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For traveling across the world, or just through the airport, the sit n stand holds our luggage. The wheels are super sturdy, the frame has a stylin' almost indestructible silver-grey paint, there's HEAPS of storage, the grips are the comfortable "non-sticky" type, the fabric is breathable and easily cleaned  BUT most importantly there are FIVE Cupholders! The upper two comfortably held my beer while I trudged about the busted, uneven pavement - daring the cans to topple. The handy streamlined "parent" tray held the old iPhone, wallet and keys and the kiddie tray has another drink holder and was cleverly designed to quick-release so you can get a kid in and out FAST!
When it comes down to buying a stroller for your family I am a firm believer that no stroller should cost the same as a teeneager's first car.

When I was contacted to do a review of the Blooming Bath for Babies, there was no way I could pass it up!
Made with naturally antimicrobial interior foam, and a super soft silky outer cover, the Blooming Bath is the perfect way to bathe your little one in a safe and secure environment. We can put a newborn carrier in one section (Front or Back!!) until the baby is big enough to sit upright, while Ollie sits (or stands) in the other. I thought I'd share a few points and facts about the assembly and features of this stroller and how it stacks up against the others we've used over the past 15 months or so.
I mean let's just be real, newborn babies are super scary slippery slugs to bathe, and for the most part, stay that way for the first three months.

That's a FIRST ladies and Gents!  The other two easily interchangeable holders were perfect for Ollie's snacks and a bottle of water and were equally sturdy!
We had a little baby bath chair for him that fit into our bathtub, but I never felt safe having Oliver in there.
I have no doubt, bath-time would have been a much more enjoyable experience for both of us.

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