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Once you and your partner have decided to have a baby, it is natural to feel impatient, frustrated and be thoroughly disappointed when you are not able to conceive in a few months. Pregnancy planning marks a major change in one’s life, and if it takes longer then what you expected, disappointment is sure to creep in even the most lovable and close couples. Feel happiness for others: It is but natural to feel a bit unfair when your friends and cousins talk about getting pregnant as if it was a walk in the park.
For more information on these factors, and others, please read: Everything Looks Normal, Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? Unlike movies, the real time scenario of making babies is pretty different, and patience plays a vital part here.

Although that does happen, statistics show that only about 25% women get pregnant the first month of trying. If you are getting obsessed with your ovulation cycle and planning scheduled sex, consider relaxing a bit. If you are over 35 years of age, then it is wise to see a doctor sooner and not wait for 2 years. While this might sound like a strange tip, accepting and feeling your hurt for a short time is much better than denying and bottling it up for a longer time. Do not thing that karma is catching up with you for aborting a child previously when you were not ready or taking contraceptive pills.

It is possible that your stress is building up on your spouse, after all you are so close to each other.
And when you stop trying so hard, sex becomes more about love and fun than getting pregnant, and your body might just surprise you by getting you pregnant!

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