. My hope is that it will encourage someone else that may be going through what I and my DH have gone through. My husband and I have been TTC for 6 months now with a miscarriage in week 6 of our second month of trying.
I shrugged it off thinking that if my breasts were sore again tomorrow then I’ll take a pregnancy test.
Our new specialist said we need to try iui and possibly ivf at a later stage if no luck with iui.
DH and I got checked, all levels came back normal, hubbies sperm count came to 34mil with good mobility motility and morphology.
Didn't think anything of the lightness because that damn nuvaring had given me the worst cramps of my life. Now that I think about it I did start eating pickles and sliding by Dairy Queen before and after work.
Fertility Blend, clear blue digital opk, preseed, not eating so much junk, exercise, and my Ovia app. I am a mum of a 2.5 year old and had conceived the first one when I prayed in different churches in Paris, England and Barcelona.
I also did acupuncture before and after the procedure (it was upstairs of the Clinic), and at night I would listen to pregnancy mediation. It may not be a traditional one but i was bleeding, i was ovulating, and i wasn’t in hormonal agony!! I have PCOS and conceived naturally not planned 3 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old we decided to start trying for a second one, it wasn't that easy! I wish you all luck don't be afraid to go to a reproductive md, and endocrinologists also can provide a wealth of information and support for those with PCOS! I was having very long, irregular cycles (37-43days) but what worried me the most was that every cycle I spotted from 3-5dpo and then I would have a small bleed 6-9dpo and them my period would arrive at 12days.
Was about to start my forth successful round of clomid when my doctor went on vacation so I had to sit out for a cycle.
We had to postpone the transfer since I was at high risk for OHSS (E2 levels neared 8,000 before retrieval, and they harvested 30 eggs). I tried the Fertility specialist she sent me to which the whole staff at that place was amazing. So the month of May, June, and July I did my BBT, Ovulation kits on my own but still no pregnancy. But I can say I started to get a little tired, Breast sore, I sneezed on and off for about a day and then it was gone, but that’s it.
So never got under 200 but as you can see over the years I have tried to work on my weight and will continue to do so! DH works away a lot but we did everything we could to time things right including flying to see each other. Last year I had mild OHSS from Clomid and got referred for ovarian drilling as an alternative treatment - Dr feared IVF would be a no-go for me. Our first pregnancy was also on a month when I totally let go, so I figured that chilling out a bit might help! Its irritating because its not often that us TTCers are able to consciously relax and often wanting to relax just makes you more stressed. Huge thank yous to everyone who has posted stories on this site - I'd not have gotten through all this waiting and worrying without knowing your experiences.
Had to go to the loo to cry at work, than had a little more blood tinged cm but this time it was old looking blood- felt really depressed and thought AF must have been coming early. It feels better this time with my symptoms getting stronger each day (ie more breast soreness, more food cravings, and I’m even welcoming the mood swings!). We went for our first iui treatment recently, on d3 - d7 of cycle i started laradex for 5 days, when i collected my script the receptionist told me i must come in for a scan on friday 6May, on Sunday 1May i lay awake in bed wondering what scan it was, in the past i was used to a 12d scan but perhaps the new specialist did things differently. Hubby’s count came in at 5mil post wash (I thought from just hearing that number we would be out this cycle because I’ve heard of couples having WAY more post wash and still not getting prego). I was so excited because u know PCOS is a tricky thing but I was actually ovulating (give it to fertility blend and curbing my diet, more veggies, lots of water, no greasy food).
Doctor say it is very difficult for me to conceive due to my PCOS as my hubby sperms also had low count and poor structure.. But she was super supportive of what I was doing, and she told me that as long as my luteal phase is 14 days --THEY DONT USE THE TERMINOLOGY LATE OVULATION--. While doing yoga laying on my right side I got a sharp pain from my left side when moving to the sitting up position after 2 mins of holding uterus pose. During my July cycle I missed a period all together so I don't think I ovulated however i had lots of random spotting! It must have been my hormones trying to balance back out since my first baby and also the breast feeding. In college, age 19, I was told I had an hormone imbalance and it would be very difficult for me to even have children.
She told me to have the best chance of success I would need to be at minimum 195 pounds, My thyroid level had to be below a certain point and she put me on Glucophage(Metformin) to help with the PCOS.
From the front office,nurses, and specialist was so loving and they did exactly what I would expected a Fertility specialist to do. I went through every emotion possible on this journey but I just couldn't accept that it wouldn't happen for us.
In May I had a loss at 5-6wks and then one at 4-5 in July - having had less than 10 natural cycles since Jan 2011, this has been something of a rollercoaster ride.

The nurse told me that my levels came back positive so I was pregnant but she was just worried about my levels being so low. I used the Clear Blue Easy with Weeks Estimator and it said I was 1-2 weeks since ovulation, which is right on. Also, I started spotting around CD 35 last time and had implantation bleeding, but haven't had any of that this time. Monday 2 May was a public holiday here in SA so first thing Tue morning i called the specialists offices to enquire about the scan, it turns out the receptionist had miscalculated and i was meant to go in the previous Friday, they quickly squeezed me in on Tue for a scan.
Started using condoms knowing my body will need at least a year to recoup from BC pills and by then hopefully we could start ttc’ing.
I had started birth control to regulate my periods and I actually stopped using my nuvaring after 2 months(worst periods ever!!
So I started taking fertility blend on the first day of my last period March 24th, started tracking Any symptoms on my Ovia fertility app (five stars!!) and when Ovia told me, I started testing my ovulation with clear blue digital opk. Gynae mentioned that it is still considered as chemical pregnancy and the sac can only be seen next week so will go back and do a scan next week! She assured me that egg quality isn’t an issue, its if there’s a short luteal phase that’s concerning for viability.
When I finally got pregnant, my cysts, which I think may have been PCOS have been making it hard for me to get pregnant.
Same strength line as yesterday on FRER with FMU (I did expect the line to be darker being a FMU test but I wont get too worried about that).
Decided to walk to chemist in the arvo to get first response test- had this niggling feeling I should test before I go for dinner with the work gang.. This year, we decided to see a new RE and start over, since our past attempts did not work.
I monitored my cycle using opks and went to my endocrinologist she upped my synthroid dose to lower my thyroid even more and increased my dose of metformin to 1000mg twice a day. It's a miracle as I conceived with my first baby also after missing a period the previous cycle!
Since trying at age 22 with no success, I started thinking it was my partner with low sperm count or something. Knowing that IVF may be our only shot, my hubby and I found new jobs with great insurance coverage, and left an amazing, custom-renovated home and network of friends behind to move cross-country. Beta results TBD, but we are celebrating this small victory today, as one must celebrate these baby steps to survive infertility treatment! I visited her for a whole year and every appointment all she said was you’re getting there but I need your weight to be 195 or less.
My obgyn thought it was utterly ridiculous for the RE to suggest she couldn’t work with me until I get to 195.
Felt fine overall with no side effects except drowsiness which wasn’t too bad since I took it before bed anyway.
That could have ended things before they began when I saved myself with my hands (got all cut up).
Finally after trying nothing was happening, went back to fertility md and he prescribed femara 2.5mg cd 3-7 this is post o day 9 and I got 6 different faint but there BFP's.
I finally got pregnant at 24 and had to terminate the pregnancy due to a huge cyst on my cervix and I was told when the baby drop around 12 weeks, it will push on the cyst and cause my cervix to open up and I'll go into pre-labor. During this time my eggs matured very nicely and I also did the hcg trigger shot about 3 months in a row, I ovulated successfully but never ended in pregnancy.
We went to a RE and I tried clomid which I was resistant too and it upset me a lot because I didn't think anything was going to make my stubborn follicles grow until they put me on follistim. Heavy feeling boobs though- I am an A cup but I feel like they weigh a tonne at the moment or I have been doing weights at the gym. After having my cycles regulated by Meformin, I was able to move forward with Letrozole on days 3-7.
Also, a friend of mine undergoing fertility treatment says her doctor swears by 1200 mg CoQ10 vitamins, so I’ve been taking that each day, too, beginning at CD 1. After trying to conceive after treatment for the cyst with an ovulation calendar for 6 months with no success, I deleted the app and decided to just enjoy my love life and let it happen naturally. For a couple weeks nothing happened then they all started to go at once so we did the hcg trigger shot because we are at a high risk of muiltiples if we waited any longer. Did that a few times with ovulation monitoring with WONDFO test strips, never got a positive ovulation. I want to encourage other women faced with PCOS or any other concerns to stay positive and know that IT CAN HAPPEN! My new doc kept saying, "you're going to have a metformin baby!" Insurance coverage is sooo key in infertility treatment as well! What I realized about this RE is that her statistics of getting me pregnant the 1st time was more important than me as the patient. 6 months later and A LOT of money lost, my cycle was still all over the place with no positive ovulation. Went back to OBGYN who prescribed 3 months of Clomid 50mg, unmonitored, and said if I’m not prego by month #3, he would direct me to RE. Its still early for me, and I'm still praying, but to know that after 4 years of BFN to get a BFP is a victory! I knew and read this wasn’t a great med to keep taking and taking so I wanted to be monitored closely if I was to try it again.
I gave in and bought a test at 3.30pm - and did it after only 2 hours holding pee - nice BFP - not at all faint (but not strong either).

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